Earn CS:GO Skins by Mining: Is It Possible in 2019?

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With the high popularity of skins, not only in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but in many other multiplayer games such as H1Z1, PUBG or Dota 2, it shouldn’t be surprising that people look for new ways to get the skins. Some companies answer that need, creating various methods of obtaining CSGO skins: watching ads, finishing offers on offer boards, playing one-versus-one, and complete betting challenges.

Today we will take a closer look at the yet another way to get skins other than just playing the game, buying them off the market or trading with other players. Today we will talk about earning CSGO skins by mining.

Earn CSGO skins by mining: How it really works?

The general idea is quite sound. With the rising popularity, value, and utilization of cryptocurrencies, the process of producing new crypto also gets more attention, even though mining is mostly not really worth the time, money, and electric bills invested in it as of 2019. Still, if you want to use your PC when you’re not at home, you may become interested in it.

To properly mine for CSGO skins you have to have a powerful GPU. Because of the multithreading quality that any GPU posses, they are ideal for crypto mining. Although there are some cryptocurrencies based on CPU mining, they aren’t worth that much. When it comes to mining for CSGO skins you can either try to mine on your own, sell the crypto and buy skin for the money you’ve earned or sign up with one of the many available online solutions. We will focus on that second way of earning money. Basically, you will just use the application provided by that particular service to mine crypto for them. In exchange, they will give you some amount of in-store currency (gems, coins, points) that you can redeem for prizes such as high quality, rare CSGO skins. Looking at the stock that these websites have, you can find top-tier skins such as the five described below:

AK-47 | Fire Serpent

ak 47 fire serpent csgo skin

This legendary AK47 skin coming from Operation Bravo Case is probably a single most expensive AK47 skin in history of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is a beautiful piece of design, with a fire serpent motif with some blueish clouds. The most common version of this assault rifle is available between $250 and $350 with Factory New being worth around $1200. StatTrak-equipped versions are much more expensive ranging in thousands of dollars.

M4A4 | Howl

m4a4 howl csgo skin

The very special M4A4 | Howl is one of its kind as it is no longer droppable and was removed from its original case’s drop list after a copyright scandal. Being removed from its case and no longer droppable, but still remaining in the Steam inventory of anyone lucky enough to drop it, it rose in price tenfold during one night. It showed the business potential lying dormant in skin trading. If you manage to find one on the market it is usually worth around $1800 and more. 

AWP | Dragon Lore

awp dragon lore csgo skin

Another legendary skin and the most well-known skin among all CSGO skins. This stylish covert gade skin is historically the most expensive skin ever traded. A very special piece of a Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore (Factory New) with stickers from Boston Major 2018 s said to be bought for over $60,000 sometime right after the Boston Major. However, even taking into consideration a normal Dragon Lore, it costs around $1500 to $2000.

M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web

bayonet m9 crimson web csgo skin

Crimson Web is a series of very vivid and rare CSGO skins sought by every skins collector. M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web is still one of the most expensive skins, even among all other expensive Crimson Web knife skins. Although the normal version, if found, can cost from a very affordable $300 up to $1000, StatTrak can reach $2000. Moreover, the price isn’t only related to the wear level itself, but rather to the combination of wear and web pattern as every piece of Crimson Web has it’s own, unique pattern. 

Five-SeveN | Hyper Beast

five-seven hyper beast csgo skin

One of the most stylish, vivid, and rare pistols in the game. Well, at this point you most likely caught my drift. A beautiful, savage and interesting, yet colorful and vivid. The normal version is very cheap – only $15 up to $70. However, the StatTrak Factory New can sometimes reach $500. Less then all the others, I know, but still to get such skin from watching ads is hard to imagine.

Where can you earn CSGO skins by mining?

There is a number of different websites and third-party services that offer the possibility to earn CSGO skins by mining. Some of them treat the mining aspect as just another one of the modules available in their system, with other being often related to either offer boards/quest types of actions, surveys or gambling. When it comes to the mining itself, there is really no best way to mine for CSGO skins and no one best site, so you should always watch for better mining opportunities. 

Should you consider mining for CSGO skins?

It all depends on three factors: your GPU, your electric bills, and the value of cryptocurrency. If you possess a powerful GPU that can run for some time at night or when you’re at work, your electric bills are low or non-existent (e.g. you live at a dorm), and the “bang for your buck” is alright you might consider it. Just remember to always use respectable and trusted services. Every mining software is quite intrusive and I guess you don’t want to give your valuable data to some online scammers, eh?

Selling CSGO skins earned from mining

When you finally ear nCSGO skins by mining but you want to sell them for any reason, there should be no problems with doing that. After all, these are normal, everyday CSGO skins. Thus, you have three options and the right one should be chosen based on what you want the most from that trade.

If you want the safest way to sell skins, you should consider the Steam Community Market. However, if you want to pay out your money you should consider third-party markets and trading hubs as they offer a wide range of payout options. However, listing items on the third-party websites may sometime be very time-consuming. Moreover, you can never be certain that your skin will be bought. If you need to change your skins into cash as fast as possible, Skinwallet may be the best choice there is.