An In-Depth Guide to Chroma 3 Case CS:GO Skins

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pistol without magazine and a single bullet

There are three main types of containers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: weapon cases, sticker capsules, and packages. When opened, containers provide a player with a randomly selected cosmetic item. The general rule is that those skins of higher rarity have a smaller chance to appear. CSGO skin cases are the main source of CSGO skins, that is how they establish the value of the skins and shape the CSGO  economy in general.

The mechanism behind weapon cases is pretty simple. A player has a chance to get a weapon case after a finished game. Provided, of course, that the game is played on a VAC secured server. In order to open a case, a player needs matching key which they can obtain in-game or buy on Steam Market. Since there is no option to check what is inside, the case unboxing is very exciting, resembling a lottery or other kind of gambling. A probability of items received can be calculated using a special set of rules. For example, an item with a StatTrak variant has a 1/10 chance of coming with one.

Csgo Chroma 3 Skins – In-Depth 2019

As we all know, there are three types of weapon cases  Black, eSport and Yellow. Black cases are those containing items created by Valve. Esport cases hold Valve created skins but also some money spent on them goes to support CSGO gaming events. In contrast, Yellow cases shall contain skins designed by Steam Community. All types of cases require a matching CSGO Case Key. Today we will focus on Chroma 3 case and take a look at some great CSGO Chroma 3 case skins. The case has been introduced in the April 27, 2016 update and it features community-designed weapons.

M4A1-S | Chantico’s Fire

m4a1s chanticos fire csgo skin

Let us start with this fancy beauty. Chantico’s Fire is a flashy and vibrant hand-painted weapon. The ornaments are yellowish &reddish with golden finishes. I am not entirely sure if such cheerful colors go well with a heavy rifle, yet this one looks really awesome. It is the most expensive one of the bunch. The normal version costs between 30$- 80$, while for StatTrak version ( factory New) you would have to pay 250$-500$.

PP-Bizon | Judgement of Anubis

pp-bizon judgement of anubis csgo skin

This one is often called a headliner for CSGO Chroma 3 skins. Golden finishing and pattern in an Egyptian theme make it look really cool. Though most players fancy the design, they dislike the fact it is a PP-Bizon gun.  Some say it is a shame that such a unique design was released for this kind of weapon. Players often grumble about using this low-damage gun and would like to see an upgrade of Bizon SMG skin done by Valve shortly. Pricewise, it is 7-12$ for the normal version, and 56$ for StatTrak equipped version.

P250 | Asiimov

p250 asiimov csgo skin

Semi-automatic and low-recoil pistol. Asimov-style finish features sci-fi inspired black, white and orange design. The Asimov collection of different class weapons is a tribute to sci-fi literature, movies, and games. The name of the collection is inspired by an American biochemistry professor and great writer Isaac Asimov.  Minimal Wear P250 | Asiimov costs around 20$, StatTrak version is worth around 100$.

AUG | Fleet Flock

aug fleet flock csgo skin

A really powerful and beautiful weapon. Being an AUG  it has good accuracy and quite a strong recoil. Despite being quite heavy and having long reload time AUG is very popular among fresh players. As the name suggests, the pattern shows the hydrographic of birds flying through clouds. When it comes to coloring, it is kept is greyish tones with green and blue elements. In my opinion, it is the most classy and neat skin among all Chroma 3 CSGO skins. The regular Factory New version can be obtained for 18$. The Fancy StatTrack variant will cost you around 80$.

UMP-45 | Primal Saber

ump45 primal saber

The last one item in our brief rundown of the CSGO new Chroma 3 skins. This UMP-45 is a powerful submachine gun, appreciated by many players and often called a deadly force. It has high damage potential, good accuracy, and reasonable price. The only flaw is its small magazine. Artwise, it is a pretty dark and bold masterpiece. It has a black base with a sabertooth tiger skull painted. A nice standard version of UMP-45 | Primal Saber is not an expensive weapon. Factory New item costs around 7$. The StatTrack version is currently worth between 30-45$.

Where can you get Chroma 3 skins?

Depending on how much money you have, and what type of player you are, you may obtain CSGO skins Chroma 3 in one of three ways. Like any other, Chroma 3 skins can be received in CSGO after winning the match. The chance, however, of dropping this one in a game is very slim. The second option is to buy the case on the Steam marketplace or directly trade with another community member. If you decide to buy a case, instead of buying a particular skin, you will also need to obtain a matching key. Obviously, this will increase the price you have to pay to lay your hands on the desired weapon. The easiest and the most reasonable way is to buy a particular Chroma 3 skin at the Steam Community Market or at third-party services. Some players disliked a random drop so much that they do not buy cases anymore. They would tell you that you should always buy what you want straight from the market.

Buying and selling Chroma 3 skins

If you are interested in buying a nice Chroma 3 skin you have few options. There is plenty of different  M4A1-S | Chantico’s Fire or PP-Bizon | Judgement of Anubis offers available at the Community Market. Alternatively, you may also check Chroma 3 skins CSGO listings on third-party markets. It’s important to be cautious, and not to accept tempting trade offers coming from unknown and suspicious bots. With Skinwallet Market, our own offering among third-party markets, the security procedure keeps you all safe and sound looking for your favorite skins to buy, so read the guidelines and browse freely!

Whether you have tones of duplicates, or it is just time for inventory spring cleaning, you may at some point need to sell your Chroma 3 skins. You can obviously sell your skins at the Steam Community Market, you can also sell it on the third-party markets. Many prefer the latter over the former. Although the prices on the Steam Community Market are the highest, all money you earn that way stays in the Steam Wallet of your account. This means you cannot pay it out in any way. Third-party market services, on the other hand, offer lower prices but the cash is available outside the Steam ecosystem. The best choice is to find a reliable and safe service where you can sell your items for the highest price and receive real money. Skinwallet mission is to ensure safe trade for the best price possible. Moreover, our service offers an instant payout to your PayPal account. You can literally accomplish a transaction at Skinwallet in less than 3 minutes.

Why are Chroma 3 skins so popular?

Chroma 3 case may not be the best case of all time, yet its skins are definitely very popular and appreciated by the community. Back in 2016, the price of new skins ranged from 2$ to 483 $ as the weapons were fresh and there were only a few of them available. Currently, prices are starting at 0,03 $ per case and 2,69 $ per case key.


In this article, we thoroughly discussed five out of seventeen new skins featured in CSGO Chroma 3 cases introduced in 2016. Altogether items made a pretty decent load-out, of rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs, handguns, shotguns, and LMGS.  Many of them are still liked and eagerly used in-game. The great Steam Community has already proven they know how to appreciate the unique design and real artwork.