Ancient, Havoc, and Control Collections from Operation Broken Fang

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It’s not hard to get an impression that Valve wants the CS:GO community to associate the appearance of any new Operation with a truckload of new skins on the market. Operation Broken Fang is overall a fat cake, but the new droppable skins are the most delicious icing. These can be found grouped into three collections of a starkly contrasted Control, a very fierce and diversified Havoc and a consistent Ancient grounded in the main theme of the update. 

While we’ve already looked at the Broken Fang Case skins, today we’re all about the rarest skins in the aforementioned collections. We’ll see how you can get them and how they function on the market at that point. Read on!

How to get the Broken Fang Collections skins?

Operation Broken Fang makes the players get the skins a little bit differently than the during the last operation. This time the stars not only level your operation badge, but also function as a currency you can spend in the operation shop. Two stars can get you a random skin from a chosen collection, which is nice, because it takes two short objectives to get that many stars.

If you can’t or don’t want to fulfill operation missions, a lot of other players already did, so a lot of Broken Fang skins are already listed on the Steam Community Market. If you’re after a certain skin from the plethora of new items, you can just go and buy it, although you need to be careful, because prices are still unstable.

Best Operation Broken Fang Skins

Here are the rarest (and, by this, potentially the most expensive) skins, that Operation Broken Fang collections present to the players. The focus of this list are the Covert and Classified skins, as they’re the most representative of the bunch.

CSGO Ancient Collection

M4A1-S | Welcome to the Jungle

You learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play… Looks like the rank patches are not the only rock-inspired content in this season update. This skin’s design is a fiery-and-bluish jungle growth with a crawling bright, smooth snake. It’s really cool that beside the main motif laid on the gun’s surface, there’s a lot of highlights and details – just look at that line and icons on the silencer! 

AK-47 | Panthera onca

This has been said too many times already, but let’s say it again – this is a redemption of  AK-47 | Jaguar. The idea is the same in both guns, but here it’s just executed a million times better. The color choice is much more vibrant, the metal patches are fine, the ornamented wooden elements look more realistic than some lame laminate and the cat… looks like a cat, finally. I presume it’s a Classified skin not to push the envelope with Jaguar being Covert.

CSGO Control Collection

AWP | Fade

Is this a skin dream come true? The big, free surface on the AWP’s body provides a lot of space for Fade patterns to manifest. This skin is exceedingly rare – Steam Community Market has only a couple of those listed at that point, but I guess once someone gets it, they might not be so eager to sell it. Our team is really curious to see if AWP | Fade and its variants dethrone the rifle’s legendary skins like Dragon Lore or Gungnir.

M4A1-S | Blue Phosphor

Following a similar path like the Fade skins, Blue Phosphor goes slightly more monochrome, having a randomized, thin rainbow veil over a deep metallic blue surface. Does it work well with M4A1-S? It’s a matter of what you like personally. For sure, the glowing patterns will find their fanbase soon. Quite a lot of those have been found already, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a detailed classification of variants in the likes of Case Hardened skins formed for this one soon.

CSGO Havoc Collection

AK-47 | X-Ray

A very late reply to M4A4 | X-Ray – and let me say a better one at that. The reddish hue maybe reminds a real Roentgen photo to a lesser extent, but it fits a rifle design much better. The browns and oranges make it really look adequately agressive for its collection’s main theme. Still it’s probably worth it’s growing hype only in the top wear levels. The ones with a high float have very little of the original design left, so their value is more a value of a collectible item.

AWP | Silk Tiger

Last but not least, a more lighthearted skin.The tiger motif burnt into a teal-ish, ocean-ish background on one hand fulfills the collections wildcat chorus, on the other fits more easy-going loadouts like those grounded in St. Marc Collection skins because of its color palette and design. One takeaway – in most wear levels, this skin is also heavily worn down.

Can you buy Havoc, Ancient and Control skins?

Yeah, but think it through. Sure, there are some already on the market. If you have these couple of hundreds of bucks to spend, that’s great, but maybe it’s more profitable to try and do the operation missions first? If you have no other options left, you’re better off waiting a little longer before shopping, so that more of those skins appear on the market with the operation going on. Bigger volume will surely lower the prices.

Selling skins dropped in Broken Fang

If you manage to drop a Broken Fang skin, don’t get all riled up and put it up for sale immediately. Some of the high-end prices might make you hopeful, but the truth is that the maxxed-out price tags don’t get the skins sold on the go. If you don’t really care that much for getting most of your skin, you can list it on the market – maybe someone passionate enough will actually buy it… but just maybe.

What’s so cool about Broken Fang skin collections?

While the Broken Fang Case skins are a treat when it comes to community-made skins, with several wonderful examples of both humor and artistry, the non-case collections are much more focused on their themes. Because of the industry grade skins, they are often doomed to be the equipment fillers, but this time around a lot of the common skins are actually worth their while!

Summing up the Collections

These rare Broken fang skins are just a tip of the iceberg of what awaits you in the new collections! GIve it a go, spend those stars and maybe you’ll come around a skin that you really enjoy, no matter the rarity and the price tag – there are so many of them, and some that honestly look better than their quality promises.

That’s it for now. Are there any skins in Havoc, Control and Ancient collections that particularly caught your attention? Do you think any of them should be more hyped? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, happy hunting!