CS:GO Worst Skins and What to do With Them in 2019

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automatic submachine gun

On this Skinwallet blog, we focus mostly on the best, most expensive or most interesting CSGO skins. Today, however, we will be talking about the collection of skins considered by many people as CSGO worst skins. Let’s jump right into it.

CSGO worst skins 2019 explained

First, let’s determine what is understood as CSGO worst skins so we can be on the same page. For the purpose of this article, weapon skins will be labeled as the worst CSGO skins if they fulfill one of the requirements. First of the conditions is that the worst skins in CSGO have to be proactively considered bad by many people. The CSGO traders and players have to point a finger on it and say “this is atrocious”. On the other hand, it may be a CSGO skin that no one talks about. No one remembers it ever existed. Another possible condition for the skin to join the inglorious band of Worst CSGO skins is to be considered ugly, at least by a majority of people. Boring skins would also join this category in one way or another. Lastly, the price. For many people, especially CSGO skins traders, the skin isn’t worth anything if its price is too low and, what’s probably more important, it is dead skin. When skin isn’t equipped, is very common, doesn’t sell at all and its price doesn’t change at all it is in stagnation which makes it a good pretender to the category of CSGO worst skins.

We traditionally picked five skins that in our eyes, as well as eyes of other CSGO players and skins traders, fit the category of the worst skins in CSGO. But, before we start, a disclaimer: there’s nothing wrong in liking a skin that other deem as one of the worst. Seriously. 

AK-47 | Safari Mesh

ak47 safari mesh csgo skin

One of the earliest design and one of the first AK-47 skin in the history of CSGO skins. Safari Mesh is the line of a very simplistic skin that are comprised roughly of one color in two shades: washed-out olive green and sand-ish. The pattern applied on the AK-47 | Safari Mesh was made by spray painting over the stencils made from cardboard cutouts giving it a net-like pattern. This very militaristic look, sure. But put side by side with other AK47 skins it comes out as plain and boring. Although there is nothing wrong with simple designs, they have to be done with taste and require a lot of skill from the artist. The price is equally uninteresting. Normal version usually costs less than $1. StatTrak is only slightly more expensive with only Factory New worth around $100 due to its sheer scarcity.

SG 553 | Army Sheen

sg 553 army sheen csgo skin

SG 553 | Army Sheen is one of the cheapest and most awkward CSGO skins you can find. The default dark color palette of SG 553 was decorated with metallic foil with a green camouflage pattern. This particular combination of dark grey and deep, military green is… simply boring. On top of that, someone thought that adding a metallic, golden gleam to the barrel muzzle and the front sight housing. This, together with the weirdly boring and unfitting color palette of the gun’s body make SG 533 | Army Sheen into a very bizarre skin. It may be also one of the worst looking CSGO skins. Moreover, it is available only in the normal version, so there is no StatTrak or souvenir to save this gun. It has three levels of wear: Factory New, Minimal Wear, and Field-Tested. You won’t sell this for more than $0,05. This combination makes the Army Sheen one of the CSGO worst skins.

P90 | Death by Kitty

p90 death by kitty csgo skin

Death by Kitty is a perfect example of a CSGO skin that some treat as the worst looking CSGO skin, while others fanatically defend it. Personally, I really like P90 | Death by Kitty. It is quite an original skin and with nothing really similar to it in the whole CSGO skins catalog. However, for some this colorful, cat-skully CSGO skin is one of the answers to the question: what are the worst CSGOskins? It is available only in two wear level, Minimal Wear and Field-Tested in StatTrak and normal version. Price reflects its rare nature as this is quite an expensive skin. The normal version can reach up to $50 whereas the StatTrak Minimal Wear Death by Kitty sometimes reach even $150. That’s quite a lot for one of the CSGO ugly skins, eh?

M4A1-S | Boreal Forest

m4a1s boreal forest csgo skin

M4A1-S | Boreal Forest is another of the most boring skins there are. I can imagine the creative process behind it. Get M4A1S. Give it a full camo woodlands pattern. Done. This skin was added in The Italy Collection back in the November 2013 so it is one of the oldest skins ever. Although the normal version of M4A1S Boreal Forest is very cheap (less than $0.50) the souvenir can get quite expensive and shoots this CSGO skin right into mid $40 and $50. Of course, the final price depends on the wear quality and, most importantly, souvenir stickers. However, this still doesn’t change the fact that Boreal Forest is one of the worst CSGO skins.

P250 | Bone Mask

p250 bone mask csgo skin

Bone Mask is yet another of the worst looking CSGO skin. Its design is comprised of a P250 spray-painted over a stencil made from masking tape. The result is a chaotic combination of green, grey, and bone hues. Don’t get me wrong. I like simple designs and simple color palettes. However, when there are so many better-looking and more interesting P250 skins all I can do is ignore it. When it comes to price, it seems to reflect the feelings of the community. The normal version of P250 | Bone Mask usually costs less than $0.30. Moreover, even souvenirs can’t save this skin as most listings end around $2.

Where and how can you obtain CSGO worst skins?

In case you have a sudden craving for the most boring and worst looking CSGO skins there are w few options. However, opening weapon skins cases is not one of them. Out of the five skins we discussed earlier, only one, Death by Kitty, a part of The eSports 2013 Collection can be found in the corresponding weapon case – the eSports 2013 Case. The rest of the skins have their respective collections, obviously, but they can’t be found in many cases. This means you can either get them as a random drop or buy them off-market.

Why are the worst CSGO skins so bad?

The badness of these skins is a combination of features a CSGO skin can have. Considering some of the exceptions, all CSGO worst skins are extremely cheap. From the value perspective, they have usually considered trash tier skins. They are everywhere as random drops and are worth less than $0.50. Moreover, there is also ugliness. Although this is a very subjective matter, there are skins that are named by most people as the worst looking CSGO skins.

Selling and buying CSGO worst skins

If you want to buy the worst CSGO skins, the best place is the Steam Community Market. Most of them will cost just a few cents, so the price is too low for you to even feel the 15% extra fee, at least this time around. You can try some of the third-party websites, but the difference in price is practically non-existent with such cheap skins, so you won’t gain anything by this.

Selling CSGO worst skins may be problematic. First of all, they are so cheap and so common that not many people buy them, except for Arms Deals. Moreover, almost no one wants them, so your listing may hang untouched for weeks. In that case, Skinwallet might be your best choice. With certain exceptions, we offer to buy all your skins over $0,50, no questions asked.


In this article, we talked quite a lot about CSGO worst skins, the cheapest skins in CSGO as well as the worst looking CSGO skins. What is the worst CSGO skin in your opinion? Do you like one of the skins that most of the other players hate? Tell us in the comments down below.