Checking in on the P90 Emerald Dragon in 2020

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Who could have thought that Fiat Multipla of gun design can have a cool and worthwhile skin to its name? P90 has been a staple gun for those who like to rush the round to try and counterbalance their possible lack of aim. It has a lot of ammo in its magazine, it doesn’t slow you down that much and its accuracy doesn’t decrease while running. If it’s not enough, it also pierces armor like butter. The real drawbacks are the slow reload and a really high loss of accuracy in the long-range. Still, the P90 is the beast of the doorways and dark corridors.

Even more, the dragon design on the skin we will be talking about here seems so fitting. For sure, with the bullpup shape of the P90, there’s a lot of space to include a nice drawing. However, it takes some skill to make a very slick design on such a bulky object. Let’s see what else Emerald Dragon P90 has to offer.

How much does P90 Emerald Dragon cost?

Let’s look at the market value of the serpentine peashooter. Its floats range from 0.06 to 0.52, so it means it’s available in all five wear levels, but also the design is strongly scratched with raising float. Here are the details:

  • Battle-Scarred P90 Emerald Dragon – the cheapest available is currently on BitSkins with $36.99. The highest bid on Steam is $44.62. Cheapest StatTrak version is available on SkinBaron for $44.23. The most expensive bids are on Steam and SkinBay with prices of around $83.
  • Well-Worn P90 Emerald Dragon – the lowest it is currently available for is at CS.Money with the price of $38.95, and the highest – on Steam with $64.60. StatTrak versions range from $57.62 to $111.15 on Steam.
  • Field-Tested P90 Emerald Dragon – when it comes to regular ones, SkinBaron has one for $39.39, and BitSkins has an offer for $64.99. Cheapest StatTrak to be found is on SkinBay for $64.74 and the most expensive – on Steam, with the price of $94.
  • Minimal Wear P90 Emerald Dragon – surprisingly, the lowest prices don’t go that much up yet on this level. There’s one on DMarket for $41.85. The most expensive, as per usual, is the original Steam Market with the price of $158.3. The offers for StatTrak MW are very varied, the lowest price being $109.56 and the highest being $159.93.
  • Factory New P90 Emerald Dragon – here the big prices start. The least expensive regular FN is available on CS.Money for $83.7, whereas the highest offer hangs on SkinBaron for $172.53. The StatTrak FNs are so rare that prices are more than tripled. The cheapest one is on CS.Money $496.1 and the most expensive at Waxpeer for $1050.13.

DISCLAIMER – the prices of P90 | Emerald Dragon mentioned above are based on SteamAnalyst’s analysis for May 8th 2020, and, as it usually is on this global market, are prone to changes.

As you can see, the prices vary a lot even in terms of one particular float. If you possess one and want to sell it, it’s safe to assume that you’re in for a gain of around $60. When you want to buy one, you might want to settle for Field-Tested P90 Emerald Dragon versions.

Where can you get The Emerald Dragon?

This green beast is a part of Bravo Collection, one of the protoplasts of the current skin publishing model. Skins from Bravo Collection are available in the Bravo Case, which is one of the rarest skin cases out there and costs a whopping $26.84 – remember that you have to top it with the $2.5 key! Otherwise, have a go at the markets mentioned in the price summary above or Skinwallet Market and try to buy one.

I have a P90 Emerald Dragon – how do I sell it?

Obviously an Emerald Dragon is a real treat on the market, especially in its higher floats. You need to be careful about choosing the price for your offer. If you raise the price too high, you probably won’t get it sold when there are others out there cheaper. If you need to sell it quickly, you might be tempted to lower the price a little bit. It’s a better idea to just go straight to Skinwallet and do it quickly, safely and for real cash!

Why all the hype for P90 Emerald Dragon?

The most practical answer to that question is that it’s a pretty uncommon skin that comes from Operation Bravo case, which makes it an incredibly valuable commodity on its own. The purely mathematical analysis shows that its median price is on a constant rise, only getting better with age. But not to be all cold and calculating here – the P90 Dragon Emerald is a very universally aesthetic skin. Not only good for a peashooter but overall… it’s eye candy. Maybe the googly eyes are ridiculous to some, but it is done in a more retro style that is imposed without a background on the metal body, which generally looks more realistic with simpler decals.


Among the good old, legacy skins of CS GO P90 Emerald Dragon emerge as both a valuable collectible item and an exception of a rule for the silver rank spray gun’s ugliness. Its prices vary a lot, which can also be caused by a very wide-spanning visual quality of its wear levels. Having one is a real treat and selling one – even a low-float one – is a nice gain.