Cut Through 2022 With Falchion Knife Skins

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falchion knife skins gamma doppler crimson web

This pocket knife is not a toy! Learn about the value and rarity of the best Falchion Knife skins and see how you can turn it into a trading opportunity.

Using a knife in CSGO is really peculiar. In a game where it’s all about curated shots, alert reflex and precise movement, a situation where you bump into your opponent with a chance to punch a hole in his vest seems to be least likely. Well, if you played just a bit on casual servers, you know it’s not that uncommon. It’s a special type of touchdown if you manage to get a knife kill in competitive play. Given the tension of fragging someone with a knife, why would someone like to use a pocket knife to do it?

How about because it looks über-awesome and feels really good? Falchion Knife skins might have a very epic and high-register name, but in reality they are simple curved pocket knives, that are more reminiscent of the knife from 12 Angry Men than the sword it was named after.  Let’s look at some of those and talk about the sly cutters in general.

Best Falchion Knife Skins

While with the Falchion knife all skins look pretty decent, as a pocket knife can be both very morbid and very fun, we’ll look at a subjective choice of six of them that we consider most interesting.

Marble Fade

You know how it goes with Marble Fade skins – you either love them, or you hate them. Even so, the candy coating makes the handy cutter look a bit less dangerous – to the demise of those looking at it up close. Whether you’re a fan of the blues and the reds or not, the market price is the market price, and a Falchion Knife Marble Fade is a treasure worth at least $220, but usually one and half times that much.

Case Hardened

Let’s not even get started with the world of Case Hardened patterns. Depending on the seed and the submarket, those can have hundreds of recognizable variants. Let’s just focus on the fact that the charcoal burns look very realistic on such a palm-size blade. The non-StatTrak wears are at reasonable prices. You can get one for anything between $120 and $200 if you fancy it. But, a Factory New StatTrak Falchion Knife Case Hardened can raise that amount by the dozens if found with a rare pattern.

Gamma Doppler

There’s magic hidden between green, purple and blue. On Falchion knife it has several ways of shining through. The relatively small blade doesn’t show much pattern, but it is also present on the handle. Not many of those are around on Steam listings (about 30 standards and about 5 StatTraks as I’m writing this). The prices are relatively low for Dopplers because of popularity and wobble between $250 and $400. You can also totally ignore the wear level – the quality spread is thin and it’s the pattern catalogue number that matters.

Boreal Forest

There’s no other way of saying this. Boreal Forest skins don’t look particularly good on any weapon. Thus, the popularity of this finish for this knife is absolutely beyond me. Maybe it’s the accessibility? Here’s an example of a first-knife-ever sentiment.

A decent Field-Tested Falchion Knife Boreal Forest will cost you just below $100 (or just a tad above with StatTrak).


I might be less fun at parties, but in all honesty, this is my favorite mesh for the dexxy Falchion. This fully black skin looks both dangerous and slim on the lightly curved blade. Just right for delivering a backstab from the shadows behind the crates on a bomb site. Again, the price range is quite big here. Regular wears can sometimes go below $100 easily. StatTraks should cost 150% of that, but the upper floats are so rare (no listings on several markets of Factory New / Minimal Wear StatTraks as of June 2020) that sometimes sellers call for enormous money for them. The highest listing I could find was an astounding $1,317.68.

Crimson Web

Isn’t that everyone’s favorite knife coat? Personally, I’m not very much into the glossy red texture, but no one can deny it really stands out from basically anything else in the game. Also, if the deep bloody paint of Crimson Web looks good on anything, then it surely looks good here, making it one of the best Falchion Knife skins ever. Battle-Scarred to Minimal Wear cost around $100 without StatTrak and a Factory New costs double that. With StatTraks, it’s less predictable – everything up to Minimal Wear StatTrak can cost between $100 and $200, and there are Factory News StatTrak listings with anything between $250 and $900. Maybe it’s the buyer’s market.

Where Do Falchion Knife Skins Drop?

Falchion Knife skins used to drop specifically from the Falchion Case. The sheer chance of looting a knife from used to be initially small and additionally spread throughout 13 different skins.

However, both Spectrum and Spectrum II cases have some Falchion skins in their group and 6 new skin types were added for it in Operation Riptide Case. The same six knife skins were also later added to the Dreams & Nightmares Case.

If you’re aiming at something specific, you might try your luck with a couple of those chests, but if you’re not under your lucky star, better save up and straight-up buy the one that you wish the most.

How To Buy A Falchion Knife

This might seem pretty obvious at first – just go to a market of choice and look for listings in your preferred wear level – but this might get a little more minuscule with Falchion Knife skins. Generally, they come from a little less than a common case that is not very expensive. It means that their prices are pretty stable. If they are influenced by anything, it is an occasional surge of market volume coming from people probably mass-opening Falchion case in search of a specific skin.

To buy a Falchion knife, first, make a small research on different markets – sites like SteamAnalyst might be quite helpful to do it quickly. Look for exactly your desired float and pattern. Usually, a market with a bigger volume of a given configuration will have better prices. Most Falchion knife skins are perpetually listed on Skinwallet Market.

How To Sell Falchion Knife Skins

If you’re planning on selling one, you three ways. One is doing similar research as while buying and list it with an adequate price on a marketplace of your choosing. Remember that selling it on Steam Market will allow you to raise the price a little bit, but the money you gain stays in the Steam Wallet. If you need money fast, especially if you have one of the mid-tier floats, consider using Skinwallet, where you just log in with your Steam account, deposit the item and cash out your balance in real cash within several clicks. There is also a third way, and it is to consider putting that off for some time. Why? 

Falchion Knives Are On Point

There is a peculiar thing about CS GO falchion knife skins – because they all come from one case, it means that basically with each appearance of a new knife skin type, they all become rarer. The chance to drop a specific Falchion knife skin becomes just a couple decimal points lesser. It might not seem like a great thing, but with these minuscule chances it really does make a difference on the base price. 

That being said, even if you don’t care about those dollars, they are still pretty cool – I mean, which other knife does this?


In this brief rundown we’ve presented some falchion knife skins CS GO players can really appreciate, both in look and in their value. They all come from the Falchion case and make a niche on their own in the realm of Counter-Strike knives. A lot of them can be obtained at very reasonable prices. Some rare ones can earn you a nice budget for further skin trading. Just don’t cut your hands with it!