How to Find Free Stuff on CSGO Marketplaces?

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Stemming from the valuable market of CSGO skins within Steam, numerous marketplaces started flourishing beyond Valve’s desktop application and offering services that add on to or just expand the functionalities of its Steam-implemented motherlode. Hundreds of websites compete for the attention of skin-trading CSGO players, each trying to fulfill its own model of earning on making life easier to those who want to buy or sell skins. One part of the marketing strategy for such third-party websites is to make it possible for the new or undecided users to find free stuff on CSGO marketplace.

To specify, we’ll be talking exactly about situations when you can get new skins for free, not paying for it in any way. It’s possible and available, and this article will show it. If you’re interested in skin upgrading, gambling or skin betting, check out other articles at our blog.

Also, remember about a proper mindset for this. Marketplaces deal with the market, so their main aim is to sell things, not give them away. Don’t get your hopes too high, as you will probably not collect a full pro loadout just hanging on these occasions to get something for free. These are usually promotional actions, and even when some portals offer frequent giveaways of some sort, it’s not a thing to rely on. Having this out of the way, let’s see how to get free stuff on CSGO marketplaces.

Is there free stuff on CSGO Marketplaces?

As it has been stated in the introduction, it’s not a rule for marketplaces to offer free skins and items, but in the bigger scheme of things, it happens regularly, if not here than there. They are not charity organizations, they’re marketplaces, thus it should come with no surprise that they won’t just distribute free stuff all the time, or provide you with easy participation coupons.

However, distributing costless digital goods is a good way to promote a service and engage users into some interaction that will allow both exposure and feedback. This also means that whenever such an occasion for getting something free, its providers will make sure that it is heard and seen.

Going for absolutely free stuff, where you are not made into sacrificing your skins or paying hidden fees you should look out for several types of campaigns. You can, for example, fill out a survey that will be rewarded with some minor skin. Answering a couple of questions is a minor investment. The most popular way of receiving CSGO marketplaces free stuff is the giveaways. They are multilayer campaigns that usually involve performing several actions in order to gain some raffle tickets or tokens that will increase your chance in the final lottery for the prize. Those actions usually include following the host’s profile on social media, sharing a post with or without a specific hashtag, using host’s service in a specific way, signing up for a newsletter and others. Those less reputable websites can also try to make you sacrifice your cheaper skins as a part of the raffle or send you through a long series of advertisement-stuffed clikcholes, which is not safe as such, so you’re better to steer clear of those.

How can you find free skins on CSGO Marketplaces?

The easiest, most straightforward way to find occasions for free skins is to check up on those markets regularly and look up their social media to see fresh announcements in terms of giveaways.

It’s not a bad idea to follow #csgogiveaway hashtag on Twitter and other media to make sure you’ll always receive the latest news on any CSGO marketplace finding free stuff opportunity from any marketplace that will us that hashtag in their posts. 

Are there any legit CSGO Marketplaces that offer free stuff for CSGO?

Just googling for “free skins” or “free csgo stuff” or anything like this will result in getting into those types of websites that you probably don’t want to find yourself on without a proper firewall and some sort of an ancient amulet protecting you from demons. There are many dead ends in this world, but if you generally stick to reputable marketplaces with transparent safety measures, you will be alright.

Among many available marketplaces, SkinBaron, Dmarket, and CS.Money seem to hone a good reputation among users and are a safe choice for exploring CSGO marketplace free stuff occasions. They will usually announce them either on their social media profiles (as said before, Twitter is the key) or on their main websites/blogs, so go follow those, or join a newsletter wherever it’s possible.

Don’t forget to follow us on social media as we organize giveaways of quality CSGO skins from time to time.

What free stuff on CSGO Marketplaces can you get?

Usually, what is offered is not the most expensive thing on the market, but there are exceptions to that. Most popularly, semi-popular and less common weapon skins will be gifted to one or more lucky participants. With bigger giveaways, it’s also possible to obtain classified or covert weapon skins or music paks, although the second ones are not that popular in free goodies. Sometimes even knives and gloves are proposed, but then it’s more possible you’ll need to do more for a chance in the raffle. Nevertheless, most of the time you’re in for something interesting.


This article introduces you to the opportunities of finding free stuff on the CSGO marketplace of choice. Marketplaces are means of trade that offer some facilitation of item buying and selling for a small fee, thus not being fully into giving items away for free. Even so, giveaways, surveys, and other similar campaigns are a good way to call some attention to such a marketplace’s offer, so they are hosted frequently with a variety of prizes. Looking for such free stuff on CSGO marketplaces is easier due to social media profiles and the power of hashtags. Browsing these, bear in mind not to get into a scheme to make you donate the items you already have or unknowingly spend some money. Happy hunting and may you find something nice… for free!