CS:GO Bot Trading Sites – Everything that you need to know

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The economy of the world’s most popular competitive shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is vast and provides players with a wide range of opportunities. The concept behind how the CSGO economy works is quite simple. Operating much like a stock market, it enables users to negotiate prices and trade their skins, knives and other in-game items with other users or trade bots. CSGO skins trading has become quite a profitable business during the last few years. So, if you are looking for investment opportunities, it is a good idea to have a closer look at two main techniques of CSGO skin trading.

On the one hand, you can trade manually with other players at the official CSGO Steam Market or try to sell your CSGO skins via privately owned marketplaces, which enable you to cashout in actual cash. On the other hand, being fully-automated, the CSGO trade bot approach enables the trader to conduct a big number of transactions extremely quickly and efficiently. We have distinguished several reliable and well-established CSGO bot trading sites. However, before naming them it needs to be mentioned that a CSGO bot trading site is a new notion in the CSGO economy. It is a synonym for previously known CSGO trading platforms that implement bot in trading operations. It defines a trade with a bot rather than a real human. 

What are CSGO bots?

Today it is difficult to image CSGO digital economy without trading bots, as the vast majority of marketplaces as well as CSGO bot trading sites rely on them. In brief, a bot is a program that is designed to perform repeated actions. To understand why bots are so crucial for skin trading we would like to compare their role with the role of fuel in a car engine. The same way the engine gets out mechanical energy from the fuel to make the car drive as fast as it can, CSGO trade bot places buy or sell orders on your behalf, depending on the interpretation of market data, and boosts transactions efficiency for over a dozen times more than the manual trading.

Each trade bot proceeds the transactions from its own Steam account. Normally, it proposes you a price, which is based on the fluctuations in market conjuncture. It mean that the bot goes by automated averages which is good in a specific way. For example, you can buy a horribly patterned item for the minimum price and sell it for the average to the trading bot. You can also quickly trade a bunch of useless guns and knives for more decent and expensive weapons and, as a result, to get items at a price lower than in the official Steam marketplace. What is more, trading bots never sleep and always ready for a deal. 

Despite numerous advantages, this fully automated way to trade CSGO skins has also its minuses. A trade bot will never accept an offer when the total value of your items is lower than bot’s, as it always trades for its favor. What is more, you cannot haggle over the price with it. Unfortunately, trade bots are also the most vulnerable part of the trading system and are regularly targeted by numerous scammers. The trust level of CSGO trading sites depends on the number of users they have, who owns the site, and where those owners are located. Below you can find detailed instructions on how to employ your own CSGO trade bot.

How do the trade bots work?

The best CSGO skin trading bot sites have user-friendly interfaces and are quite easy to navigate. The user just needs to log in via his or her Steam account, to set Steam Trade URL and to select a set of skins to trade with a bot from the inventory. Then, the buyer has to choose the skins from the bot’s inventory, accept the trade offer via Steam, which will appear in a new window. The transaction is finalized! The biggest part of CSGO trading bot sites allows to simultaneously trade with more than one bot.  For example, if you want to buy three items from three different bots, you need to accept three Steam trade offers.

However, experienced players, as well as newcomers, should follow some basic safety rules to prevent from getting scammed and keep their skins safe. Before starting the trade you should always check the URL in order to be sure that you are on a real CSGO trading bot site. Moreover, we do not recommend you to install any unknown Steam or CSGO related extensions, because they can gather all the required information from your Steam account to execute the scam. In our opinion, the trust level of CSGO trading sites depends on users number they have, who owns the site, and where those owners are located. 

Even the best CSGO bot trading sites set up commission fee and cashout threshold. Normally, the commission fee is from 5 to 10 percent; however, it can also depend on the trade value. Be also ready to pay an additional price for the cashout threshold. It might be higher or lower depending on the payment method (e.g. Paypal, Bitcoin, BitPay etc.) you choose.  

Guide to Trading CSGO Bots

If you seriously think about starting a lucrative CSGO skin trading business, the employment of your own trade bot could be the best option to achieve this goal. Correctly specified bots can not only save you from monotonous work but also perform the responsibilities of both Marketing as well as Accounting Departments. All bots make their decisions based on an analysis of market data. They analyze such parameters as price, volume, time and orders. Moreover, they are helpful in bookkeeping a big volume of transactions and dealing with tricky money affairs. 

However, to perform all these duties the trade bot should have predefined characteristic features. To establish them you should have considerable programming knowledge and proper facilities. As an owner, you must think of your bots’ constant features’ updates. Do not forget about possibility of reaching a wider audience with committed CSGO mobile trade bots. There are some software houses that are specialized in the creation of CSGO trade bots. But it seems to be quite costly. In general, to manage a trade bot network can cost you a fortune, so think carefully if you really need to set up it.

CSGO Trading Bots vs Regular Trading

We would like to present the major differences between using CSGO skin trading bot sites and regular trading sites:

CSGO regular trading sites:

  • all offers are listed by other players;  
  • provide a possibility to report and pursue scam attempts only if you are a regular user.
  • it is a bad method for selling big volumes of in-game items.

CSGO bot trading sites:

  • all offers are listed by trading bots; you can’t bargain with them or make your own offer.
  • you can trade 24/7; it makes the trade immediately.
  • multitrading is available; it means that you can trade simultaneously with more than one bot. 
  • bots that belong to third-party websites could be banned by Valve, the sole owner of the Steam Community Market.
  • can be targeted by numerous scammers; so, when you log into CSGO related websites, always check the URL of the website you are on.


In this article, we define the main peculiarities of CSGO bot trading sites, explain how to start trading with a bot and what you should bear in mind if you are going to implement your own trade bot or even a network of bots. We also distinguished how best bot trading sites CSGO  are different from regular trading sites. To sum up, bot trading is the most advanced way of CSGO trading. The demand for CSGO trading bot sites is huge and continues to grow.