What You Need to Know About CS:GO Knives

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spring knife in purple light

Today it is finally time for one of the crucial topics in CSGO skins trading community – knives. We’ll go through the phenomenon of CSGO knives, talk about some Knives CSGO styles and types as well as about selling and buying CSGO knives.

What are CSGO knives and what do you need to know

Knives are a type of weapon in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They are the basic melee weapons in the game and, with small exceptions, cannot be dropped by the players on a death.

In all Counter-Strike games, knives are permanently equipped on the melee weapon slot, cannot be traded, purchased or dropped. They have a very short range, have a very fast primary attack that does low damage and slower secondary attack that, naturally, offers higher damage. Moreover, knife attacks are affected by headshot multiplier and quite original backstab multiplier. Knife kills give the highest amount of money among all weapons: $1500 on competitive and $750 on casual.

Another very important feature of a CSGO knife is that it allows the highest speed movement among all other weapons and utilities equipped. It can prove to be a great tool when running from bombsite with planted C4 that is about to explode or when trying to outrun the opposing team for the best positions at the beginning of a round. What is more, taking out your knife and going for the knife kill during a close-combat shootout is usually faster than reloading your weapon. Of course, it depends on many factors, but on close distance when both you and your opponent are already hurt it may be a one-hit kill.

The number of techniques and strats that utilize the knife is big. You will easily find numerous tutorials and guides on YouTube should you ever need one.

What types of CSGO knives exist?

Besides the default, boring knife model, there is a ton of different cosmetic CSGO knives skins that can be divided by style into 15 groups: Bayonets, Flip Knives, Gut Knives, Karambits, M9 Bayonets, Huntsman Knives, Butterfly Knives, Falchion Knives, Shadow Daggers, Bowie Knives, Ursus Knives, Navaja Knives, Stiletto Knives, and Talon Knives.

Other than style, knives come in different finishes. For example, Chroma Case introduces finishes such as  Damascus Steel, Doppler, Marble Fade, Tiger Tooth, Rust Coat or Ultraviolet. On the other hand, Gamma Case introduced Gamma Doppler, Freehand, Lore, Autotronic, Bright Water, and Black Laminate knife finishes.

To sum up – there’s a lot of CSGO knives so you can always find something that you find especially interesting or cool.

What are the price ranges for CSGO knives?

CSGO knives are generally pricy. Out of all CSGO knives, the cheapest may be Gut Knives, Navaja Knives, and Shadow Daggers because of their rather low popularity. When it comes to styles of finishes, Safari Mesh, Boreal and Scorched are the cheapest. The cheapest means somewhere around $60 or $80 per knife. After that, things start to get extremely expensive, with middle-tier CSGO knives priced around $200-$500. The most expensive best CS GO knives tend to cost around $1500 (Bayonet | Lore Factory New) or even more (M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web). There are legends about knives so rare that they may reach several thousand dollars per piece.

Where can you buy and sell CSGO knives?

If you are looking to sell an unwanted CSGO knife, you can do this in three ways. Steam Community Market offers the highest prices among all of the choices, but all money you earn that way lands in the SteamWallet of your account. This means you cannot pay it out in any way.

Third-party markets have lower prices but the cash you earn this way is available outside the Steam ecosystem through numerous payout options. The problematic part is a considerably high number of scam attempts and time-consuming listing when you have many skins to sell. You may also need to wait a bit for someone to accept your offer.

Skinwallet is the best choice if you need instant cash for your skins. To properly sell CSGO knives through Skinwallet you will have to take a few steps. First, set your Steam inventory to public, log in to Skinwallet with your Steam account and go to the deposit page. Pick which gloves skins you want to sell and proceed to the transaction. To proceed, click on the green button in the security pop-up window. This is the safest way to complete the transaction as you will be redirected straightly to that particular trade in Steam. Check the details of the trade and accept it when you’re ready. The money will be added to your Skinwallet account balance right after our system

Wanting to buy new CSGO knives? You can do that in two ways. First, through the Steam Community Market. This is probably the safest way to buy anything, but, it surely isn’t the most efficient. The prices on the Steam Community Market are usually around up to 20% higher than at any other places, markets, and websites. This has to do with the closed Steam environment from which you can never pay out your money. You will have to also pay the transaction fee, so it’s an extra 15% on top of an already high price.

Second, you may go to one of the third-party markets and look for a good knives CSGO offers that you would be willing to take part in. Skinwallet can help with that, too! Just look through the Knives catalogue at Skinwallet Market. Maybe your favorite cutter is just around a corner?

Using any third party service, remember to always check your transaction twice or trice before accepting, and follow all safety guidelines provided byt the host. Whenever you’re not 100% sure, just opt out from the trade. This is much safer than losing your $500 Bayonet | Lore.

Why are CSGO knives so valuable?

The easiest explanation for the overly high value of most of the CSGO knives is their rarity and cost related to acquiring one. All of the CSGO knives are labeled as exceedingly rare special items. Although CSGO developing team never gave any concrete numbers regarding the drop probabilities, exceedingly rare items are estimated to have no more than 1% and in case of few, for example, Crimson Web or Case Hardened skins the veteran skin traders look for particular features like web pattern or amount of blue hues. This lowers the chance for a really rare item to be even rarer, thus elevating the price.

It is also important to remember that, at best, one case opening will cost you between $1 and $2.49. That means you may have to burn through $300 worth of cases to have a statistical chance for one CSGO knife. This automatically sets a basis for the price.

Another factor is the fashion. Many of the knives are really pretty and stylish. Series such as Doppler, Lore or Fade are considered as the best CSGO knives styles available and their price automatically reflects it all.


In this article we talked briefly about CSGO knives: what styles and finishes there are, which knives are the most expensive and what causes CSGO knives to be so expensive.

Do you have your favorite knife? If you could pick one, which would it be? Share with us down in the comments.