The Best CSGO Marketplaces in 2020 – A Complete Guide

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Skins trading became something like a second, separate reality for CS:GO players. The thrill of dropping and looting rare items to be able to later sell them with profit on the market surely keeps the blood pumping. Although the motherlode of CSGO, Steam, provides a module for trading skins between users and selling them for their Steam Wallet funds, it surely leaves a lot to be desired. Thanks to third-party service providers, there are more than several external marketplaces that expand upon the possibilities of core mechanics.

Join us for a little while and learn about the best CSGO marketplaces, their traits and ways in which you can improve your CSGO skin trading while using them.

What are CSGO Marketplaces?

To say it briefly, CSGO marketplaces are third-party market service providers that utilize the trading mechanics of the Steam Community Market, but expand upon it by adding additional data preview, facilitating trade with automated trade bots, introducing loyalty programs and many more. A good example of their accessibility is displaying wear level and float with both visual representation and a decimal scale, which has been unrepresented in Steam item descriptions for years.

Best Online Marketplaces for buying CSGO skins

We’ve prepared a list of several third party services that are considered the  best CSGO marketplaces online. Each of the descriptions is an attempt at briefly pointing out their strongest feats.


Life’s always tough for the new kids on the block. Dmarket had a rough start, probably trying to take on more than it could bear. Some negative opinions still linger about their support desk straight-forward ignoring messages for weeks. However, it looks like these times are long gone and Dmarket went miles on to improve their service, now being one of the most stable markets in the game. What differs it most from others is that it is a blockchain project, allowing it a range of actions unburdened by centralised infrastructure. It also made hackers hopeful for a grand heist, but Dmarket stood the test of time and can now boast its place among the best CSGO marketplaces online.


For one reason or another, SkinBaron boasts a very good reputation amongst CSGO players. One thing that might turn you off is the load time – the sheer volume of items they process is squeezing the last juices out of the servers, but it’s apparently worth the wait.
If we’re to believe SkinBaron’s recent Reddit post, the market enters into a new stage of development to alleviate all performance issues. This might mean a surge in uses in the nearest future. Also, their constant communication on discussion boards is something to look up to.


The great revenant of the list. For a time, BitSkins was a place to go to check the overall third-party CSGO marketplaces prices. After a crisis last year and changing their ownership, they’ve made a lot of functional improvements, for example going back to cryptocurrency integration. Additionally, BitSkins changed its policy when it comes to trade limitations, backing it up with a strict anti-scam and security policy. In their own words posted in website’s FAQ, they “don’t take bans lightly”, and that “Steam, with which is not affiliated, provides an ecosystem that is valuable to alot (sic!) of people; we will do our best to safeguard its users’ interests”. These are big words and kudos to them for such a statement in times of omnipresent frauds.


Sometimes doing things extremely well and consistently is enough to make it to the top list of best online CSGO marketplaces. Skinbay has garnered a great user base by the merit of its fast and reactive support and a very transparent and easily-operable interface. When it first entered the market, it’s %5 fees were something dreamlike for the sellers who got used to 15% or even 20% of their payout being scraped by the operator. It also helps that a lot of popular YouTubers joined the affiliate system and promote Skinbay’s services.

How does Skinwallet Market compare to those?

Don’t think that we’ll throw ourselves to the pit with others. Our marketplace service has been constructed with the will to facilitate skin trade to users worldwide and to do it our own way, proposing an alternative to existing solutions. Following the advice of the greats, we go for compliment, not for competition, so head on to Skinwallet Market and see it all for yourself!

Good practices in CSGO Marketplaces

Supposedly, every agile skin trader will have a different know-how to follow when trading on CSGO marketplaces, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are several general tips you can keep in mind to make your trading experience safer.

Firstly, when you land on a new page with a marketplace you’re just about to discover, check if they’re a secure website, i.e. if they have an SSL certificate. You can do it easily by inspecting the security icon next to the page’s address in your browser. The next thing is seeing if the marketplace is legitimately synchronized with Steam. It will surely require you to log in with your Steam account, as it’s the content of your account that will be traded off, but make sure that you log in through Steam’s embedded login widget. If the page is asking you to type in your Steam account name and Steam password – it’s phoney. Lastly, looking up prices on various CSGO marketplaces will give you a perspective on how much can you ask for an item depending on the circumstances, so don’t put all your juice into one place.

How to avoid scams at CSGO Marketplaces

There’s no shortage of people trying to use any loopholes in market systems to try and gain from regular user’s loss. Usually, when you notice you’ve fallen prey to a scammer, it’s too late to counteract. However, there are certain safety measures you can take up to limit the possibility of being scammed while using CSGO marketplaces. The most important thing is to stick to the procedure. If a given market is telling you to perform in a certain way and check the details of the transactions, it’s not a folly, it’s for your safety. Following the trodden path will keep you safe from anything jumping at you from behind the bush. In our recent post, our readers were presented with several popular scam scenarios that might happen on CSGO Marketplaces – it’s strongly recommended that you read it.


There are many third-party websites that offer some service of making CSGO skin trading easier for profit-hungry users, but only the most efficient ones stay around long enough to be named the cest CSGO online marketplaces. The examples above have shown how different they can be in terms of focus or specificity. With proper attitude and safety guidelines in mind, one can venture into the world of CSGO skin trade and use the available services to one’s own benefit.