All You Have to Know about CS:GO SSG Skins

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Sniper rifle on railing

SSG 08 is one of the guns in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that requires skill and precision from its users. Being a bolt-action sniper rifle it has very high accuracy and damage potential but trades it for low mobility and slow fire rate. Still, SSG 08 is able to fire a little bit faster than AWP and the player movement is not really reduced when scoped in on.

SSG 08 is also quite cheap for its damage potential – at only $1700 it is a good choice for a sniper rifle player for an eco round. It is also available for both T and CT sides making it quite a universal eco weapon. It always kills with one shot to the head and can bring down an unarmored enemy with one shot to the stomach. However, it is usually replaced with AWP when the teams have more money later into the game.

When it comes to CSGO SSG skins, there isn’t that many of them. Although they are quite high in the grade table, they are rather cheap and not very impressive, maybe with some exceptions. In this article, we will look at the state of CSGO SSG skins for CSGO trading as well as just playing around with some skins or collecting the full collection of all CSGO skins available. 

What are the qualities of CSGO SSG skins?

There is a number of qualities and characteristic features that have an impact on the final price of any given skin. Among these features, wear level, version, and rarity are the most important and can decide if the skin is worth a lot or not.

Most of the SSG CSGO skins are available in all wear qualities. That means they can be found in, usually the most expensive, Factory New, Minimal Wear, Field-Tested, Well-Worn, and Battle-Scarred. One of the exceptions may be SSG 08 | Blood in the Water which is available only in the top three wear levels.

Another quality is the version. Skins can be either normal, without any special qualities, but it can be a rarer StatTrak version. StatTrak-equipped skin simply counts the total number of kills the current owner did achieve with that particular weapon. However, please do mind that the counter resets when it changes owners so you have to actually kill people with that weapon to rock a high score. Another special quality is a souvenir. That means the skin came out from Souvenir packages which can be received only during Major tournaments and all skins coming from them have unique stickers related to that particular tournament already applied. Not all skins are souvenir available, but when they are, and you, with some luck, roll a high-grade rare skin with even rare stickers, it can be sold for thousands. In fact, the most expensive CSGO skin in recorded history was a souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore sold for over $60,000.

The last important quality I’d like to mention is the rarity grade. In case of SSG skins, CSGO has 6 rarity grades to offer. The lowest, white grade is also called Consumer Grade has some bland looking and quite boring, cheap skins like Blue Spruce or Sand Dune. A slightly rarer is Industrial Grade. Here skins are still quite cheap, however, among SSG skins there may be some souvenirs of a blue grade that can be quite pricy. Next grade is Mil-Spec (Blue) grade. Here some first interesting SSG skins appear. My personal favorite, SSG 08 | Detour, is of these skins. Next, we have Restricted (purple) skins. There are only two Restricted SSG skins currently available: Death’s Head and Ghost Crusader. Among the most expensive and rarest skins, we can find two rarity grades: Classified and Covert. In fact, a Covert Sniper Rifle skin called Blood in the Water is currently the most expensive skins out of all SSG skins. 

What are the most expensive CSGO SSG skins now?

As mentioned before, the most expensive CSGO SSG skins are from the two top tiers – Covert and Classified. Currently, the most expensive SSG skin is Blood in the Water. It depicts a terrifying shart following the trail of blood and is one of the first skins ever introduced to the huge CSGO skins library. The normal version of this skin costs between $25 and $40, whereas the StatTrak version can reach even $200. That is quite a feat for SGG skins.

Another SSG skin worth mentioning is Dragonfire, a Covert grade skin that looks really great. It is designed around a depiction of an angry dragon (yes, another one) breathing fire, this time through his nostrils. Although the normal version rarely costs more than $20, a StatTrak SSG 08 | Dragonfire can cost even $80 or $90 at times. 

Where can you sell CSGO SSG skins?

If you want to get rid of your SSG skins and make some money on the way you have three basic options. Firstly, the Steam Community Market. It is the safest way to sell the gun, the prices are the highest but your money will have to stay on Steam Wallet and you can only use it to buy new CSGO skins or games on Steam. The second option are the third-party markets, privately owned and unaffiliated with Valve. The prices are lower, but they offer a wide range of payout options. Lastly, if you want to sell SSG CSGO skins for real money and pay it out in mere seconds consider SkinWallet, the best instant mass-depot CSGO skins buyer on the market. 


There is much more we could tell about CSGO, SSG skins for CSGO pros and newbies, what they have to offer and what styles there are. We talked about the most important aspects of best SSG CSGO skins and we talked about prices and how to sell SSG skins quite and for real money. If you want to learn more details, please leave a comment so we can answer all your questions.