What CS:GO Gamma Case has to Offer in 2019

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csgo gamma case skins and logo

Among the dozens of cases holding numerous skins, there is one that caught our attention this time –  the first Gamma Case. Today we will take a closer look its contents, in particular, five top skins and thoroughly analyze them.

CSGO Gamma Case – 2019 in-depth look

Gamma Case was released as an important part of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update on June 15, 2016. Inside, we can find 17 unique skins to different weapons in CSGO. Traditionally, there are two covert grade CSGO Gamma Case skins, three classified skins and the rest, as with any other case, are blue Gamma Case CSGO skins.

Today, we will talk about the top five Gamma Case skins, so the two covert and three classified weapon skins.

M4A1-S | Mecha Industries

m4a1-s mecha industries csgo skin

Another member of the Mech Industries series family, this time as an excellent assault rifle. And someone has to say it out loud – M4A1-S looks amazing with the Mecha Industries’ ceramic high-tech plating. This “cutting-edge tech” look works great with the model of the top Counter-Terrorists’ assault rifle. Therefore, it isn’t really weird that M4A1-S | Mecha Industries is one of the most expensive CSGO Gamma Case skins. Although normal version can range between $10 and $40, a StatTrak M4A1-S | Mecha Industries Factory New can reach $180-$200. 

Glock-18 | Wasteland Rebel

glock-18 wasteland rebel csgo skin

Glock-18 | Wasteland Rebel is the only covert Glock skin, as well as the second of the two covert Gamma Case CSGO skins. However, despite that feature, Wasteland Rebel is neither the rarest nor the most expensive Glock skin – this title most likely belongs to Glock-18 | Fade. Wasteland Rebel, on the other hand, rarely goes higher than $70 for StatTrak and as low as $8 for the normal version. Wasteland Rebel is available in all wear qualities as well as both StatTrak and normal versions. From the design perspective, it gives off an anarchist and misfit vibe with its “Kill Them All” sprayed on the whole piece. 

M4A4 | Desolate Space

m4a4 desolate space csgo skin

Space is a scary and dangerous place that tries to kill you all the time. M4A4 | Desolate Space tries to remind us about that on every occasion. Its design includes a space with some tentacle monster holding an old school space rocket. The center of the artwork is occupied with a dead, skeletal astronaut caught by the deep space monster. Desolate Space is one of the Classified CSGO Gamma Case skins and the second most expensive skin from that collection, with a StatTrak Factory New standing around $125. Luckily (or not), the rest of both StatTrak-equipped and normal versions of Desolate Space can cost between $10 and $50.

SCAR-20 | Bloodsport

scar-20 bloodsport csgo skin

Fully covered in white logos over the red and black hydrographic background with yellow details on the magazine, barrel, muzzle sight. This Gamma Case CSGO skin design was based on the features of a high-end sports car. The “speed-precision-control” motto engraved on the barrel sums up the characteristic features of SCAR-20 as a weapon. This gorgeous piece is, however quite cheap and can cost between $2 and $5 with the exception of StatTrak Factory New that sometimes may reach even $20.

P2000 | Imperial Dragon

p2000 imperial dragon csgo skin

Imperial Dragon is one of the more vivid out of all Gamma Case skins and is perfect for anyone collecting oriental skins stylized on the Far East aesthetics. This P2000 CSGO skin fully covers the weapon model in a Chinese dragon. As in most cases, P2000 | Imperial Dragon costs between $2 and $10 except for StatTrak Factory New that can go as high as $20. THis, however, still does not change the fact that P2000 remains a relatively cheap skin.

Where can you get Gamma Case skins?

Well, as the name itself suggests, Gamma case CSGO skins can be obviously found in Gamma Case. However, some of them can also be found as random drops. Of course, you can also buy them straight from the market.

Buying and selling Gamma Case skins

As the cost of opening a case in order to get new Gamma Case CSGO skins is completely cost-ineffective, buying them off the market is the better choice.

Most likely your first choice will be Steam Community Market. It is the safest place to trade skins. However, please remember that the prices on Steam Market are on average up to 20% higher than on other, third-party markets. Additionally, a transaction fee will be applied, adding an extra 15% on top of the already high price. In case of cheaper Gamma Case skins CSGO listings it may be a very good idea, however, if you hunt for Gamma skins such as StatTrak M4A1-S | Mecha Industries Factory New, it may be better to look outside the Steam Community Market.

In a search for more satisfying trade, some of us would rather turn to third-party markets, as they often offer better deals. There is a wide choice of sites and services offering cool CSGO skins. Services like Skinwallet Market will guide you through the process of the trade and lower the risk of losing them entirely. 

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Are Gamma Case skins popular?

To be completely honest, not really. All of the skins discussed in this article are considered by some as very nice and stylish, but none of them is a superstar. Still, as a whole concept, Gamma Case is a good case offering something for everyone: a minimalistic, slick designs, rich and artful graphics, and vivid colors.