A Run-In with Danger Zone Case Skins in 2020

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If you’re not up to speed, Danger Zone is the whole reason CSGO went free-to-play… nah, let’s not go that way. It’s a new game mode that draws from the ongoing fashion of Battle Royale games and puts players on an ever-enclosing area left to scavenge ammo and guns and avoid getting scoped from a tall roof. If you want to know more about the pros and cons of the mode itself, jump to our previous article on the topic. But here, we will be talking Danger Zone skins.

Along with a new game mode, a new map (initially, now two more) and a lot of old-timer’s social media rants that signify high cortisol levels, Welcome To The Danger Zone update brought along Danger Zone CSGO Case skins that are overall better than most of the textures used for The Blacksite map. 

Fortunately, we don’t have a time limit that will send a death ray to our heads, but let’s not prolong the discussion and jump right into our selection of best CSGO Danger Zone Case Skins.

Best Danger Zone Case skins

After a little debating, we’ve chosen five most noteworthy skins from Danger Zone collection. Each will be described in short detail.

AK-47 | Asiimov

What an unexpected addition to the sci-fi family! The futuristic Asiimov skin seems to enrich every weapon it is put upon, and even the hunchback of gun design – P90 – looks somewhat more spectacular with swashes of white and black. AK-47 | Asiimov has this nice trick with the cartridge decal that cuts off with black horizontal field perpendicular to the curve of the clip. Very bold and very eye-pleasing. Getting one from a case is also wallet-pleasing, as you can get around $70 for even a fatigued StatTrak version – not to mention a Factory New, which is a jackpot.

AWP | Neo-Noir

Back to the outrun visuals again! It’s dark, the urban landscape is swept by a cold breeze, and all you need to do is get that one gib through the scope. Here’s your AWP with its Neo-Noir finish of dangerous ladies. Unfortunately, it wears off worse than a thrift-store Supreme shirt, but unlike second-hand clothes, it can get you at least $28 for the most tattered one.

Desert Eagle | Mecha Industries

Another good pal of the sci-fi bunch, although with some connotations to a down-to-earth, technocratic design. The glistening white metal with black elements is a taste that doesn’t need acquiring. Additionally, it’s a gunsmith finish, so no scraped paint in higher float values, just dirt and patina. This one is rare enough Danger Zone case skins drop to cost around $4 on the lowest wear level. A Factory New StatTrak one oscillates above $30.

MP5-SD | Phosphor

It’s a more or less usual gun finish but splattered with fluorescent paint from the top down. What looks like a simple design is actually quite fine-tuned and pretty realistic. It might also summon an ASG vibe that fits the competitive arena mood of Danger Zone. The way it wears down also looks nice, as the paint splatter remain mostly untouched except for the parts that are most touched and swiped in a gun. Just look at the wear progression below.

When it comes to price, it’s not great, but it’s not bad. The worst ones pay you back the key and the case. The best ones earn you around three tenners.

UMP-45 | Momentum

The dynamic of a Battle Royale match – the zone border chasing you in the back and the players looking out in front of you – is captured in both the sweeping arrows going through the gun’s body and the red tint on its rim that directly reference the Danger Zone. The usage of both light blues and heavy read comes off as a nice contrast. The worst thing about it is that it wears off like hell. Still, an FN StatTrak is more than $25 of gain.

Where can you get Danger Zone Case skins?

Like any other case currently available in the Valve’s case roster, Danger Zone case can drop after any match played in full, be it the new mode, Casual, Wingman or else. There are suspicions that this case drops more often after a successful Danger Zone match, but this is most probably just gullible rumors. If you’re impatient, you can get one from the market for just a couple of cents and open it with a Danger Zone case key for the set price of $2.5.

Buying and selling Danger Zone skins

Danger Zone CSGO Skins are in the sweet spot of the market curve. They’re not super fresh – it’s been two years since they dropped? – and thus their price is more or less stable. The case drop is not operation-exclusive, so there’s less trend push on its skins. You can buy Danger Zone skins of choice on Steam Community Market or head to Skinwallet Market to find a real bargain in a user-friendly interface.

When it comes to selling, it’s all up to you – go for the Steam prices, use a third-party marketplace if its users are looking for what you have, or use a mass deposit site like Skinwallet to get a proper amount of cash for your find without the hassle of the market. 

Are Danger Zone skins popular?

Some of them actually are – not necessarily in-game, but on the skin trading market. Asiimov family in its entirety is liked and lauded and Mecha Industries skins have their strong fanbase. There are a lot of reddish, rusty and retro skins that are not very expensive but can work as nice addendum to one’s loadout of choice. On the other hand, except for several strong contenders, the designs are not much to feast your eyes on.


This is our summary of the best Danger Zone case skins CSGO players can get after matches or drop from opening cases. Doesn’t matter if you enjoy the Valve’s rendition of Battle Royale deathmatch – these skins are both a good visual addition to your skin collection and a fairly stable market commodity and, lucky for you, you don’t have to suffer a 10-minute queue and humiliating headshots to get any of them!