How To Fly In CSGO? A Short Guide

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There are commands and modes in heaven and earth that philosophers didn’t dream about, so yes, today we’ll show you how to fly in CSGO!

This is not a joke, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as much as realistic (or realism-inclined) it tries to be, can on different occasions allow its users to fly, or sometimes just glide.

Read this article to learn when in CSGO you’re free as a bird or what to do to set yourself afloat and explore the maps from completely different angles.

How To Fly CSGO Single Player Guide

As with most such extravagant settings, this is possible when you play alone or with bots. Unless you’re using a workshop map, or have a server with rcon commands access, it’s the only way to enable cheat commands and meddle with the game’s mechanics.

Fly with Noclip Command

To disjoint your player character from the physics of the game completely, you need to undertake these steps:

  • enable the console in game options
  • start a bot game
  • open the console (‘~’)
  • type sv_cheats 1 and press Enter to enable cheat commands
  • type in noclip and press enter

You can also create a key bind to execute this command. In its simplest form it will be just bind * “noclip”. If you don’t want to turn the sv_cheats manually, you can also bind it in – bind * “sv_cheats 1 noclip”.

Noclip will not only set you afloat, but will also disable the clipping – meaning you will no longer collide with objects and surfaces. This is great for analyzing the structure of the map, looking for alternative pathways, teaching others or even looking for easter eggs, and there’s plenty of those in CSGO!

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Moon Physics with Gravity Command

If you have no use for the NoClip command, you can just decrease the value of gravity in the game. To do so, use the command sv_gravity ### and set it to a number of choice. The default ‘earth-like’ gravity is 800. Setting it to 400 should make your jumps more floaty, but you can experiment with even lower numbers.

Flying Scoutsman Mode

Since the 2017 Operation Hydra update, Flying Scoutsman has been added to the official roll of Wargames in CSGO. This kind of alternative mode for CS has been around since CS 1.6 and focused on sending players afloat with low gravity, decreasing the accuracy penalties from moving and setting them against each other in the true aim competition. 

Even though the ‘flying’ is not literal here, it’s quite a lot of fun and shows that the Source engine is also great for a more abstract playing style. It also provides an alternative training opportunity in the CS:GO environment.

Even if you don’t like the amount of people that play the FS wargame, there are still plenty of community servers that run the mode, sometimes with a little difference in settings.

How To Fly CSGO – Summary

Although flying is not a part of the regular CSGO experience, there are a couple of methods to enable either a full-swing noclip or to reduce the gravity to naught. Hopefully this little guide will help you get the experience you’re looking for!

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