CSGO eSports Cases Skins In 2020

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Before the current format of cases featuring community-made skins developed, Valve experimented with the formula of distributing additional skins through loot packs and how to go about them. eSporst 2013 case was the second-ever case released, coming after the original Weapon Case from the Arms Deal update. What made them special is that part of the income from processing them charges a fund for supporting the competitive scene.

Unlike modern yellow boxes, eSports cases look like actual hand-carried weapon cases. All three of them are opened with the same eSports key. They were originally released to praise and support the growing scene of professional CSGO eSport scene. They are one of the rarest cases to drop during CSGO matchmaking, hence their price is gigantic in comparison to others. 

In this article, we’ll name several eSports Case CSGO skins that are worth both a player’s and a collector’s attention. Shall we crack the plastic casing?

Best skins from CSGO eSports Cases

This is our choice of the five most interesting eSport case skins spanning across all three eSport cases.

AK-47 | Jaguar

Many skins deserve the nickname of a “wild beast”, but this one is lowkey the king of the wilderness. The redwood elements instantly bring a more exotic region  to mind, and the black cat on the gun’s body seals the deal to tell a story of a guerilla’s favorite death toy. The prices of this piece are pretty solid. A Battle-Scarred Jaguar can earn you a dozen times worth of the eSports 2014 Summer case it comes from. A StatTrak Factory New AK-47 | Jaguar can earn you anything between $150 and $250, depending on the current market volume.

M4A4 | X-Ray

Probably the most ingenious skin eSports 2013 Winter case has to offer. It has been painted to look like you could see through the outer casing of the gun and into the mechanisms, springs and bullets inside. At first glance, it looks like just another tech design, but upon close inspection, you can really look into the details that have been put on it. It’s also nice that it comes only in three superior wear levels. The regular Field-Tested costs around $9. A lucky finder of StatTrak Factory New X-Ray can get around $60 for it.

AK-47 | Red Laminate

One of the recognized classics and probably one of those eSports case skins CSGO players go after vividly even today. It is based on a fairly simple idea that you can cover the wooden parts of the stock and handles with a more glossy, more colorful laminate. It refreshes the look of the gun without getting too whimsical. It’s rare enough to reach a ca. $17 price in Battle-Scarred wear, but the StatTrak versions usually don’t hit harder than $60 – unless you count in some float maniacs who value those in hundreds of dollars.

AWP | Corticera

Good luck googling the Corticera tree, which is supposedly imprinted into that design – it’s all about this AWP. Blue and green work nicely to give this skin a very toned, yet not bland feeling. What’s also neat about it is that it’s worst available wear level is Field-Tested, and the design doesn’t get severely damaged on the highest float. Its popularity might be influenced by its price range, too – a Field-Tested one costs around 6 to 7 dollars, and the most expensive StatTrak is no more than $60.

Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption

Out of the blue – an uncanny Deagle skin. A cobalt gem in the crown of eSports 2013 Winter case. Same as the previously mentioned skin, it only occurs in Factory New, Minimal Wear and Field-Tested variants, so even the worst wear looks pretty decent. The prices on these are quite varied. You can get a standard version for anything between $16 and $30, whereas StatTraks are stretched between $49 and $90. Plus, there’s quite a lot of Steam listings available for it.

How can you obtain a CSGO eSports Case?

The chance that you drop an eSports CSGO case is miniscule. It’s still virtually possible to get one after finishing an online match on official servers, but just not very likely. Instead, there are still some of them in the market, so if  you’re hell-bent on trying your luck with opening them, you can hit Steam Community Market or third-party marketplaces and 

Can you sell a CSGO eSports Case skin with a profit?

There can be two answers to this question. If you happened to get one from a mass trade or just by a drop in the game – oh yes. Most popular eSports case skins have pretty stable prices and can be sold well even in lower wears. On the other hand, opening a eSports 2013 Case and getting a Minimal Wear P250 | Splash is a triple loss of money. At least you can mend the wound by selling it for real cash on Skinwallet instead of listing it on Steam and waiting for the mercy of the community market.

Why are they so valuable?

The main reason for the high prices of CSGO esports case skins is that eSports cases are extremely rare. The eSports 2013 case drops literally barely ever. The other two are more popular, but their market value is still around 15 times higher than the value of a regularly dropping case. Aside from the statistical probabilities and mathematics, the sentimental value also plays a big role here. Along with Arms Deal update, these were one of the first skins added to the game, back then prepared by the Valve designers only, not the community artists.

To sum things up

In brief, we’ve talked about some of the most interesting eSports skins CSGO cases can offer to skin hunters. Their undeniable advantage is the stable market price. Their worst vice is their rarity and the difficulty of obtaining them. If nothing else, they are a part of CSGO skins history and will probably thrive as long as the skin market thrives. If there are any other eSport case CSGO skins you’d like us to review and present, let us know!