Best Looking Cheap CSGO Skins in 2019

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pistol and cartriges

It’s safe to say that skins make all the difference in CSGO. While the big buzz always lies in the rarest, top-notch skins which barely ever drop from cases and end up costing gajillion of dollars even for the highest float versions. Of course, the game is still a game without the glamour of custom builds, but the hype is great. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you need to spend months and years on drop cycles and sell your body parts to get something beyond the generic, default weapon look.

It is a fact that not only the most expensive skins get popular. Sometimes the look on an averagely priced, common skin is so cool that it gets its veneer in spite of being a cheap counterpart. After all, it’s all about the visual aspect, so the usability of a skin is not inherently bound with its price.

In CSGO best looking cheap skins are also, obviously, cheap to get. They either drop during regular gameplay or can be bought for pennies on item markets. But, there’s still quite a lot of them in comparison to a handful of exalted Covert rarities.

What are the best looking cheap skins in CSGO?

Below we have some evidence that affordable can still mean cool. Let’s look at the imagery and the prices of best looking cheap CSGO skins. 

M4A1-S | Boreal Forest

m4a1s boreal forest csgo skin

There might be two reasons behind the popularity of this skin. First, it’s has a camo finish in the same style which is available for knives. So, for the lucky ones who got their hands on such a knife, it’s a nice stylistic supplement. Another thing is, it’s a cheap M4A4 replacement. Its prices range from $0.10 to $1.70 in non-Souvenir versions. 

P250 | Supernova

p250 supernova csgo skin

When you wish upon a star… take a dollar and make it happen. This skin is favored in its Well-Worn wear giving this cosmic design a mean appearance. It’s ultra-affordable – the most expensive option is a Factory New StatTrak for circa $3.

MAC-10 | Surfwood

mac 10 surfwood csgo skin

This is, in my humble opinion, one of the best looking CSGO skins for cheap. The green hue still keeps it in a military feel, yet it’s bright and slick, providing an easy refresh to the gray-and-black palette of SMGs. Get it while Operation Shattered Web lasts – Factory New version costs only $0.12… for now.

Five-SeveN | Urban Hazard

five-seven urban hazard csgo skin

Dark camo is for the urban, red barrel cover is for hazard. Probably one of the most elegant pistols beyond the Covert-and-Restricted field. You can get one for a price between $0.38 and $2.02.

MP7 | Urban Hazard

mp7 urban hazard csgo skin

The less elegant, but a more dynamic sibling of the former Urban Hazard skin. This time the accents are orange, but the look is still delightful. It’s even more affordable, as a Factory New StatTrak MP7 of that kind is only $0.65.

AK-47 | Jungle Spray

ak47 jungle spray csgo skin

Coming from the Aztec collection, this is the ultimate weapon for blending in with the green environment. While the Factory New wear looks a bit odd, the high-float versions remind you that it’s a weapon, not a toy. The cheapest you can get one is $2.62.

SSG 08 | Red Stone

ssg 08 red stone csgo skin

If you like the modest look of the legendary Scout, but want to see a small refresh of the hue, look for this newly introduced skin. The dark red body doesn’t set off the design. A factory new Red Stone is just $0.95.

How to get best looking cheap CSGO skins?

The good thing about best looking cheap skins in CSGO is their massive availability. One could say they are all over the place. There are also more of them than the rare skins. While you play matches on official CSGO servers, in time you will drop skins and weapon cases, which will supply you with all kinds of skins. The only downside here is that you need keys to open cases, and a key is more expensive than the majority of skins that will drop from it.

But that’s not the end of the story.  You can always refer to both Steam Community Market and third-party marketplaces to buy the skins you specifically want, with the former being a quicker way in this case specifically. 

What makes cheap skins popular?

If I had to define the “x” factor behind the popularity of cheap skins, I’d say they provide a change for a small toll. Not everyone plays passionately, let alone doing it for a living as some pro gamers do. It’s just nice that you can customize your play just a little bit with simple solutions. Completing your set of cheap skins will not cost more than a craft beer would, so you can spare yourself one and make a game this much more interesting.

Trade with the best cheap CSGO skins

Third-party services might not always sell best looking CSGO skins cheap and in big volume, but some catalogues, like that of Skinwallet Market, offer a wide array of items on a budget. You can also browse selling offers on Steam Market. After all, it’s less expensive than buying keys for cases, plus you don’t need to wait for the desired skin to drop, you just choose what you want.

If you’re feeling a bit lucky, you can always use a trade-up contract to convert 10 weapons of a given grade and wear level into a random skin with the same wear level, but one grade higher. It is advised to use a unified wear level skins from one collection to get more predictable results. If you start mixing those up, the algorithm that chooses the resulting skin gets a bit messy. Some say it gives you a slight chance for a better trade-up, but usually it’s just disappointing. Once you get a better skin with a better price, you can always sell it on Steam or via Skinwallet with a better profit than just juggling with lots of cheap skins.

So what does it come down to?

As we’ve shown above, it is not only possible but also easy to get best looking cheap skins CSGO offers to its players. We’ve listed a couple of skins that may give you the idea what are the prices for the lower-shelf skins. You can always browse both Steam and third-party sites to find cheap skins you would like to use. It’s quite possible that some one-dollar skin will make your gameplay more enjoyable.