CSGO Skin Giveaway – Explained in 2019

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What can make a game which has an undeniably legendary status even more popular and vital? Creating a cosmetic item system that requires engaged play is one way. Let’s put aside all the pros and cons of monetization and in-game economies and focus on the sheer excitement of skin looting. While playing CSGO, you have a small chance to drop a skin or a weapon case, which contains a skin from a given collection but requires a case key to open, which in turn can be bought from Steam.

Those skins can later be traded on both Steam Community Market and third-party, external markets. While the most commonly dropped skins are not very valuable, sometimes you can drop a rare skin that pays off the effort and the wait. You can then, for example, sell an expensive skin you don’t want to use and buy some which are more in your taste.

Aside from playing and trading, there’s one more way of a more situational nature in which you can get new skins. There are numerous giveaways held by various websites, which allow you to try your luck and get some skins for free. It’s good that you know several things about them before you try to join a free CSGO skin giveaway.

What are CSGO skin giveaways?

The one thing all giveaways have in common is that to allow you to take part and give you a chance of getting some skins, they will require you to take some kind of action. Giveaway is not a lottery though, so it should not require you to buy any raffle tickets – still, it will take up some of your time and attention. It will either lead you through some sort of a linear page-to-page process, like filling up a survey or will direct you to a service with a ticket/token/point aggregator, where you can take up various activities in whatever order to maximize your chances of winning.

To find CSGO free skin giveaway occasions, you could refer to Steam groups which are dedicated to highlighting such actions. Just try typing “giveaway” in Steam search window and look for those groups which show signs of regular moderation – there should be traceable history of posts and there are real users using it. 

There’s also a number of CSGO skin giveaway sites that hold monthly giveaways or direct you to any organized non-cyclically. Unfortunately, many of those tend to be clickholes or spam websites. We’ll talk about filtering them out in a moment when we’ll focus on the safety of giveaways.

It’s not a bad idea to observe the #csgogiveaway hashtag on Twitter, where you can get fresh news from all kinds of services and companies that are currently hosting a free skin giveaway CSGO users can take part in.

Also, we ourselves are currently hosting a grand CSGO skin giveaway ourselves, where for 7 days straight from December 25th on we’ll choose a participant every day and give him a cool skin from the recent Operation Shattered Web collection, culminating on a Nomad Knife skin on December 31st! There’s a whole range of little things you could do to raise your chances of getting the skins, without spending hours on useless quizzes. Go to https://www.skinwallet.com/giveaways/ to enter!

Are these giveaways secure?

Generally yes, but it all boils down to what you’re expected to do to take part in. For example, when we were constructing our giveaway, we tried to make all the ways to enter it plain, readable and responsive, so that users don’t feel like their being dragged into the dark.

Unfortunately, as it usually is whenever someone offers something for free, there’s always someone who wants to take advantage of desperate users. If there’s anything that should be a red lamp for you, then it’s these two things – if the site is imposing to be a different site or it sends you on an endless redirection loop. Be extra-cautious with those.

To make sure you’re not scammed, remember these several factors to be checked before joining:

1. Does the website have Terms Of Service and a Privacy Policy?

2. Is there a clear guide on how to take part in the giveaway?

3. Are things required to be done stated clearly? Or are you asked to click somewhere and then the website shows something different?

4. Do they require any personal data beyond your email? Some tasks may need you to use your Steam account – it’s alright as long as you log in through an authentic Steam proxy window.

Can you sell a skin from a giveaway?

It shouldn’t be a problem. Just remember the 7-day trade hold which is always applied to CSGO skins after they are transferred between two accounts. After that, you can use either the Steam market or third-party marketplaces to trade away your reward.

However, if you want to change your winnings into cash quickly, you can always use Skinwallet’s deposit and cashout system to get some real money in no time. Check out our homepage to see the whole process.


Internet is full of promises, and sometimes it’s too obvious that you’re just being tricked into exposing your data. Other times it’s just about your feedback and engagement. If you keep your eyes open and stray away from suspicious websites, you might just be several clicks away from getting yourself a new skin. It’s natural that if you happen to win a skin giveaway CSGO gameplay will not only look different but feel more satisfying.