How Many Skins are in CS:GO

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For some people, CSGO skins are about style. For others is all about money and investment. Yet, CSGO skins are also great for people that like to just collect stuff. And there’s a lot of them, so you can be really proud when you finally complete your collection. However, how many skins are in CSGO really? Today we will talk about that as well as some reasons for why there are so many of them. 

How Many skins are in CSGO? Which are the best?

In theory, the question about the number of all CSGO skins should be very easy to answer. However, that depends on how we count the number itself. If you tried googling “CSGO skins how many are there” you are already aware that most of the websites and resources do not give a concrete number. I will try to change that.

On the day this article is being written, the number of skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is 766. This is the number of separate designs and we are only counting weapon skins here.

However, one skin is not equal to another – we have wear and tear levels to somehow group the float change. Out of all CSGO skins, most of them have all five levels of wear. If we count these levels as separate skins (after all, they change their name) the number rises to 3500 roughly speaking.

However, we have also different versions of one weapon, each with a different quality to them. They can be either equipped with the StatTrak technology that lets you count the total number of kills made with that particular piece by the current owner. You can also find Souvenir skins that are quite unique and come only from the Souvenir packages. Taking into consideration that not all skins can have StatTrak alternatives or Souvenir versions, we can estimate the new number of skins at around 10,000.
Can we go even deeper? Oh, yes, we can! To the edge of the absurd. Considering that the wear levels are just an arbitrary grouping of float numbers and the real wear level is reflected in a number between 0 and 1 we can count each decimal float as a separate skin. Considering that some of the skins don’t reach the entire spectrum of the wear. Thus, just to be secure, we can multiply the last number of skins by 80. Is this practical? No, not at all, but it is a lot of fun. It also shows how complicated the CSGO skins counting can get and how important it is to set up the rules before answering the question: how many skins are in CSGO?

Moreover, if you think about collecting just all skins in all versions, the relatively small number of around 3500, we have to take into consideration the most expensive and rare items we will have to get at some point to complete our collection. Here are some examples.

AK-47 | Fire Serpent

ak 47 fire serpent csgo skin

A beautiful piece of design, with a fire serpent motif. A normal version of this assault rifle is available between $250 and $350 with Factory New being worth around $1200. StatTrak-equipped versions are much more expensive. That is if you even manage to find one. No one has seen a Factory New for some time. The lower wear levels are available for grabs between $600 and $1200. This would suggest a Factory New StatTrak version could easily go over $2000 in value. 

M4A4 | Howl

The unique M4A4 | Howl, one of its kind, no longer droppable and removed from its original case. Being removed from its case and given the Contraband grade it is no longer droppable, but still remaining in the Steam inventory of anyone lucky enough to drop it before it was removed. If you manage to find one on the market it is usually worth around $1800 and more. That’s how unique M4A4 | Howl is and how precious it is for veteran traders and skins collectors. 

AWP | Dragon Lore

awp dragon lore csgo skin

Another legendary skin. Still, it is very rare and selling one in a good condition can cover your monthly expenses with rent included. It is also the most expensive skin ever sold, at least officially. and it was a very special piece of a Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore (Factory New) with stickers from Boston Major 2018. That particular Dragon Lore is said to be bought for over $60,000. A normal Dragon Lore, it costs around $1500 to $2000.

M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web

bayonet m9 crimson web csgo skin

Crimson Web is a series of very rare CSGO skins sought after almost any collector and player. Among this very rare and expensive collection, M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web is still one of the most expensive skins. Although the normal version, if found, can cost from a very affordable $300 up to $1000, StatTrak can reach $2000. Moreover, the price isn’t only related to the wear level itself, but rather to the combination of wear and web pattern. Each version of a Crimson Web has its own unique web pattern and the more clean and symmetrical the pattern is, the higher is the price. 

Five-SeveN | Hyper Beast

five-seven hyper beast csgo skin

One of the most stylish and rare pistols in the game. Well, at this point you most likely caught my drift. A beautiful, savage and interesting, yet colorful and vivid. The normal version is very cheap – only $15 up to $70. However, the StatTrak Factory New can sometimes reach $500. Less then all the others, I know, but still to get such skin from watching ads is hard to imagine. 

Why did CSGO skins become so popular today?

There are a few reasons for the popularity of CSGO skins. First of all, everyone likes to feel unique, have a one of a kind loadout and look at beautiful things. Moreover, the sheer number of all CSGO skins makes sure that almost everyone finds something they deem beautiful, cool or at least nice.

Moreover, CSGO skins become a kind of cryptocurrency, one much more stable than most of the others. It is based on supply and demand laws with the addition of rarest and most unique items having the highest value.

Last, but not least, we just like to collect stuff. Wouldn’t it be simply amazing to have all the CSGO skins there are? 

Why are there so many skins in CSGO now?

While the first skins were made by Valve in-house artists, with the release of Steam Workshop the community could create their own ideas for new weapon skins. Anyone can post a skin model and the rest can vote if they would like to see it in-game. If the skin becomes popular enough, there is a good chance it will be included in the next Community Collection. These are usually released twice a year, each having around 20-25 skins. Add some Common and Industrial-grade skins being added from time to time and the number keeps growing. Moreover, even if the skin disappears from the drop list, it is still available through uncasing or trade with other players. 

Where can you obtain the best CSGO skins today?

Truth be told, the only reliable and efficient way to get the best skins out of all CSGO skins is to trade for them. That means you either have to buy them on Steam Community Market, trade with someone directly, preferably through one of the trading hubs/communities, or to buy them from third-party market like Skinwallet Market, that are unaffiliated with Valve.

The best skins never drop as the random free reward after the match and, even though you could theoretically try opening some cases to get the ultra-rate top-tier item it would still take a lot of money and time. Thus it is best to just buy them and sell the duplicates to make some space in your inventory and raise funds for the top skins. 


In this article, we learned a bit about how many skins are in CSGO exactly, how to count them and what you have to take into consideration to get all CSGO skins. Whatever counting model you find to your liking, we wish you good luck in completing your collection 🙂