CS:GO Clutch Case – In Depth 2020

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clutch case cs go skins

With its name obviously referencing the name of hot and tense CSGO situations, Clutch Case dropped like a bomb at the beginning of 2018 and was a welcome addition to the preexisting collections.

The real drive behind the case was the humongous amount of lootable glove skins. Thirty-four new designs were put into this case for players to loot. Quantity usually doesn’t mean quality, and some of the skins didn’t really make it to the spotlight, however, others are still a wanted drop and their usually high prices are boosted by the hype.

Beside the gloves, there have been 17 Clutch Case skins introduced, including a first-ever and currently the only Covert skin for MP-7. Where they overshadowed by the glove supply or did they make their own reputation? You’re just about to find out.

Best Clutch Case skins

All the CSGO Clutch case skins are cool, but these several skins are worth your attention, for different reasons.

M4A4 | Neo-Noir 

Even if you’re not a big fan of comic drawings, you have to admit this skin really stands out against all others. We’re met with a figure of a young woman with a katana on her back and a pair of cyber-bracelets or some sort of futuristic handcuffs. The barrel and the stock are adorned with some future-shock motifs. Because the skin gets really badly worn-out in high floats, it’s Battle-Scarred and Well-Worn versions go quite cheap as for a Covert skin, yet a Factory-New StatTrak can be worth over $300.

MP7 | Bloodsport

What other word comes to mind but “flashy”? This thing is a hyper-active alternative to any monochrome, dull paint job. There’s so much happening here that it almost melts into a singular pattern. Those who are fond of such extravagance can but this skin for anything between $3 and $30.

USP-S | Cortex 

Black and silver case with a touch of gray and pink paint. Here we have a skeleton on the handle with his brain being splat out on the rest of the gun, forming the gun’s name on the silencer. Maybe it’s a silent tribute to all the pistol round headshots? It has a wide float range and still looks pretty good in the high float version. The cheapest Battle-Scarred can be bought for as low as $4, but the Factory New StatTrak version goes as high as $73.

AWP | Mortis 

In my humble opinion, it’s probably one of the prettiest Classified AWP skins ever released. It features an art-nouveau design with a majestic line-art horse skeleton and a looming death figure. With higher floats, the main picture loses its saturation, but the barrel, the stock and the scope scratch down from black to the base color. Non-StatTraks oscillate between $3 and $8, and StatTrak versions go over $28.

AUG | Stymphalian 

A skin for those who miss a bit of an antique touch in CSGO. It features a design inspired by ancient Greek vase paintings. As with most of the above examples, this one also looks still pretty convincing with Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred versions, as it’s only the barrel, the cartridge and some details that wear off. A Factory New one will earn its owner between $6 and $7, and a StatTrak version will wind it up to $28.

Where can you get CSGO Clutch cases?

If you are a frequent CSGO player, you’ll probably encounter one after some time, as they are still dropping after matches and during leveling up. However, if you don’t want to wait for it, you can refer to Steam Community Market and find an offer to get one, as of now they should cost around $0.04. You then also need a Clutch case key, which you will more likely need to buy from the CSGO lobby, as they are no longer released to the market. 

How to buy and sell CSGO Clutch Skins

As it is with everything, it’s easier to buy than to sell. If you’re after Clutch case CSGO skins, it’s enough to go on Steam Community Worker and find an offer that suits you. In case you’re into some more bargain hunting, you could also hit the third-party marketplaces. Skinwallet Market provides an easy-to-browse skin catalogue that is held fast by a transparent safety procedure.

When selling, it’s more advisable to use some sort of an external service – selling on Steam will only charge your Steam Wallet, which you’re not able to cash out afterwards. If you don’t want to find your way around third-party marketplaces, you can always sell on Skinwallet, where it’s enough to log in, configure your Steam Trade URL, deposit and get that cash back through Paypal.

What’s the catch of Clutch Cases?

As mentioned above, the main drive behind the Clutch skins CSGO offered with this update were the gloves and they made the case so popular. Even so, it’s not like the weapon skins in the case are non-existent. For picky collectors, there are at least three gems within it, including the ultra-likable M4A4 | Neo-Noir. For those who don’t care too much, it’s full of good-looking skins which can be both easily dropped and bought cheaply if so desired.


Clutch Case skins CSGO throws your way are as worthy as it gets. Even if your main goal of opening CSGO Clutch cases is to get some sweet gloves, the other weapon skins that drop from it are good compensation, especially if you find something less common. Let us know in the comments if there’s a skin you specifically like from that collection!