An Insight into Operation Wildfire CS:GO Skins in 2019

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There are dozens of CSGO skins cases out there and I feel we should talk at least about some of them. So, today we are going to discuss the Wildfire Case and, more importantly, the CSGO wildfire skins that came with it.

CSGO Wildfire skins – in-depth 2019

Operation Wildfire Weapon Case, in short, often called as just Wildfire Case is a CSGO skins case that came together with the 2016 Operation Wildfire update. The CSGO Wildfire skins case was an exclusive drop for the Operation Wildfire pass holders. It was also the case that introduced Bowie Knife as a case exclusive.

When it comes to the best Wildfire case CSGO skins that were shipped in it, we picked five that caught our attention.

AK-47 | Fuel Injector

ak47 fuel injector csgo skin

One of the two covert skins in this case, and the rarest wildfire skin CSGO, except the Bowie knives, that can be dropped from Wildfire case. This bright yellow and metallic grey AK47 with mechanical decoration on the magazine is quite expensive, even though it is rather unpopular CSGO AK47 skin. AK-47 | Fuel Injector is available in standard and StatTrak tech version. This, naturally, is reflected in prices. A normal version stands between $30 – $100+ (Factory New), whereas StatTrak costs between $80 up to $500. 

M4A4 | The Battlestar

m4a4 the battlestar csgo skin

The second covert skin from the Wildfire case, this CT rifle is much cheaper than the AK-47 | Fuel Injector – with StatTrak Factory New placed around $50 and the normal version available for $5. From the design point of view, it looks a bit mediocre and boring. It is also one of the least popular CSGO operation wildfire skins. 

Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon

desert eagle kumicho dragon csgo skin

In contrast to the M4A4 | The Battlestar, Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon is expensive, flashy and quite popular. With dragon designs etched onto the slide and grip, a sliver, gray and purple color palette, this Deagle looks like a showoff piece straight from the hands of a high-ranking Triads member. Pricewise, normal version goes up to $20, StatTrak tech Factory New can go as high as $75.

AWP | Elite Build

awp elite build csgo skin

This very stylish and technical design gives serious and professional vibes. Grey and black palette with orange details works great with the AWP model, which makes it a good AWP skin alternative for those not interested in a more serious look. This is one of the more expensive Wildfire case CSGO skins, at least the StatTrak version ($50). The normal usually costs between $2,5 and $10. 

Nova | Hyper Beast

nova hyper beast csgo skin

Probably the flashiest design among all the CSGO skins Wildfire has to offer. The hyper beast rocks psychedelic color palette, sharp teeth, and craziness required to use Nova in competitive games. You can pick the normal version for $8, whereas StatTrak tech-equipped Nova | Hyper Beast goes for as much as $30. The low prices are most likely related to sporadical, situational usage of Nova per se. 

Where can you get Wildfire skins?

All CSGO Wildfire Operation skins can be found in Wildfire Cases. Right now, the Wildfire case itself costs around $0,8 and the key required to open it can be found for $1. However, taking into consideration the rather low price and low popularity of these Wildfire case skins CSGO community presents, thinking about opening this case for profit may be a bad idea. Of course, if you land a Bowie Knife, you can get your investment back, but the extremely low probability of uncasing one renders such tries unwise. That is why it may be best to buy the Wildfire CSGO skins that you want instead. 

Buying and selling Wildfire skins

There are a few options if you decide to buy Wildfire CSGO skins, the most obvious one being the Steam Community Market. All Wildfire Case CSGO skins should be quite easy to find. Other than Steam Community Market you may want to try out your luck at third-party markets like Skinwallet Market – naturally, they offer lower prices than those on the Steam Community Market. Please remember that all money made through Steam Market lands in your Steam Wallet and cannot be paid out. Luckily, the third-party markets give you multiple ways of paying out your earned cash. 

When it comes to selling CSGO Operation Wildfire skins, you can sell your skins at the Steam Community Market for better profit without the ability to pay out, you can sell it on the third-party market, but the process may be time-consuming, or you can go for instant payouts with Skinwallet. Our biggest advantage is how fast transactions are. You can finish a transaction at Skinwallet in less than 3 minutes.

To sell any of the CSGO skins Wildfire at Skinwallet, just log in to Skinwallet through your Steam account, set your inventory to public and add your Steam Trade ULR (otherwise our system won’t be able to see your inventory, nor send you a proper trade offer) choose which Wildfire CSGO skins you want to sell and initiate the transaction. Click on the green button with the price and proceed to the transaction from the pop-up link. Remember to always check if the trade is the way you wanted it to be. Also, don’t forget to check if that is our legit Skinwallet bot. 

Are Wildfire skins popular?

Not really. With small exceptions like AWP | Elite Build and Nova | Hype Beast Wildfire CSGO skins aren’t really that popular. This is also reflected in their prices at the Steam Community Market and third-party markets. This may have to do with rather niche designs of the weapon skins and multiple better skins. Of course, we are all for the variety and there are always people that find these skins very pleasing, but it won’t change the fact they’re mildly liked. 


Today we thoroughly discussed the CSGO Operation Wildfire skins and the Wildfire case, how pricy and popular it is and what is the best way to buy or sell Wildfire case skins.