Fine Feathers Make Fine Bird: All about CS:GO Avatar

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Your Avatar is your business card in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive world. You choose a little square picture that best represents you, and at the same time, you send a message to the world. Your CSGO Avatar may be a friendly invitation or a warning sign for fellow players. Spending long hours in-game you may want to express your character, or even manifest your origin and believes. A good avatar helps to get the message across.

CSGO Avatar – In-Depth 2019

Avatar in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is nothing but a picture located next to the player’s nickname. Since it is visible to other players, a profile picture is a ‘trademark’ of the player. You may find a ready-made avatar on the Internet, use one of your photos, or, if you have some graphic skills, create a cool avatar by yourself. What your avatar should portray depends on your preferences. To protect your privacy online you should not be using an actual photo of yourself. Usually, gamers decide for some fictional character or even an object which represents their interests – for example, a favourite movie hero, a fancy character from anime, cartoon or a game. Very popular avatars among CSGO players are pictures of their favourite team. It is a great feeling to use a Steam avatar CSGO community recognizes and everyone fancies.

How do you change CSGO avatar?

An Avatar boosts creativity and helps to identify with your player. You should however always remember that Steam Avatar is shown everywhere in the Steam Community where you are active. Thus, one should never set up an avatar that could offend someone’s feelings. It is worth mentioning that the avatar picture can be changed at any time and a new one can be created in a few easy steps. First, on your Profile page, click the Edit Profile button. Next, scroll down to the Avatar section, and pick the image you want to use. You can upload the image from your computer disc. Pay close attention to the right size of the image and then click Upload.

Which are the best CSGO avatar makers?

Some people are creative and skilful enough to make a really cool avatar for CSGO themselves. Some are kind enough to share their art with Steam Community enabling people to download the graphics and use as their profile pictures. Luckily, you don’t have to be such a talented artist yourself. The net has plenty of good sites with really great CSGO avatar templates. Most of them allow to customize, download and use created avatars free of charge. In a gallery, you should search for 184 x 184 px size avatars. You may use a very simple site like, if you already have basic image picture saved on your computer and you just want to edit it nicely. A more fancy and user-friendly tool is, it gives an option to create a face from scratch. Quite fun, and still easy-peasy. Very nice anime templates you may find on site. If you want a nice sticker from some Major to put in the background for your picture you can try an avatar maker at site.

Can you make avatars on your PC?

For more complex avatar making experience, you may use tools you install on your PC. I would recommend to look for a nice CSGO avatar template online ( you will find plenty on Steam) and adjust it using Photoshop and your very imagination. Photoshop is one of the most popular image editing software. Another highly recommended tool is GIMP, more user-friendly, with free filters and plugins. This can actually be more fun since there are many great image-editing tools out there, and the sky is the limit for creative people. Of course, you should keep in mind that the file you are going to upload has to be smaller than 1024kb, and it will be automatically resized to a square 184, 64, and 32 pixels.

Can you find and use pros avatars?

You should have no problems finding pro players and team- inspired avatars online. Steam Community is eager to share guides and templates. According to Steam policy, you can upload any image as long as it is not offensive or prohibited in the Steam Online Conduct rules. One of the conduct rules prohibits players from making avatars using the intellectual property of others. When in 2015, a pro-player Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom introduced on Twitter his brand new avatar the Community got a bit crazy and everyone wanted to have the same avatar and share profile picture with their favourite player. In no time, his avatar picture went viral and ” scream csgo avatar “ was in the top searched phrases at that time. Steam gives users a lot of freedom, yet you may still get banned from the Community for copyright infringement or showing inappropriate avatar.


A customized avatar in CSGO adds an extra flavour to the game experience. However, even the coolest avatar on Earth doesn’t help to get higher rank in-game. A bunch of fierce skins and killer skills speak for themselves. So keep your CSGO avatar cool, and your inventory even cooler!