What’s up with Talon Knives in 2020

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talon knife csgo skins

Easily mistaken for Karambit Knife, Talon Knife is a sharply curved blade that truly reminiscences a claw of a predatory bird or a wild cat. What differs it from its curvy cousin Karambit is the structure and the length of the blade. It is serrated on the backside near the handle. The lower part of the blade has three holes in it. Usually, holes like these serve the purpose of making the glide easier through clampy materials, but the ones on Talon knife seem to serve a more aesthetic purpose.

Best Talon Knife skins are surely out there with the strongest contenders for the most acknowledged CSGO knives. However, because of the similarities to the legendary fangy knife, it cannot drop its fame as Karambit’s smaller cousin. This is also represented by the price ranges of those, as we will see in the moment.

Overall, let’s look at some examples of Talon Knife skins and how they are situated in the world of CSGO knife skins.

Best Talon Knife skins

Below you’ll find a short note on each of the most popular and worthy of all Talon Knife skins. We get a little more specific about their look and try to determine their value on the global market.

Talon Knife | Marble Fade 

talon knife marble fade csgo skin

It’s easy to assume that Marble Fade is a finish that is desired on any kind of knife you can get your hands on, but subjectively it looks exquisitely good on Talon Knife. The rainbowish colors lessen the visual weight of the blade, making it both an eye-candy and a smooth weapon. With this one, a minimal float difference can have all the influence on value. While Minimal Wear Marble Fade Talon Knife skins are sold for just above $760, Factory New ones topple that to over $830. If you additionally get to find a StatTrak, you can add around $200 to that price.

Talon Knife | Tiger Tooth 

talon knife tiger tooth csgo skin

If any paint job fits the fierceness of the Talon Knife, it’s this one for sure. Doesn’t matter if you see it as some kind of a safari tribute or a true jungle blade, it conveys the danger prospected by the shape of the blade. Tiger Tooth skins are a matter of taste and have as many fans as haters, but it doesn’t mean it cannot have a noticeable value. Its worse wears go only a little below $600, while the near-perfect ones and StatTrak versions can almost reach $700.

Talon Knife | Doppler 

talon knife doppler csgo skin

The number of variables within Doppler skins make them a world of their own, with high-brow fanbases of each of the rarer variations. As with each skin they endorse, Doppler textures add a totally new dimension to CS GO Talon Knife skins. It’s impossible to pinpoint the range of prices for Doppler skins in general. With Talon Dopplers, the unspecific ones are worth around $600, but they can go as low as $440. Phase 2 and Phase 4 seem to be more desired out of 4 phases, and they oscillate between $700 and $800. Black Pearl Doppler Talons would raise that to over $1110. In theory, Ruby and Sapphire Doppler Talon knife skins can be sold for anything between $3000 and $5000 depending on the quality of the pattern. In terms of Dopplers, StatTraks are of course a welcome modifier, making the ultra-rare items even rarer, and can raise the price of the average Minimal Wear Phase 1 by even 30%, but it’s all more speculative at this point. 

Talon Knife | Damascus Steel 

talon knife damascus steel csgo skin

I cannot understand why the Damascus Talon Knife doesn’t reach the same prices as its other, more colorful counterparts. The carbonated steel markings look incredibly primal and exotic on this one, even though it’s just a steel knife with a plain handle. It’s worst wear costs around $300, its non-worn versions top that to around $350. In StatTrak versions, the prices are pretty much 50% higher than the regular ones.

Talon Knife | Ultraviolet 

talon knife ultraviolet csgo skin

It’s hard to decide what makes Ultraviolet skins such a treat for the soul. Is it the pitch-black, non-glamorous blade that reminds the users that it is truly a tool of the battle, or is it the oddly violet handle, bearing more resemblance to a fantastic weapon of a Drow ranger from DnD roleplay games? Having it on a Talon Knife gets it closer to the other one, making it look more like some arcane assassin’s shiv than a modern warfare knife. If you think of buying one, you can find those for around $200 in any float – except for the rarest Factory New, which seems to be non-existent on the market. StatTrak Ultraviolet Talons usually are just a bit more expensive, but there are offers pricing them as high as $500.

How can you get Talon Knife skins?

As with most other skins in CSGO, the two most straightforward methods of getting Talon Knife skin is to either loot it from a case or buy it. How to go about both of these ways?

When it comes to looting, a player’s best shot is to try the Prisma Case. All the finishes mentioned above are available in that case, plus many more. Of course, there are dozens of other things that can come out instead of Talon Knife skins, so the odds we are looking at are a 0.26% chance of dropping a knife divided by four types of knives that come in Prisma Case. Hurts a bit, doesn’t it?

Buying it is much easier, and who knows if not less expensive in the long run, especially if you’re not aiming at the low float skins. If you’re not aiming at a specific skin variant, you can log into Steam, go to the Community Market and find the offer that is more lucrative in your opinion. Going for more specific types like one of the Phases or Ruby would require you to go to third-party marketplaces. With the likes of Skinwallet Market you can browse various Talon Knife skins and look up the exact float and the exact variant.

Trading Talon Knife skins

As mentioned in the paragraph before, you have two ways of trading Talon Knife skins CS GO marketplaces make available to you. One is the official Steam Community Market channel, which is also the basic trade mechanism all others are based upon. It’s pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it and allows posting buy and sell offers which will be automatically released once they’re matched with someone else’s offer. The other is the third-party marketplaces which compete for the attention of sellers by expanding on the marketplace interface with additional features. Selling an exceedingly rare type of Talon Knife skin to a dedicated buyer will be worth the transaction fee.

Do Talon Knife skins cut through?

Let’s be honest – for now, the iconic roster of knives seems to not take any more contenders, and it’s hard for Talon Knife to beat classics like Karambit, M9 or Huntsman. Nevertheless, it has its following among the blade-oriented CSGO players. Doesn’t matter if the meanest and most cynical of people call it “budget Karambit” – if it’s out there, used and enjoyed, it has a place in the CSGO knife realm.


Just like Talon Knife all skins that are rare and represent a visually pleasing feature are a profitable commodity on CSGO marketplaces. They suffer a little bit because of their similarity to Karambit knife, but it’s not a fateful feature, as it also presents a pleasing alternative to some. With a proper skin variant, they can be worth a ton of cash and will make a good addition to a knife collection or just the preferred blade for aesthetically-inclined players.