All You Need to Know about M4A1-S CS:GO Skins in 2019

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black and white soldier with an assault rifle

Today we’ll be talking about the M4A1S rifle, its best skins, how to trade them, and what are the ways in which you can get M4A1S skins in CSGO. 

M4A1S Skins – Explained 2019

M4A1S is a counter-terrorist exclusive rifle and works as a good, silenced alternative to M4A4. It has 25 rounds in magazine and 75 rounds in the reserve which makes it the lowest amount of ammo out of all assault rifles. It has also a slightly lower rate of fire. The silencer can be detached, however, due to how long it actually takes to do it, it isn’t advisable during a fight. Moreover, M4A1S with silencer has lower recoil and better accuracy. All in all, it is a silenced, accurate gun with low recoil which makes it great on long distances. 

Should a counter-terrorist player choose the M4A1S as their main rifle for the round, they should keep a few things in mind. First, as mentioned before, M4A1S is perfect for a long-distance tap-fire, as it is quite accurate and has low recoil. The lack of tracer ammo also makes it harder for the enemy to pinpoint the location from which you shoot. Moreover, you may want to implement M4A1S with a USP-S for a more silent approach. Just remember that when sitting in a corner and waiting for passers-by it may be a good idea to face the wall – M4A1S has a long barrel with a long silencer and will likely stick out from outside the corner clearly revealing your position to the enemy.  

Now, going forward to the actual M4A1S skins in CSGO, there’s quite a lot of them. In general, they aren’t as famous, well-received, and expensive as AWP or AK-47 skins, but there are still some quite solid entries. Among all of the CSGO M4A1S skins, we picked five that we like the most. 

M4A1-S | Knight

M4A1S knight csgo skin

This black M4A1S with brass details came into CSGO as a part of The Cobblestone Collection. Knight, with its renaissance armor theme, perfectly fits the castle-themed collection. It is available in two wear levels, Factory New and Minimal Wear, so all pieces stay fresh and shiny. As any skin of The Cobblestone Collection, it is available in Souvenir version but has its normal, vanilla counterpart available. Pricewise, it is one of the most expensive M4A1S skins, clearly over the average assault rifle. The prices are situated between $550 and $650 depending on the wear quality and version. 

M4A1-S | Control Panel

M4A1S control panel csgo skin

Have you ever thought that your M4A1S would look good being merged with a futuristic industry tech, Geiger counter, scanner, radio, microwave and god knows what other pieces of technology? If the answer is yes, the Control Panel is one of the best M4A1S skins for you. Similarily to the Knight, it is available in normal and souvenir version. However, it is also available in all wears. Still, the only difference between float 0.01 and 0.99 is less luster and more rust on the latter. From a monetary perspective, it’s rather cheap. A normal version costs between $5 and $40 whereas souvenir can reach up to $250. A perfect gun for every Fallout fan out there. 

M4A1-S | Master Piece

M4A1S master piece csgo skin

Master Piece is a truly simple as an idea for M4A1S CSGO skins. However, it is the execution that matters. This M4A1S skin is comprised of a wildstyle, vivid graffiti on top of the blue, equally wild background. It is a part of The Overpass Collection and is available in normal and souvenir versions. Normally, it is priced quite averagely, between $15 and $90 for normal and $100 up to $200 for a souvenir. Well, except Souvenir Factory New which is extremely rare and hard to find, thus expensive and can reach up to $1000 per piece. 

M4A1-S | Hot Rod

M4A1S hot rod csgo skin

Chrome bottom with anodized red paint. That’s all there is when it comes to Hot Rod. This one of these M4A1S skins that are perfect for people looking for purity and simplicity in their weapon skins. It is available only in two wear levels: Factory New and Minimal Wear and costs $80. Not very hard to find on any market of your choice, it is often overlooked due to or even overshadowed by other CS GO M4A1S skins. 

M4A1-S | Chantico’s Fire

M4A1S chantico's fire csgo skin

Now, this is showy! Full of vibrant shades of red with a lot of gold, chrome finishes and a smiley face on the stock, Chantico’s Fire is truly hot stuff. Probably the most over-the-top skin out of all M4A1S skins CSGO has to offer. However, maybe due to its rarity, or due to it being too much of a deal for many players, its price is not as exciting. The normal version starts at $15 and goes up to $100. StatTrak is, as usual, more expensive between $25 and $125. There is also $400-$500 priced StatTrak Factory New for the Chantico’s Fire fanatics but other than that Chantico’s Fire doesn’t seem to be one of the “super-star” M4A1S CSGO skins.

Where can you get M4A1S Skins?

As with all other skins, there is a whole range of options through which new M4A1S skins can be obtained. However, when talking about getting new M4A1S skins that we discussed above, it seems it may be a bit problematic. 

First of all, only M4A1-S | Chantico’s Fire can be received from a normal weapon case. If fact, Chantico’s Fire can be dropped from Chroma 3 case. The case itself is dirt cheap ($0.02), however, please do mind that it is one of the two Covert grade skins, so the chances for it to drop are lower than 1%.

When it comes to the rest, three of these M4A1S skins s they drop from souvenir packages M4A1S | Knight from The Cobblestone Collection, M4A1S | Control panel from The 2018 Nuke Collection, and M4A1S | Master Piece from The Overpass Collection. In case you don’t know, to be able to get one of the souvenir packages, you have to watch the official streams of the Major tournaments, as well as some of the smaller CSGO events. You will get one of the thematic map souvenir packages when the game is played on that particular map.

Last, but not least, M4A1S | Hot Rod. It cannot be dropped as The Chop Shop Collection that it is a part of isn’t available anymore, so the only way to grab one is to buy it off someone or through one of the markets. 

Buying and Selling M4A1S Skins

While we are on the topic of buying and selling M4A1S CSGO skins, you can buy them in three ways. Each of these methods has its pros and cons and can get quite complicated at a time. In short, however, Community Market has the highest prices but is the most secure method, third-party markets are less secure but have better prices and better price control and trading groups may take a long time to get in and earn the trust of the other traders.

Currently, Skinwallet provides both a deposit service and a market where you can buy a M4A1-S skin of your dreams for a good price. Being aware of the security concerns surrounding third-party markets, Skinwallet team has tailored a safe procedure to get users through without worrying about scams.

To sell M4A1S CSGO skins through Skinwallet, you have to set your Steam inventory to public, log in to Skinwallet Instant with your Steam account and fill in your Trade URL (a guide how to find it is available here) and go to the deposit. Finish the transaction and in mere seconds your funds should be available for a withdrawal to Paypal. Just remember, Skinwallet has the best M4A1S skins prices among all mass-deposit sites. 

Are M4A1S Skins popular?

Well, they are quite popular but not famous. There are many users of the M4A1S as a weapon itself. Therefore, if you going to look at the rifle of your choice for the biggest part of the match, you may at least pick CS GO M4A1S skins that you like. On the other hand, there aren’t so many wells received M4A1S CSGO skins, so they aren’t as popular as the weapon itself. Also, there are many good skins for the other main CT gun – M4A4. 


All in all, we talked about M4A1S skins as well as the weapon itself. We also discussed how hard are some of these skins to get even though they aren’t as famous and popular as some AWP or AK-47 skins. 

Which of the M4A1S skins is your favorite? Do you own one? Let us know!