CS:GO Skins Under 50 Cents – A Closer Look

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50 euro cents coin

What can you get for 50 cents? If you’re into candy, a pack of bubble gum, the legendary jawbreaker or some interesting piece of candy. You can send a postcard, or, depending on the city you are living it, but a parking lot ticket. You can also get a considerable number of CGO skins under 50 cents. Skins under 50 cents are the best when you have some leftovers in your Steam Wallet and you want to use it up, or when you want to go for Trade Up contracts and you lack some items. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at skins under 50 cents CSGO has to offer to its gamers. I chose five skins under 50 cents that are also interesting in one way or another, so they are either worth every cent, are well designed or special in some way. Enjoy!

MAC-10 | Oceanic

mac-10 oceanic csgo skin

The first from the “under 50 cents CSGO skins” category is MAC-10 | Oceanic. A simple gun with a simple design. Its body is comprised of a black base coating with some vivid blue accents on top. All in all, it gives this SMG a very refreshing and fun feeling. Practically all normal versions of this skin can be bought for $0.10up to $0.20. Moreover, some of the StatTrak versions in lower wear levels can also be bought for less than 50 cents. 

G3SG1 | Jungle Dashed

g3sg1 jungle dash csgo skin

One of the oldest skins in CSGO, and one of the more interesting from the “military mesh on default base” category. It was introduced to CSGO in 2013 as a part of The Lake Collection. The design is really simple – tape the gun with some short pieces of tape and spray it over in different shades of green. When it comes to price, it is dirt cheap and can be bought well under 50 cents. Well, except souvenir versions, of which Factory New can reach even $200 or more. 

StatTrak™ Nova | Exo

nova exo csgo skin

This is another example of under 50 cents CSGO skins equipped with StatTrak. Nova | Exo is a real beauty: silver plates set over purple and pink symmetrical patterns. As mentioned, the StatTrak version of this skin can be grabbed for 50 cents or less, however, it depends on the exterior quality as the Factory New and Minimal Wear tend to go over the 50 cents mark. 

StatTrak™ P2000 | Pulse

p2000 pulse csgo skin

Another StatTrak of the skins under 50 cents, and probably my favorite skin from this list. P2000 | Pulse rocks a black base with greenish geometrical fragments overlayed on top of the base. It looks like it would fall from a very high place and shatter but still be held together. The normal version never really goes for more than 50 cents. StatTrak Field-Tested can also be grabbed for around 50 cents. 

SG 553 | Army Sheen (Field-Tested)

sg 553 armee sheen csgo skins

My favorite most disliked skin. A camouflage green pattern foil and that ridiculous gilded foresight and barrel make this skin a really bizarre and quite ugly piece. It can be grabbed for much less than 50 cents. 

Where can you get CSGO skins under 50 cents?

As most under 50 cents CSGO skins are from Common and Industrial grades, they can easily be dropped as random drops after a game of CSGO. Moreover, when it comes to the Military (blue) grade skins, they are the most common drop from any case, however, you don’t really want to get skins under 50 cents when opening cases with keys valued around $2,5, right? Thus, they are mostly treated as a byproduct of the case opening. If you have a particular skin you wish to possess, it maybe better to just but it rather than depend on Lady Luck. 

Buying and selling CSGO skins under 50 cents

If you have a particular list of best CSGO skins under 50 cents that you want to get no matter what, it will be best to just buy them. In that respect, you have two main ways to purchase them.

The first is to utilize the Steam Community Market. The access will be straightforward, but you will have to pay more than at any other market plus a 15% transaction fee for any CSGO related item. On the other hand, the third-party markets unaffiliated with Valve have lower prices. For instance, see Skinwallet Market’s catalogue of items under 50 cents and see how much you can shave off the already low-cut hedge.

When it comes to selling best skins under 50 cents CSGO has to offer, there’s no one best way. It all depends on what you want to achieve and what you pay attention to the most. 

If you want to be secure go for the Steam Community Market. The prices are also the highest there, however, please remember that you won’t be able to pay out your money. You can only buy new skins, Steam games or card packs. Third-party markets allow you to pay out your money with a wide range of payment systems, but the trading may take a while, plus listing many items can be tedious. If you want to do it fast and for real money, try Skinwallet. If you’re satisfied with the price, the skins will be bought from you, no questions asked, for real money in less than 5 minutes. 

Which CSGO skins under 50 cents should you consider obtaining?

In short, any skins under 50 cents that you like. The price is low enough that there is really no reason to stop yourself. Other than that, if you want to play in Trade Ups, I guess it would be beneficial to buy the cheapest skins possible, just to fill the numbers quota. After all, there are there for a reason, eh? If you’re thinking about possible investment opportunities, there aren’t that many at that price range.