How To Bind Text In CSGO? A Simple Guide

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bind text in CSGO

Since it’s first releases, Counter-Strike franchise allowed players to interact with the game using custom binds. Today we’ll learn how to bind text in CSGO.

Although CS:GO has a plethora of built-in messages together with a voiceover, sometimes players need to deliver a custom message. Even if there’s voice chat or an outside audio connection, you might still want to leave some communication to the chat. Typing up messages while playing is dangerous for your performance, so it’s better to have some predefined lines handy. Let’s look at available CSGO chat binds you can use to your advantage.

Enable Developer Console in CSGO

Before setting up your binds, you need to make sure that the console access is turned on. Thus you will be able to open it when the game launches. To do so, go to Options, switch to the Game Settings tab and find the Enable Developer Console setting. It needs to be toggled to ‘Yes’. 

How To Bind A Key To Say Something In CSGO?

We’ve talked to some extent about generating your own binds in CSGO before. Here we’re dealing with something just a tad more specific – but, not that difficult at all.

Although standard controls are also pretty much key binds, not all the options are available from the control menu. However, you can use the bind command to set more peculiar actions up or even make one key press take several functions.

For saying things in the CSGO chat, however, it’s more practical to choose a key that you don’t use for any other purpose. For example, if you’re not using the numpad for automated buy binds, you can use it as your go-to chat command control.

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How To Bind Text In CSGO

To set up CSGO chat binds, launch the game, go to console (‘~’ key by default) and type:

bind [key] "say [message]"

Instead of [key], type in the key that you want to use. Instead of [message], type the message you want to send. This can be a little counterintuitive, but you don’t need to separate the initial ‘say’ command from the message in the quote part. Here’s an example bind:

bind ; "say poggers"

The game will interpret it itself and only display the message, without the command. See it live in a short YT movie below:

CSGO How TO Bind Text For Teammates

Some messages can be crucial to your team’s strategy, so you don’t want them displayed on the global chat. To configure a message bind that will be sent only to your teammates, use the command:

bind [key] “say_team [message]”

So, for example:

bind / “say_team buy eco”

This way you can be sure that the message won’t reach your opponents.

How To Bind Say in CSGO In A Useful Manner

There are a few things you need to remember when using chat binds. For one, if there’s a lot going on, they might not get noticed the first time around. If you see no response, you can repeat the message. Not too often though, because you don’t want to distract other players from the game. You need to find balance in this. Many esport leagues have outright rules and penalties for spamming the chat!

Also, the unspoken rule is that the general chat is for courtesies and laughs, so things like “GGHF” or “Comeback is real”, and the team chat is for strategic communication. All of this of course depends on who you’re playing with!

How To Bind Chat In CSGO – Summary

That would be pretty much it about binding text messages in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We can’t tell you what is best to have handy to send to other players. We can only advise you to stay polite and classy. Maybe kindness doesn’t kill in CSGO, but it makes the mood of the game much better. Hope you found this short guide useful!