Is Skinwallet legit?

Is Skinwallet legit?
The short answer is: yes, we are.

We aim to offer our users the best experience of instantly selling skins for CSGO, Dota 2, and TF2 for real money. We want to be the fastest, most secure, and best paying site among all instant cashouts.

Are we good at what we do? Let our users tell you that.

How much does Skinwallet take?

If you are asking about our prices, we offer you around 60% of the Steam market price for most of the items. Some rarer items may have a lower price though. Still, we practically always offer the highest price among all instant cashout sites.

How Skinwallet prices are calculated?

The algorithm responsible for pricing takes into consideration a lot of factors such as market volatility and manipulation, how easy certain item will be to resell, as well as all other quirks of every item and its pricing history. If the price you see doesn’t satisfy you, be sure to come back later and it tends to change at least daily.

Is Skinwallet safe?

Yes, and we do a lot to keep it that way. However, to be 100% we need you to be careful, attentive, and cooperative. We offer you all the necessary characteristic features that only our bots have on various occasions during each transaction, so as long as you follow the guidelines you will be 100% secure. If you are unsure at any point or have any further questions be sure to write to us.

You can find all the characteristic features of all our bots in this post.

Skinwallet good or not?

We offer you the best prices, secure transactions, and a collection of different payout methods as fast as possible, so… we’re good, right? At least, we’d like to think that and many of our returning users think so too.

Is Skinwallet real?

As real as it can get. We are a real, legal business run by real people, experts in their respective fields on top of that. Surely, we are NOT a front or a fake site.

How can you check price on Skinwallet?

The best way is to log in with your Steam account and see which items you can sell how much exactly you will get at that time.

Can you sell keys on Skinwallet?

No, you can’t. After the October update that made skins untradable, we aren’t able to buy your keys off you.

Does Skinwallet work?

Yes! We work and we’re waiting for your skins.

How to buy on Skinwallet?

Currently, there is no way of buying skins directly from us.

Skinwallet payment options

The payment options available right now are Payeer (which includes a portfolio of other payment providers), Payoneer, and Airtm. However, we always try to add something up so it’s best to look for available payment options in your Skinwallet account settings.