Headshot Royale – What is the CSGO Danger Zone Mode?

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In 2018 Valve made a crucial decision to make Counter-Strike: Global Offensive free to play and upgraded those accounts which had the paid version of the game in their collection with a Prime status, which allowed for better matchmaking and some advantages in comparison with the free accounts. To back this controversial move up, they also released a totally new game mode which allows for controlled and fast-paced deathmatch games on open, large maps. CSGO Danger Zone sounds nice and intriguing, right? In reality, it’s a Battle Royale mode for CS.

Following the growing popularity of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, Valve apparently wanted in on the hype and developed the same kind of game on the engine of Global Offensive. The idea of a narrowing battleground and a microeconomy based on finding resources has been joined with the precise gunplay of original Counter-Strike. The result brought mixed reviews, but the mode lives on. Let’s see exactly what is Danger Zone CSGO and what it brought along.

Main Features of Danger Zone

Each Battle Royale game is a tad different, but the general rules are pretty much the same. A specified number of competitors is dropped on stranded ground dotted with medpaks, some kind of credit boosters and, of course, weapons. For some time players can roam around, hoard equipment and try to eliminate the less skilled players. After a while, the game area starts to shrink, eventually killing those who do not race the zone border and lag behind. This forces players to skirmish each other, making the game more and more intensive as the time goes. Last man standing wins the game.

Danger Zone CSGO gameplay doesn’t revolutionize this formula, but fiddles around with it. Players choose a hex on the map where they will be dropped from a parachute. Continuously, consecutive hexes are “dangerzoned’ to disallow players to stay there. The weapons can be found throughout the map in crates or bought with money. Cash lays around here and there or is stuffed in safes that need to be blown up to get the loot. Also, players are mobilized to move by being awarded store credit for exploring hexes.

Originally, there was only one map included for the mode, namely Blacksite, presenting a sort of an industrial port region scattered with abandoned buildings. Later, Dust-like Sirocco was added. Operation Shattered Web also brought Jungle, which is the first Danger Zone community-made map.

As the new context needs new tools to deal with, players will encounter a whole bunch of new items that are not available in the canon modes of the game. For example, there are three new melee weapons that can be used both to open crates with guns and equipment and to bash at your enemy if you happen to find yourself in zero distance… or even hurl it at them when they’re trying to make a run for it. There are breach charges and revamped grenades. Most importantly, players now get an in-game tablet that they will use to order drones with additional boomsticks and bombs.

Tips and tricks for playing Danger Zone

Strategies similar to those in other battle royales apply to Danger Zone. If you don’t know the map, try to parachute somewhere on a fringe and methodically make your way to the middle ring of the map, collecting as much stuff as you can on the way, but not staying back too long. Corners and shadows are your friends. There’s not much play here in terms of blasting through and good position is the key to survival.

The most specific from CSGO Danger Zone tips is to beware of snipers. A Scout shot to the head doesn’t hurt as much in any other mode as in late-stage Danger Zone match. If you’re good with scoped weapons, try to get one as fast as you can, as it will give you a massive advantage. If you rather rifle your way through, make sure to avoid open spaces with large distances.

Where all the bad rap on Danger Zone comes from?

Who else to moan and complain than the hardcore gamers? Valve has been accused of hastily jumping the hype train for Battle Royale games and ruining the competitive character of the classical game with free-to-play model. Let’s just not discuss these complaints. There’s a more practical issue at hand that might spoil the fun.

In a way, a very unforgiving damage model of CS:GO doesn’t really do the job in the Danger Zone mode, especially if you’re not a sharpshooter and find yourself more adapted to mid-range combat. There’s some relief in the fact that many novice players join the DZ games and there’s always a chance to score a frag before you get taken down from squares away. 

Are there special CSGO Danger Zone skins?

Well, of course, there’s a whole case that has been released with the update, bringing you such beauties as AK-47 | Asiimov, Desert Eagle | Mecha Industries, USP-S | Flashback and AWP | Neo-Noir. Danger Zone Cases drop during Danger Zone matches and are widely available on the market, so you can as well buy one and open it with a key. We will discuss more CSGO Danger Zone skins in detail in an upcoming article, so stay tuned!

Final Verdict

Looking at all the above, Danger Zone CSGO is a good way for avid Counter-Strike players to get a taste of Battle Royale gameplay within a familiar work-frame. For newcomers expecting another Fortnite, the CSGO gunplay might be a bit too much. There are surely more balanced games of this type out there, but let’s not put a lid on Danger Zone. With fanmade maps like Jungle making it into the official servers, there’s some hope in the mode developing further with better optimization.