How to Get Free CS:GO Skins and Is it Worth it

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We all like getting free stuff. Especially, if that free stuff has a price tag attached to it. Today, we will talk about free CSGO skins, how to get them and if it is really such a good deal. 

Free CSGO skins – In-depth guide 2019

At first glance, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin trading is focused around the Steam Community Market. However, when taking a closer look we can easily see a number of different ways in which CSGO skins are implemented either as an incentive, due to their potential value or as a mechanism. One of such mechanisms is offering free skins. 

There is a lot of different implementation of the mechanism of free CSGO skins. What they all share in common is that they base on the potential value of the skins you, allegedly, get for free. For example, you can get CSGO free skins by joining various giveaways often organized by many CSGO streamers, YouTubers and websites. You can also try one of the many “quest boards” that can award you CSGO skins free, or at least free-ish, for finishing various tasks. 

Well, there is also one, quite an easy way to get new free CSGO skins. You can just play the game and wait for the weekly skins and cases drops. You will also get new skins as an award for reaching new ranks. 

Where and how can you obtain free CSGO skins?

I’ve already mentioned a few, but let’s be meticulous and discuss the ways to get free CSGO skins in detail. 

Free CSGO skins from weekly drops

The easiest and most organic way to get new free CSGO skins is just playing CSGO. In order to be able to get these free drops, you will have to meet some requirements. You can play on community servers so you aren’t limited to just official servers and competitive games. However, there is a twist – the server has to be VAC enabled  (Valve Anti-Cheat) in order for it to grant any drops. You also have to play with at least one other player and not just bots. You can get up to 4 drops per week out of which one will be an award for the rank up. Three remaining are given randomly while you play and are usually in forms of cases. 

The biggest positive of this method is that you get free skins really for free. However, most of the drops are cases to which you’ll have to buy a key if you want to open them. Moreover, even though you can theoretically receive a very rare and valuable skin the chances for that are quite low. 

Free Skins from Offer Walls

During the last couple of years, websites offering rewards for various tasks become quite popular. These so-called offer walls list a number of quests for you to fulfill. It may be something very easy and quick, like visiting a website and leaving your email address in their newsletter, but it may be something requiring more effort like installing and playing a certain mobile game for a period of time or even reaching a specific level or achieving a specific score. Some of these offer walls offer free CSGO skins as the rewards for fulfilling the tasks. There are also offer walls that specialize solely in competitive games and such websites may be the best place to find good CS GO free skins. Moreover, most of these offer walls have an internal currency – gems, coins, points. You gather these points from orders and can exchange them for an item from their store. 

Giveaways: CSGO skins for free

Another way to get CSGO skins free is to take part in giveaways. These lotteries are organized by CSGO streamers, CSGO YouTubers, some websites catering to CSGO players and sometimes even pro-gaming CSGO teams just to boost their popularity. All you usually need to do is just enter the lottery, usually with either your Steam account, one of the social profiles (Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, etc) or with your email address. 

However, many of the giveaway systems are based on the ticket mechanism. In short, you can do certain actions to get more tickets. Each ticket is your share in the probability of being chosen. This also brings CSGO skins free giveaways closer to incentivized methods such as offer boards mentioned before. 

You can also find small, organic giveaways through social media, for example, search for #givaway and #csgoskins in Twitter to find a number of accounts giving away free CSGO skins in the lottery. 

What can you get in Free Csgo Skins?

When it comes to the actual value of the free CSGO skin one can get from these kinds of websites and offer walls they usually have only trash skins with very few decent ones. If you can pick one from a shop for the in-store credits, better remember they’ll make sure you will have to do enough of actions (logging-in, registering accounts on different websites, sharing posts on social media) so it will be profitable, which makes the whole free aspects of free CSGO skins rather questionable. 

On the other hand, the chances for winning a good giveaway with a decent reward are slim, not to say, unreasonably low. This leaves the CSGO weekly drops, which, even though they came mostly as cases, as probably the most stable income of new free skins in CSGO. Still, if someone offers you anything for free, it won’t be too good, nor too valuable. Otherwise, the whole CSGO skin economy would be hurt.

Are there any other methods for obtaining free CSGO skins?

Although they may be some other methods for obtaining CSGO free skins, they may not be very tempting. The value doesn’t come from anywhere, so we shouldn’t expect miracles in that regard. Moreover, if a deal on a website that offers free CSGO skins seems too good to be true, it most likely is. By giving such website access to your data you may become a victim of a fraud. Our advice is if you can’t find many positive pieces of information about the given website just don’t use it, don’t log in and don’t give your data to them. It may be nothing, it may be something and, in the end, its better safe than sorry.

Are free CSGO skins worth it?

In short, no. Not usually. It is always better to trade your way up from trash skins that you get from weekly CSGO drops or throwing in a bit of money and then trying to make a profit on margins than expect good free CSGO skins. 


In this article, we talked a bit about free CSGO skins and the different ways to get free skins in CSGO, namely weekly drops, offer boards and giveaways. Which would be your method for getting CSGO free skins? Share it with us in the comments down below.