CSGO Infinite Ammo

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command for infinite ammo csgo

Need time and means to practice your shooting? Engage CSGO infinite ammo mode and shoot to your heart’s content!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive provides its players with a lot of tools to influence the game mechanics, either to adapt the gameplay to their likings or dissect them and learn them better. Although the core rules require a limited amount of bullets in the clip and reloading, you can induce infinite ammo CSGO command and not worry about it for a given session.

Why turn on the infinite ammo CSGO mode?

Surely not for cheating – you cannot do it neither during matchmaking nor on global servers. You might find some niche servers that will have that setup ready, but you cannot initiate it yourself.

When you play on your own, with bots, or on a private server, you can choose to launch infinite ammo for the sake of practicing other skills in the game. Not having to focus on the ammo economy or, depending on the type of command you chose, not even having to reload, takes off some burden of your system and gives you some more freedom to experiment with anything from spray patterns to quick aiming.

How to get infinite ammo in CSGO?

Like with most commands that meddle with the balanced mechanics of CSGO unlimited ammo requires you to enable cheats first. By this we mean going into the console, typing in ‘sv_cheats 1’, and hitting enter. No need to install any software that would get you a VAC ban if left on during an online play!

Once sv_cheats is set to 1, you gain access to a lot of game-altering commands, including the ones that can influence your ammo counter. There is one command that can be set to two parameters (aside from being off at ‘0’), and we’ll dissect them below.

sv_infinite_ammo 1

While set to the value ‘1’, the CSGO infinite ammo command causes your clip to never deplete. This means that you can hold a continuous fire indefinitely. This also has its downside, as every gun has a set spray pattern and recoil, which, after hitting the end of the sequence, is frozen in the end state. Holding a full auto fire with an AK-47 will just hit wherever after 30 bullets. Understandably, this unlimited ammo mode is more useful when you are practicing single shots or short bursts for the sake of quick mouse movement and don’t want to think about the clip capacity.

sv_infinite_ammo 2

With the command set to ‘2’, this gives you an infinite ammo pool, but the weapon clips still have their standard capacity. This means that you basically have unlimited clips, but still need to watch out for how many bullets you still have in the clip. Also, this means that emptying the whole clip will cycle through the whole spray pattern and recoil intensity and then stop. This is more pragmatic for training real-time gunplay rather than the accuracy itself because you will not lapse into override spray and recoil by mistake.

Unlimited ammo command CSGO Summary

Using the different parameters for ‘sv_infinite_ammo’ command you can enter into two different types of infinite ammo in CSGO. It’s very easy to execute, like most other commands from the ‘sv_cheats’ range. We hope that it can help you get better at aiming and shooting in CS:GO!