Trade H1Z1 Skins for CS:GO Skins – How Does it Work?

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trade h1z1 for csgo skins

In our interest in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and its skins we often tend to forget that CSGO isn’t the only game that has a considerable market of cosmetic items, nor was it the first one. Although most of the other cosmetic markets aren’t as profitable and well-established, there are some other games that have skins. Moreover, these skins from other games can be traded for CSGO skins at decent prices.

In this article, we will take a closer look at trading H1Z1 skins for CSGO skins, how profitable and difficult it is and if there are any options to directly trade H1Z1 skins for CSGO skins. 

Trade H1Z1 Skins for CSGO Skins – Explained

H1Z1 started as an early access game on Steam in 2015. It was developed and published by a studio called Daybreak. After many tribulations (game split into two separate titles, change of ownership rights), H1Z1 came back to Daybreak in 2018 as a Battle Royale title called Z1 Battle Royale.

Z1 Battle Royale supports the last-man-standing deathmatch between up to 100 players on one map. It has all elements of Battle Royale subgenre: players start parachuting on the map from a random location, they try to grab what weapons and equipment they can find and start hunting other players. Besides, there are vehicles for fast travel. As the game goes, a toxic gas cloud starts closing in a circle compressing the map and forcing the players to go out of their hiding and confront each other or die to poisonous gas cloud.

One of the features of Z1 Battle Royale still better known as H1Z1 are skins. Although the H1Z1 skins market is not as big and widespread as CSGO one, there are still considered valuable items to be sold and bought such as bandanas, backpacks, helmets and weapon skins. Because of the H1Z1 skins having a value that can be reflected in dollars and being supported by the Steam trading system, it is completely valid and possible to trade H1Z1 skins for CSGO skins and vice versa – you can trade CSGO skins for H1Z1 skins.

What type of CSGO skins can you get if you are a lucky and a skillful trader? Basically anything you want. Below are some of the examples. 

AK-47 | Fire Serpent

ak 47 fire serpent csgo skin

Originating from the Operation Bravo Case, this AK47 skin is probably the most expensive AK47 skin in CSGO and might be the most expensive assault rifle skin. It depicts a fire serpent breathing fire. The normal version of AK-47 | Fire Serpent costs between $250 and $350 with Factory New being worth much more, around $1200. StatTrak-equipped versions are traditionally much more expensive. That is if you even manage to find one. Although no one has seen one, the price of lower wear levels would suggest a Factory New StatTrak version could easily go over $2000 in value. To trade H1Z1 skins for CSGO skins of this caliber, you would have to trade away some good bandanas and top clothing such as a tuxedo. 

M4A4 | Howl

m4a4 howl csgo skin

The unique M4A4 | Howl, one of its kind, no longer droppable and removed from its original case. This fruit of scandal around rights to an image on the internet was extremely important for the development of the skins economy. Being removed from its case and no longer droppable, but still remaining in the Steam inventory of anyone lucky enough to drop it, it rose in price tenfold during one night. It showed the business potential lying dormant in skin trading. Currently, any M4A4 | Howl listing starts around $2000.

AWP | Dragon Lore

ak47 dragon lore csgo skin

Another legendary skin, this time more widespread then M4A4 | Howl. Still, it is very rare and selling one in a good condition can cover your monthly expenses with rent included. In fact, this beautiful piece of craftsmanship and a work of art is historically the most expensive skin ever traded. At least officially, and it was a very special piece of a Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore (Factory New) with stickers from Boston Major 2018. The said stickers were the champion team, Cloud9, as well as the MVP of the whole tournament – Skadoodle. That particular piece of AWP | Dragon Lore is said to be bought for over $60,000 sometime right after the Boston Major. Well, that’s a lot of money to be made. However, even taking into consideration a normal Dragon Lore, it costs around $1500 to $2000. To earn that kind of money from watching ads for CSGO skins is simply unimaginable. 

M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web

bayonet m9 crimson web csgo skin

Designwise, Crimson Web is quite simple – a spider web pattern painted hydrographically over a red base finished with a semi-gloss topcoat. All this accompanied with a pitch-black handle and ring. However simple it sounds, the final effect is great. The combination of textures, shades, and shapes makes Bayonet | Crimson Web one of the most popular knives as well as of the most expensive. In fact, Factory New wear level with a StatTrak tech can’t be even found in normal markets and trading hubs. Moreover, each float has its own web pattern and traditionally people would look for less chaotic patterns and value them more than just random spider webbings. It is estimated that there may be just a few pieces of a perfect StatTrak Bayonet | Crimson Web in the whole game and their price is surely over $4000.

Five-SeveN | Hyper Beast

five-seven hyper beast csgo skin

One of the most stylish and rare pistols in the game. A beautiful, savage and brutal depiction of a monster may give its owner strength to prevail in the pistol round. If not, you have at least died in style. The normal version is quite a cheap and can be grabbed for $15-$30. Of course, Factory New wear level breaks away in price reaching up to $70. However, the biggest jump in price can be noted with it comes to the StatTrak Factory New. This piece can sometimes reach $500 allowing any trade CSGO skins for H1Z1 skins attempt as valid. 

Where can you Trade H1Z1 Skins for Csgo Skins?

Besides the Steam Community Market which we already mentioned before, you can successfully perform an H1Z1 skins for CSGO skins trade on most of the respectable skins markets. In fact, if a market does not only trade in one type of skins, it has most likely H1Z1 skins on board.

Moreover, if trading hubs and third-party markets aren’t your thing, you may sometimes find private traders who look for a good way to jump into a new skins market. In such case, they may find your offer a good one and trade directly with you, H1Z1 skins for CSGO skins or vice versa. 

Why should you trade H1Z1 Skins for Csgo Skins?

In most circumstances, you would look into trading H1Z1 skins for CSGO skins when you wish to jump from one game into another or you play both and decide to leave on out. After all, we (unfortunately) never have enough time to play all the games we would like to. Whatever you decide to do, remember that you can always go back and reverse the trade if you find an offer good enough.