How to BHop in CS:GO

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how to bunnyhop csgo

 you’ve been around the Counter-Strike community, you’ve probably heard the phrase “bhopping” or “bunnyhopping” here and there. Even though Easter’s right around the corner, this has nothing to do with that particular bunny. In simplest terms, bunnyhopping is a way of increasing your movement speed through timing your jumps in order to break CS:GO’s speedlock. So, how to bhop in Counter-Strike? Let’s start with the basics.

Let’s Start Bhopping

Alright, the first thing you want to do to learn how to bunny hop in CSGO is to consider your keybinds. Do you jump with the spacebar? Many people find it harder to do so. You might want to consider a bind that will allow you to jump with your mousewheel. You can read more about doing that here.

The next thing you want to do is go into practice mode without bots and type in cl_showpos 1 in the console to see your velocity. This will become your most useful CS GO Bhop command. You’ll notice that your default velocity with the knife out is 250 when moving. We want to increase that, and we’ll do that by practicing bhops.

Once you feel comfortable with your CS GO bhop bind, start practicing the timing of your hops. You want your jumps to trigger as soon as you hit the ground. You’ll notice that you’ll be able to keep a pretty good velocity, but it’s hard to go faster. That’s why, it’s important to do one more important thing.

Start strafing.

Use your A and D keys (or whichever keys you move for left-right movement) along with the knife to strafe in the air and gain additional speed. Wiggling around will help break the game’s speed limit and can make you go fast. Practice timing your strafes and mouse movements with timing your jumps, and eventually, as you practice you will find that you will be able to consistently increase your velocity. Unfortunately, there is no CSGO bunny hop command that will do this for you. You really need to grasp that specific rhythm by yourself.

Even so, learning the basics is just that, the basics. You’ll still need to get better. How to do that?

The Best Ways to Practice CSGO Bhop

Bunnyhopping is a skill that requires practice. Start with doing it alone as we described above. Set benchmarks for yourself. Start with 2-3 hops at max speed, then keep getting more and more hops in until you feel confident with your hopping. If you want to see how you measure up against others, you can head to a bhop server and try your luck against others who enjoy the art of moving fast.

Next up, try to apply your bunnyhopping skills to competitive scenarios. Don’t go in yet, you might be disappointed. In the next section, we’ll talk about the best uses for bunnyhopping on each of the tournament pool maps, so you use your hops in a way that will actually benefit you, starting with the Granddaddy of (almost) them all.

Dust 2 Bhopping

Dust 2 is a map where you can really use bunnyhops to surprise your opponents with timings. However, remember that a good spawn point is always worth more than even the best bunnyhop, so use the hops as an extra advantage. If you have a spawn for B, don’t even try to bunnyhop your way to A Long. You will lose that duel. If, however, you have the right spawn, bunnyhops can guarantee you an advantage against your opponent.

On the T-Side, the best spots are definitely A Long and B. If you can bunnyhop your way into either of those positions before your opponents’ nades arrive, you can surprise them before they’re ready for the fight and take the entry. Just remember that you have to stop jumping before shooting! 

If you’re on the CT side, bunnyhopping is always a legitimate option for getting through the mid doors without getting hammered by the T-Side AWPer. Used right, you can even use it as a setup for your AWPer to counter the shot you bait out.

Finally, one useful bunny hop spot happens if you’re spawned for A-Long. If you get a good timing, and some good hops, you might be able to get to the pit before the Ts pick long giving you and your teammate good control over the position. Note that this is extremely risky and you’re still going to need flashes from your teammate to guarantee success.

Otherwise, only start bunny hopping if you’re sure you’re not going to get into a firefight.

Mirage Bhopping

Even though Mirage, similarly to Dust 2 is a map where timings are king, it’s much harder to find a place where bunny hopping is actually beneficial. The only really consistent use on T-Side is using B-Hops to get to the mid angle before the CT AWPer, and perhaps hopping to ramp. Both are extremely spawn-dependent.

For the CT side, bunny hops (along with good movement overall) are very helpful for rushing Palace on A. However, the strategy has its drawbacks, and might not bring you the impact you want, with a lot of Ts being prepared for that particular spot of aggression. Let’s move on to another classic map.

Inferno Bhopping

Inferno can turn into a real hell if somebody who knows how to bhop in CSGO shows up on the server. Remember, it’s not about the volume of the hops, it’s about how you use them. A great example of this is Nifty, whose movement absolutely bamboozled Mouz a few years back. These are the sort of spots you want to pick. Ones, where bunny hopping gives you that tiny timing advantage that you can use to surprise opponents.

Except for the A Apps push, hopping your way onto banana for an early pick might be a good idea to catch the Ts with mollys in hand, but beware. There might be a hopper on the other side, waiting for you from a position you don’t expect. Hopping down banana is probably one of the most popular places in all of CS:GO for rushing Ts, and you just never know when a madman with MAC-10 takes your head.

Train Bhopping

We head to Russia with de_train. This is a hard one even for CSGO bunnyhop experts. Not a lot of room to maneuver in, and there’s a lot of bumps you can run into. Realistically, the spot you want to bunnyhop into is Olof as a Terrorist. If you get a few good hops in, you might be able to beat the utility heading there and take very important map control away from the CT side. Ivy is also an option, although much less than it was back in the days, when phoon was jumping through Ivy, out middle and into CT Connector like a speed demon. 

On CT, taking Upper B might be worth the gamble of falling off, if you feel like you have a good spawn and the hops to get there ahead of the Ts.

Overpass Bhopping

Overpass is a Counter-Terrorist’s dream when it comes to aggression, so no surprise most of the bhops will be done by the CTs here. If you want to play aggressively down A long, a few hops along the way won’t be the worst idea. If you prefer the connector and have the movement to bunny hop down the staircase, you can really put a spanner in the T’s works.

There’s some bad news for Ts, though. With the everpresent CT aggression, it’s kind of hard to spot a safe spot to start hopping around. So, hold your horses (or bunnies!) if you’re on the attack.

Nuke Bhopping

Quite the opposite to Overpass, Nuke is a map where the Ts can really make a difference with their movement. Knowing how to bhop in CSGO along with the ability to efficiently jump up the silo can make a big difference if you can time your jump into A Main well. 

Likewise, a quick ramp rush complete with a few hops might really surprise your opponents. If you’re a CT though… Don’t hop around is our advice.

Vertigo Bhopping

Vertigo is a map where timings are incredibly important. A few good bhops as a CT might help you surprise the players coming in from the B stairs by getting the literal drop on them, while a quick move up A ramp might be a good option for the CTs. Not to mention that taking middle hard might be very hard to counter. Look for openings and use them, but remember…

Don’t Bhop Too Much

The biggest mistake players make when learning how to bunnyhop is assuming that they should bunnyhop everywhere. Unfortunately, this isn’t Counter-Strike: Source, and bhopping in CSGO is much harder than it used to be. Learning it can be useful in the right context, usually as a calculated risk, but otherwise, only use it when you know that you’re not going to get punished for it and that you can get at least the slightest advantage out of it.

That’s why, even if you learn how to b hop in CSGO, don’t bhop everywhere. Use it to surprise opponents, create a shift in their tempo, and make them scared. After that, even walking into their line of fire might be a tiny bit easier.

CSGO How To Bhop – Summary

This is pretty much all we can say in terms of how to bunny hop CS GO style. Learn what influences your velocity, practice gaining speed midair and find the proper routings to make bhopping increase your efficiency, and not impede it. We hope that this guide will help you unleash your inner phoon. If you like this content and want more like this, be sure to let us know in the comments!