Shattered Web Weapon Case – is it any good?

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Every now and then, we’re treated with a new weapon case. Whenever it drops, the skins market is in an uproar as it has always had an impact on the price of the older skins. Still, after two to three weeks the situation on the market stabilized. Moreover, only a small portion of the many older skins, if any, had their prices changed permanently by the newly added skins. Even if the change was permanent, it wasn’t usually that big. 

Shattered Web Weapon Case and the market upheaval

However, in the last quarter of 2019 Valve really did a number on us, players and skins traders. Releasing the CS20 Weapon Case during the 20th birthday of the Counter-Strike franchise and shortly after release a sudden fully-fledged operation with one new weapon case, the Shattered Web CSGO Weapon Case, as well as three community collections and completely new agent skins with custom voice lines was a bit too much. Especially, when we take into consideration that to finish the operation on time and reap the rewards, you had to get a number of starts through either finishing the Operation objectives or simply… buying them.

An influx of new skins, agent skins as well as the option to buy out of the grind pushed many players to sell their item stocks. This brought down the average value of the CSGO skins market by 20% up to 30%. Such an impact on the global situation of the skins market is very rarely seen. Now, the question remains: do the contents of the Shattered Web Weapon Case justify these drastic changes in the entire market? Are they so good and valuable?

What’s inside the Shattered Web Weapon Case?

When thinking about CSGO cases Shattered Web Case offers a solid choice of skins. AWP | Containment Breach is a good choice for any dedicated AWPer with a knack for toxic green. The image of mutated rats escaping the green glow of a radioactive forest is really well made as designs full of plot work well with the flat and clear surface of the AWP. The second covert of the Shattered Web Case skins, MAC-10 | Stalker is even more vivid. The Yellow and blue neon paint, the blue vicious cat, black stripes, and the word “Stalker” scribbled on the side give this skin a lot of character. In fact, too much for some, especially when it comes to people that like toned-down, less chaotic skins. It is worth mentioning that this is the second MAC-10 Covert grade skin, the other one being the similarly vivid MAC-10 | Neon Rider. 

Other interesting skins that can be found when opening Shattered Web CSGO Cases that I would like to mention are SG 553 | Colony IV with a red, skeletal ant above a gas masks, Tec-9 | Decimator, which is the second entry to the Decimator collection after a well-received M4A1-S | Decimator that came as a part of the Spectrum Case, and AK-47 | Rat Rod. This last one is a less vivid and darker, more rustical Bloodsports counterpart. If you like Fallout aesthetics, this skin will be a perfect choice for you. 

Lastly, my two favorites: AUG | Arctic Wolf and R8 Revolver | Memento. It is good to have the Arctic Wolf finish on something other than an eco-round choice of weapon (UMP-45). The furry, toned-down design works quite well with the AUG weapon model. On the other hand, R8 Revolver | Memento is a luxurious choice for very affordable money. The intricate pattern on the metal parts clearly shows the power of the new lighting system and tools for skins designers

Where can you get the Shattered Web Weapon Case?

That’s quite simple as you have basically two ways of obtaining Shattered Web CSGO Cases. The first way, as well as the most straightforward method, is to buy Operation Shattered Web and play its content. While playing you have a chance to receive the Shattered Web Weapon Case. Shattered Web CSGO Cases are quite a common drop, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble with finding one. In the future, just like with all CSGO cases Shattered Web Weapon Case should start dropping for everyone during all normal matches.

The second method is to trade for them. You can either buy them off the Community Market, one of the third-party markets or trade them directly with another player. Just remember that you will still need to buy a key from Valve to open the case, $2.49 per pop. That is why it may be better to just buy the skins you want directly rather than go with pure luck. 

Buying and selling Shattered Web Case Skins

If you wish to sell or buy Shattered Web Case skins you can either go for Community Market, one of the third-party marketplaces or trade directly with another player. Each of these methods has its pros and cons.

Third-party marketplaces like Skinwallet Market offer a wide range of skins in an easy-to-browse environment. Steam Community Market is the the fastest option to buy a skin, however, the prices there are the highest on the market and you’ll have to prepare your account to trade there. Moreover, if you think about selling your skins on the Steam Community Market, please remember that all money gain in that way will be held in your Steam Wallet. You won’t be able to pay them out, and they can be only spent on new skins, cards or games on the Steam platform.

The third-party marketplaces are a good alternative to the Steam Community Market. Although the prices are lower than on the Steam platform, the money can be paid out, so it is perfect if you want to use the funds for something else than games or skins.

Why are Shattered Web Case Skins so popular?

The high popularity of the Shattered Web Case skins is quite natural. Every time a new skins collection is released, most of the players want to get the hot takes. Being the latest release out of the CSGO Cases Shattered Web Weapon case has maybe not the most coveted skins of all time, but are surely quite popular. After all, we all like to get new things. 


Now, is this enough to topple the whole market? I don’t really think so. The skins found in CSGO Shattered Web Cases, although very nice, aren’t very expensive. Of course, a StatTrak version of AWP | Containment Breach in good shape can reach $400 or even more, but that is just how the AWP skin work. It isn’t enough to topple the prices marketwise. If in anything, I would look into the ability to buy the stars for the Operation with the money made from selling skins as the main factor for the sudden price drop.

Close to two months after the release of the Operation Shattered Web, the prices went (almost) back to the state before the newest content update. The next operation is said to be released in March 2020. Will it have a similar impact on the skins market? I guess we will have to wait and see for ourselves.