Presenting the Best G3SG1 Skins in 2022

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Presenting The Best G3SG1 Skins in CSGO

Ahhhh, the T-Side auto-sniper, ridiculed but powerful. Check out our overview of G3SG1 Skins!

Odds are you do what I did when writing the article and call it the GSG31, G31SG or any other combination of letters. If you love late-half trolling or simply don’t mind if somebody refers to you as an “autonoob”, you might be looking for some proper skins!

So today, we’re gonna take a look at the most tilting skins you can use to rile up your opponents in rapid-fire fashion!

The Best CSGO G3SG1 Skins

A little bit of a spoiler alert… For some reason, most good looking CSGO G3SG1 skins are blue, indigo and purplish. In fact, out of the five most expensive ones, two are blue and one is purple. We tried to sway away from filling the list with rather similar skins. There are some pretty nice representation across the color spectrum.


The most expensive skin for the GSG31. It has a psychedelic representation of watch mechanisms with beautiful blue, purple and gold accents. This representation of the Greek Titan of Time is an excellent example of a beautiful finish for an unpopular gun. Unfortunately, pretty rare, this weapon will cost you upwards of $115.

The Executioner

Perfect for any Mad Max fans out there, The Executioner is a real post-apocalyptic treat. Featuring a design any reaver would be proud of with its skeletal pattern. The red coat of paint clearly designed to represent blood. Its more worn versions won’t break the bank at around $2. The Minimal Wear StatTrak™ variant can net you around $200. 

Keeping Tabs

A fairly new addition to the list, G3SG1 | Keeping Tabs is a very mild futuristic skin. The hex pattern with the red wave coming upwards is a nod to the Danger Zone mode. Despite this callout it gives off a 90’s urban cyber-punk vibe because of the color choice. At the time of writing this, StatTrak Factory New Keeping Tabs is only around $1,33.

Orange Crash

Not to be confused with the R.E.M. song (please tell me it’s not too boomerish to mention that), the Orange Crash is a simple spray-paint design that will do a great job in any inventory themed around the color. Simple, cheap and effective. This is one of CSGO best G3SG1 skins when it comes to bang for the buck. Costs only around a dollar for a Factory New StatTrak™.


This Gunsmith finish is an interesting one. It’s designed around the idea of scavenging for replacement parts. It’s one of the few skins in CS:GO to actually tell a story. The description tells us that originally green, the weapon then became a hodgepodge of scavenged elements (hence the name!) including a warning sign and a Tomato can. One of the most inventive skins in CS:GO, this one is definitely worth a look for around $1 for a Factory New Variant.

Dream Glade

To double-proof the claim on the bluishness of G3 skins, here’s the latest auto-camper skin from the Dreams & Nightmares competition. The opalescent motif with sweet monsters is on one hand cute, on the other… How did it end up on a gun in a tactical shooter? Don’t get any wear level lower than Field-Tested, the lush forests doesn’t look so good on them.

Where can you sell G3SG1 skins?

Selling G3SG1 skins is a pretty easy process, but it also depends on the form you take. The easiest way is to use the Steam Marketplace, but remember, if you do so, you can only use the money on Steam and the platform will take a 10% cut off your items. If you want to buy a new game, this is a great way to get it, but if you want to get the most for your money, External Marketplaces may offer better skins in exchange for your autosniper. Finally, if you want to cash out for real money, you can use our website, Skinwallet to pay out to an ewallet of your choosing nearly instantly.

Another option is trading with other users interested in the skin. Remember to always trade for other skins, and if you’re trading for money, use a trusted middleman market site. While the skins will take longer to deliver, you will be sure that you’re not scammed. Never trade with another Steam user you don’t trust unless you’re offered exactly the skins you want in return, and never fall for offers of Steam Wallet codes or offers to use a third party that’s not a trusted website as a middleman. Read on how to avoid popular scams in our anti-scam article.

Where can you get CSGO G3SG1 skins?

As with any CS:GO skin, you have a chance of dropping one of these skins randomly after matches when you level up, however, getting the skin you’re aiming for is rather rare, given that most skins granted for level-ups are low-rarity. You can also get them by opening cases, but other than the StatTrak™ variant of the Executioner, none of the skins will make your money back, since the Chronos was an Operation Bloodhound skin that’s no longer available for looting.

That leaves you with buying them. Your best bet is to head to a site like SteamAnalyst and compare prices across multiple external marketplaces, as well as the Steam Marketplace. If you have some leftover Steam funds, you might be tempted to take a deal from their market, but if you need the best deal, an external marketplace is definitely your best bet – just look at the G3SG1 skins choice on Skinwallet Market!

Should you go full auto?

The auto sniper is a weapon you should use wisely. Buying it too early might start a storm that you won’t be able to stop throughout the game. It might be a good choice to buy to hold down Dust 2’s door in the last round. Pulling it out 3rd round might give your opponents a dangerous weapon, as well as an excuse to throw a few less-than-acceptable insults your way. However, if you’re an auto sniper connoisseur or simply want to complete your skin collection, these guns are a great way to do so.