Skinwallet Treasure Hunt Rules

treasure hunt on skinwallet blog

Hi and welcome to Skinwallet Blog Treasure Hunt, where you’ll be hunting for weapon sets to win bonus codes for our brand new shiny Skinwallet Market!

To participate in the Treasure Hunt, you’ll be asked to join our Discord server, as this is the only way to claim your coupon codes. Hints to where to look for sets will also be posted on the Discord’s #events channel to help you find the weapon sets before others do.

You can join our lovely Discord community by following this link:

Treasure Hunt Rules

Pictures will be hidden in the texts on our blog. Every picture will be a part of the set, and to get your bonus code you will have to find all parts of any of the sets. The bigger the set you collect, the bigger the coupon code you will get. 

What to keep an eye on

Eco Round Set – Consists of two pieces (Knife and P250) and will award you a 2% coupon code for Skinwallet Market.

Death From Afar – Consists of two pieces (SSG 08 and AWP) and will award you a 2% coupon code for Skinwallet Marke. 

Business as Usual – Consists of three pieces (Knife, Glock, and AK-47) and will award you a 3% coupon code for Skinwallet Marke. 

Tactical Response – Consists of three pieces (Knife, USP-S, and M4A1-S) and will award you a 3% coupon code. 

Armed to the Teeth – Consists of whooping six pieces (Knife, Desert Eagle, AK-47, Kevlar + Helmet, Defuse Kit, and HE Nades) and will award you a fat 5% coupon code for Skinwallet Marke. 

How to win

To win the coupon code, you will need to find all elements of a set and deliver them to the #events channel on our Discord server. We only need URLs of the pages with the set you want to claim. Only the fastest person in each round will get the corresponding coupon code. 

Moreover, one person can only get one coupon code each round, so if you’re fast it may be more profitable to look for a better set before claiming a smaller one. This means that if you’re fast enough you can win up to 10 x 5% bonus codes for your Skinwallet Market top-ups during the entire event!

To help you actually find the sets rather than stumble on them by accident, each round hints will be given to the location. The hints will be posted on the #events channel on our Discord.  

Treasure Hunt duration

The Treasure Hunt will be divided into 10 rounds, two per day, each starting at 10 am CET and 6 pm CET respectively, and will run between 14-10-2020 (Wednesday) and 18-10-2020 (Sunday). 


After pasting the URLs to blog pages that have the set pieces before anyone else, you will receive a corresponding coupon code through Discord private message. Each coupon code is a one-time use that will give you either 2%, 3%, or 5% bonus money to your Skinwallet Market top-up. Please mind that the bonus is applicable to top-ups of up to $50. 

Skinwallet Team holds all right to make any changes during the event as well as the settlement of all disputes. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on our Discord 🙂

Good luck!