Everything You Should Know About CS:GO USPS Skins in 2019

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Four CSGO USPS - Cortext, Caiman, Orion and Neo-Noir

Every game, before you get to SMGs, rifles, and AWPs you always have to start with a pistol. In this article, I’ll talk a bit about USPS CS GO Skins, their value potential and what are the best USPS Skins.

USPS Skins – Explained 2019

USPS is a default pistol available for the CT side. It is silenced, with decent accuracy and damage but with a very small magazine. Although the silencer can be detached it lowers the pistol’s accuracy so it is not advisable. Thus, it requires a skilled aim and headshots to deliver some results.

When it comes to the state of Csgo USPS Skins in 2019, there are some which we really should mention. Most of them are under $100 with the exception of their StatTrak versions.

USPS Neo-Noir

A part of the Neo-Noir collection, USPS Neo-Noir is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to complete their full collection. Artwise it is, obviously, in Noir style – dark background complimenting acidic pinkish and blueish outlines of a woman, her hair falling on the pistol handle. When it comes to a price, it isn’t a very rare skin and can be easily bought and sold for around $50 for Factory New and as low as $10 for Battle-Scarred.

USPS Kill Confirmed

Probably the most expensive and one of the most flashy USPS Skins Csgo offers. Vivid red background with a skull shot through by a flaming bullet – how gutsier can it get? If you want to sell or buy one of them, the normal version is priced between $30 and $100. StatTrak version of this skin can reach even $350 for the Factory New version, which is rather understandable taking into consideration the popularity of the gun and the rarity of the skin. Can be dropped from the Shadow Case.

USPS Cortex

This is probably one of the cheaper paint jobs we will be talking about. With prices situated between $5 and $25, it is really an affordable skin. If you like skeletons and cartoonish brains all over your USPS that is. Traditionally, StatTrak version of USPS Cortex Factory New is much more expensive at around $90 per piece.

USPS Caiman

This rather cheap animal-based skin isn’t available at Battle-Scarred level of wear. Funnily enough, the most expensive version is ~$15 Well Worn exterior. StatTrac Factory New costs only $30, so if you like it, why not go the extra mile?

USPS Orion

Another example of a very stylish black-grey-orange skin that reaches the peak of its price with Battle-Scarred exterior wear with respectively $100 for normal and $125 for StatTrak tech. Similarly to USPS Caiman, it may be a good idea to go straight for StatTrak version right away considering how similar their prices are. It is also worth remembering that StatTrak versions of the skins are always better investments and are much less vulnerable to market shifts.

Where can you get USPS Skins?

Sadly, it is impossible to drop one of these skins at this time through weekly in-game drops. To get one you have to either buy one from the market or invest in some cases from which you can drop them. The cases you should consider are Spectrum Case (Neo-Noir), Shadow Case (Kill Confirmed), Clutch Case (Cortex) and Huntsman Weapon Case (Caiman). Despite being in the same Huntsman Collection that USPS Caiman is, USPS Orion cannot be dropped from that case and has to be bought. Pricewise, Spectrum and Clutch cases are the cheapest to get, usually for $0,2 per one case. Considering how cheap the Spectrum Case still is and that it only gets around 5 to 10 keys to drop a USPS Neo-Noir it may be your best way to create some value out of your weapon case and keys investment.

Buying and Selling USPS Skins

There are a number of ways in which you can either sell or buy your favorite USPS Cs Go Skins. Let’s start with buying.

You have basically two ways of obtaining the USPS Skins you want through buying. First is to go through Steam Community Market. This is probably the safest way to buy anything. However, it surely isn’t the most efficient. The prices on the Steam Community Market are usually 10%-20% higher than on other third-party markets. As a buyer, you will have to also pay the transaction fee, so it’s an extra 15% on top of an already high price. Theoretically, you may want to place a buy order, so anyone that wishes to part ways with his USPS Skin will be able to find your listing in the Community Market and may be interested in selling it to you. However, taking into consideration a high volume of the USPS Skins on the Market and that the one fulfilling your order will have to pay the transaction fee, it is very unlikely that you gain much through buy order.

Alternatively, you may go to one of the third-party markets and look for an interesting Csgo USPS Skins offers. As the prices are usually much lower, as well as the market fee for transactions, you may be able to find an interesting USPS skin on a much lower price. Some markets can be plagued with scammers and scam bots. With Skinwallet Market you can be sure that your safety is in good hands, so check it out for USPS skins!

When it comes to selling an unwanted USPS Cs Go Skins, you can do this either on Steam Community Market, on third-party markets or through mass deposit service such as Skinwallet. Each of these options has naturally its own pros and cons. While the prices on the Steam Community  Market are the highest, all money you earn that way lands in the SteamWallet of your account. This means you cannot pay it out in any way. You can only spend your funds on further skins from Steam Community Market, Steam games or cards. Third-party market websites offer lower prices but the cash is available outside the Steam ecosystem. A problematic part is a huge number of scam bots and scam attacks. Moreover, listing all your offers can be quite time-consuming. Someone also has to accept your offer for you to get any money.

If you need the hard cash quick and easy, Skinwallet is the best choice. Even though you may be able to barter a higher price with your own manual listing, Skinwallet offers your instant payment. Moreover, we don’t ask questions – if you came to us and you’re ready to accept the offer we made the deal in done. To properly sell USPS Skins on Skinwallet, you have to set your Steam inventory to public, log in to Skinwallet with your Steam account and fill in your Trade URL (a guide how to find it is available here) and go to the deposit. Now, just check the USPS Skins you want to sell. The price of each individual item will be displayed beneath it. The full price will be visible on the green GET button. When you’re ready to go forward with your transaction, click on that button. A pop-up with some security information will open up. To proceed, click on the green button. This is the safest way to complete the transaction as you will be redirected straightly to that particular trade in Steam. Check the details of the trade and accept it when you’re ready. Voila! You just got a hard cash equivalent of your USPS Skins. You can pay out your funds anytime to your PayPal account.

Why are USPS Skins so popular?

As mentioned before, USPS is the default starting pistol for the CT side. During an eco round, a pistol is often the only real weapon other than the knife. Moreover, if you got unlucky with both pistol and eco rounds you will be probably stuck with a pistol for another few rounds. This means USPS is often used more than most of the rifles and its popularity comes partially out of necessity.


In this blog post, we learned all about the best USPS skins available in CSGO, how to obtain them, buy them and sell them in different ways. We talked about prices and their real value as well as their in-game popularity. Do you have any questions? Be sure to leave them in the comments down below.