How to AWP Quick Switch CSGO

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AWP Quick Switch CSGO

AWP quick switch is an artform mastered by almost any AWP maestro. From KennyS, to s1mple, every star awper awps the way they do because of the quickswitch. So, how do you become an AWP quickster? Well, it’s quite simple, but it also requires some good timing and CS:GO knowledge. Let’s start with the basics of the CS GO quick switch.

How to Set Up AWP Quick Switch Bind

The bind is easy to set up, and there are two ways to do it. One is to have it as a simple toggle to your last inventory slot (so whichever pistol, knife or grenade you’ve held before you took the awp) or a dedicated CSGO knife bind, which is when you need to double tap the bind to complete the process. It’s not as fast, but very useful if you’re in close quarters and need to pull out the weapon you’re looking for.

For that quick switch bind, you should go with

bind [key] “lastinv”

There are many ways to bind it, but we’d suggest one that can quickswitch you to either your knife, or your side-arm, whichever you’ve held right before you switch to your AWP. The CSGO switch weapon bind we’d suggest is:

bind [key] “use weapon_knife;slot1”

This will instantly switch back and forth between weapons, so you won’t be able to actually equip your knife/sidearm, but it will also let you switch back to the AWP faster. But, you must be wondering, why?

Why Use the CS GO AWP quick switch

The simple answer is, it makes your life easier when awping. The rather slow bolt animation also scopes you right back in, which isn’t usually optimal in a game as dynamic as CS:GO. If you press the quickswitch button right after firing, you’ll not only be able to fire again a split second faster, but also won’t have to zoom in.

So, if you’re in a big 1v3 clutch and you shoot one player, and you know that the other one will be coming from a completely different angle, it will be easier for you to switch your angle if you use either a manual quickswitch or a quick switch bind CSGO key.

Manual quickswitching is also very helpful in combat awping if you have a pistol set as your lastinv slot (so switch to it before switching to the AWP), it will allow you to quickly shoot anyone in close vicinity after firing your shot. This is also a very helpful method while scouting, since you’ll be able to kill off any player that you damage.

Best Way to Set Up CSGO Quickswitch Bind

Alright, now that you know this, be sure to set up your bind on the right button. Most players use it on Q, since it’s close to your WSAD and can be easily accessed while shooting. Personally, I prefer a manual CS GO quick switch bind on my mouse’s side button. It really makes it easy and natural to switch away after every shot.

And finally, to set it up properly, be sure to enter it into your autoexec file. That way, you’ll be able to quickswitch your way into AWPing godhood in no time.

So, if you’re ready to take that next step into the Sniper’s next and become an AWP Quickswitching Quicksilver, follow this guide for quickswitch bind CSGO setup, and you’ll be clutching out rounds with the Big Green in no time.