Let’s Check in on Gut Knife Skins in 2020

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Introduced in the Arms Deal update nearly 7 years ago, the Gut Knife is one of CSGO’s knife OGs. More of an acquired taste, Gut Knife skins became frequent targets of various memes thanks to their chubby-looking blades along with some less-than-attractive designs. You can even go as far as calling the Gut Knife the pineapple pizza of CSGO blades.

The CSGO Gut Knife skin’s iconic hook is based on a real-life knife from Buck Knives which was designed for field dressing, but can also be used for rope, webbing, belts… or, in our case, your enemy’s HP. 

Given their controversial nature, almost all Gut Knife skins are much cheaper than the same designs on other blades, making them a perfect entry-level CSGO knife for those who enjoy the design, as well as the knife’s really satisfying flip animation. So, what are the best Gut Knife skins you can choose?

The Best Gut Knife Skins in 2020

While the Gut Knife has some excellent lower-key skins (hello, Ultraviolet), we want to focus on the cream of the crop, the most popular Gut Knife skins in CSGO.

Gut Knife | Lore

csgo gut knife lore skin

A fantasy-like green-and-gold colour combination decorated with a rune-like pattern might look like it fits Middle-Earth more than de_mirage’s Middle East. Yet, for those of you who want to add some gold to their collection, this is definitely the most affordable way to do so. With Factory New versions available on various Marketplaces for under $200 and good looking Well-Worn versions starting as low as $110 on SkinBaron at the time of writing, the Gut Knife | Lore will add some bling to your collection without breaking the bank.

Gut Knife | Autotronic

csgo gut knife autotronic skin

From medieval fantasy, we go back to the future with the Autotronic. This red, black and carbon-fibre look will go great with skins like the Cyrex, Asiimov or Orbit Mk01. Once again, this futuristic phenom won’t break the bank, especially if you’re going for a used future look, with very good looking Battle-Scarred versions available for around $105. If your aesthetic is more Star Trek than Star Wars, however, a Factory New version will cost you about $200 dollars on an external marketplace.

Gut Knife | Black Laminate

csgo gut knife black laminate skin

At this point, you probably get the point we’re trying to make. Gut Knife skins are bang for your buck if you’re looking for cheap, good-looking knives, as long as you like the blade. The Black Laminate is no different. Whether you want to release your inner goth, or just simply like having a monochrome inventory, the Black Laminate is an absolute bargain, available for under $100 on almost all Marketplaces. Be sure to inspect your weapon before buying it, though, you might find that you prefer the Battle-Scarred version to the Factory New skin.

Gut Knife | Gamma Doppler

csgo gut knife gamma doppler skin

Gamma Dopplers aren’t your run of the mill skins since outside of their wear level, they also feature another variable in the form of their pattern, making their prices vary more than all other CSGO Gut Knife skins. Be careful when choosing, or selling, the Gamma Doppler. A typical Phase 1-4 Factory New Gamma Doppler will sell for around $120-$160 on External Marketplaces while the very rare Emerald pattern can go for as much as $700, making it the most expensive Gut Knife by far. If you want to buy or sell a Gamma Doppler, be sure to triple-check its pattern so that you don’t lose any money.

Gut Knife | Freehand

csgo gut knife freehand skin

Finally, by far the most unique Gut knife skin, the Freehand. Featuring a graffiti/tribal-like pattern on its blade, it’s bound to work well with skins like the Frontside Misty or Fever Dream. With all wear levels around the $100 mark on the Steam Marketplace and a few bucks cheaper on external marketplaces, it’s a pretty inexpensive way to finish your artsy skin collection. Just stay away from the Battle-Scarred version… it doesn’t look too good.

Where can you get Gut Knife Skins?

The two basic ways to get a Gut Knife are, of course, finding it in a loot box or simply buying it off a marketplace.

Of course, looting it is a longshot. If you’re looking for the Gut Knives we’ve listed above, the Gamma and Gamma 2 cases are your best bet. Even then, you only have a 0.26% shot at looting any knife in a case, according to the odds disclosed by Valve. This doesn’t just include the Gut Knife, although it’s probably fair to say your wallet would be happier if it was literally any other blade available in those two cases.

Given that, if you’re on the lookout for a specific skin, going all-in on keys might not be the smartest decision, given that you’re probably more likely to win the money required to buy the skin by simply playing the lottery. If you just have lucked into a few numbers, however, how should you buy it?

Your first thought is probably the Steam Marketplace. If you can find a cheap skin there, go for it, but not before comparing the price on offer with what various external marketplaces sell your favorite Gut Knife for. There’s no harm in checking Skinwallet Market for Gut Knife skins offers in an accessible and quickly-running environment.

How to Trade your Gut Knife Skin?

Ok, so you’ve stabbed 100 people in the back with your StatTrak™ Gut Knife | Lore and you feel that your weapon’s journey is complete. Or perhaps you just became one of the few lucky people to pack an Emerald Gut Knife | Gamma Doppler and just want your payout?

Whatever the case, don’t just list it up on the Steam Marketplace for the lowest price. You’ll be charged a transaction fee and stuck with money that you can only spend in the Steam ecosystem. Instead, see what External Marketplaces are willing to give you for it. Some sites offer skins from their inventory for exchange immediately, while others allow you to use them as an intermediary as you wait for someone to buy your skin after the trade lock on them expires.

However, if you want to sell your skin immediately without waiting for a buyer to come along and decide that your skin is perfect for them, you can head to Skinwallet and cash out today through a number of payment methods, including Paypal.

Why do people hate Gut Knives?

We’ve mentioned it before and we just want to clear the air here. Most people don’t really care if you use a Gut Knife, however, your friends might throw a snarky comment your way here and there. Given that it’s not… a conventionally beautiful knife, the Gut Knife has gained a reputation of a somewhat budget knife, having been the cheapest knife before the Navaja Knife was release. 

Add to that the fact that most pros wouldn’t be caught dead using this particular hooked beauty and it becomes clear that even the best CSGO Gut Knife skins are just an afterthought in both the trading and competitive communities.

Does the Gut Knife make the cut?

Whether or not you get a Gut Knife should be down, quite appropriately, to your gut feeling about the skin. If you like the knife’s unique look, enjoy being the target of mocking memes, or simply want to show off your ironic attitude, the Gut Knife is a perfect choice for you. If you’re more aesthetically inclined, you might want to veer off in the direction of the likes of the Karambit or Talon.

However, if you’re looking for a budget knife with a fancy finish, the best Gut Knife skins we’ve listed above might get you bang for your buck in no time. Yeah, sure, it might not be a Karambit, but it’ll still give you an immensely satisfying quick-switch animation, as well as boosted bragging rights whenever you stick it in your opponent’s back.

CSGO skins are all about expressing yourself, so if you feel the Gut Knife fits your personality, screw the haters and give them a quite literal gut check with your shiny new blade.