Esports Recap | January 2021

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esport recap

The Christmas period is a quiet one in the world of esports, however, with a new year, new rumblings came along. Not much, but enough to write a very quick recap.

First, the unfortunate news. Gen.G and EnvyUs’ CS:GO teams are no more, and their players are on the market. Despite good results, the NA scene seems to be folding, with only Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses in the game in terms of top-tier teams.

NA players who want to continue playing CS:GO instead of moving to VALORANT will now likely have to move to Europe to compete, at least until the post-pandemic landscape stabilizes.

Speaking of the NA scene, Ozgur “woxic” Ezker has been benched from Cloud9, replaced by Erick “Xeppaa” Bach from Chaos. It’s interesting to see what the mercurial Turkish star will do next with his career.

The Blast Global Finals Start December 20th, and one team that will be shorthanded will be Complexity, with Jakob “JUGi” Hansen standing in for Valentin “poizon” Vasiliiev who is still recuperating after emergency surgery last month.

Finally, some good news. Team Liquid have confirmed the signing of Gabriel “FALLEN” Toledo as their new AWPer. It’s very interesting to see the godfather of Brazilian CS find his place in a brand new environment.

That’s all for this one! We’ll be back next month with big news after the first tournaments of 2021. See you then!