Complete 2019 Guide to MP5-SD CS:GO Skins

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CSGO MP5 skins – in-depth 2019

We all like to talk about AK-47, M4A4 or AWPs. After all, they are the big boys, the main guns of any game. However, let’s not forget about their smaller brother – MP5. 

As a weapon, MP5 is a submachine gun parallel to MP7. It is available to both terrorists and counter-terrorists. MP5 is also characterized by an integrated silencer, which makes it much stealthier than its MP7 counterpart. However, do mind that once people start buying armor and helmets it takes 8-10 shots to put anyone down. The only one-shot kill is a headshot to unarmored target. Luckily, the low damage and effective range are compensated with very mobile gunplay. In short, you can think about MP5 as a Glock with a higher fire rate and bigger magazine. 

When it comes to CSGO MP5 skins, there is not a lot of them. In fact, there are only 5 MP5 skins CSGO has to offer, so without picking, we will talk about all of them. 

MP5-SD | Phosphor

mp5 phosphor csgo skin

The only one of the MP5 CSGO skins of a Classified rarity grade. At the same time, it is probably the most popular MP5 weapon skin. Its design concept is quite simple – custom painting by dripping neon green, teal, and pink paints onto its dark base. I have to say, the outcome is surprisingly nice. It also resists wear and tear quite well only losing the glow in the higher float numbers.

Pricewise, it is the most expensive MP5 skin. The normal version goes up to $10 whereas a StatTrak MP5 Phosphor (Factory New) can reach over $40.

MP5-SD | Gauss

mp5 gauss csgo skin

This MP5 skin available in both basic and StatTrak versions is very cheap. From the design point of view, it’s painting simulates assembly from various pieces of stamped steel. There’s really nothing much going on with it. You can usually get a normal version under $1. The most expensive would be the StatTrak MP5-SD | Gauss (Factory New) which still wouldn’t really go over $10. That’s how cheap it is. 

MP5-SD | Lab Rats

mp5 lab rats csgo skin

This MP5 skin is available only in Souvenir version and was dropped during the first few opening weeks of Danger Zone matches. It is also available in only three wears levels: Factory New, Minimal Wear, and Field-Tested. Its design is comprised of a hydrographic pattern depicting a mischief of rats. It is one of the cheapest out of all CSGO MP5-SD skins available never going over $0,5. If you don’t like the design it is not worth your time. 

MP5-SD | Co-Processor

mp5 co-processor csgo skin

MP5 | Co-Processor features a simple, yet interesting design idea – it’s body section has a blue circuit board pattern applied with the rest of the weapon in its dark default color and texture. Personally, it may be my favorite out of all MP5 CSGO skins. It is available in normal and souvenir versions. While the normal version costs less than $1 a Factory New Souvenir MP5-SD | Co-Processor can easily go over $10. 

MP5-SD | Dirt Drop

Another of the MP5 CSGO skins that have both souvenir and normal version. Dirt Drop is just a dark base with black spray streaks painted on top – it simply looks boring. The price seems to reflect it as well. All wears and version except StatTrak Factory New that’s around $5. 

Where can you get MP5 skins?

All of the 5 MP5 CSGO skins currently available, only two of them come from their respective cases: MP5-SD | Phosphor, and MP5-SD | Gauss can be dropped from Danger Zone Case and Prisma Case respectively. The choice between the two is quite fair. On one hand, you have Danger Zone Case that costs around $0.20, but, Phosphor being the only one of the CSGO MP5 skins of the classified grade is a rare drop. On the other hand, because of how new it is, Prisma Case is just $0.05 and Gauss is a much more common drop than the MP5-SD | Phosphor.

However, as you all know there is no guarantee that you will drop one of the MP5 skins CSGO cases have to offer. Thus, we have to take a look at other skins held in the respective cases. Danger Zone Case has two interesting skins other than the MP5-SD | Phosphor – AK-47 | Asiimov and AWP | Neo-Noir, both of them well in $50-$75 range, with AK47 being able to reach $200 at times. On the other hand, Prisma Case has a number of lower grade interesting skins such as AWP | Atheris ($10/$50) and Desert Eagle | Light Rail as well as the excellent M4A4 | The Emperor. If you’re lucky you can also find AUG | Momentum with StatTrak tech ($200).

In the end, it is your choice which one of the two cases you’re going to invest in. Either way, please mind that it may be much less expensive to just buy the CSGO MP5-SD skins that you want.

Buying and selling MP5 skins

When you decide that you want to buy CSGO MP5 skins you have few options to chose from. The most obvious one is the Steam Community Market. All MP5 CSGO skins should be easy to find and search through there. Other than Steam Community Market you may want to try out third-party markets and websites. Naturally, they offer lower prices than those on the Steam Community Market. Check out Skinwallet Market for a catalogue of MP5-SD skins that will shock you with their prices!

When it comes to selling MP5 skins CSGO has to offer, you can sell your skins at the Steam Community Market for better profit without the ability to pay out, you can sell it on the third-party market, but the process may be time-consuming, or you can go for instant payouts with Skinwallet. Our biggest advantage is how fast transactions are. You can finish a transaction at Skinwallet in less than 3 minutes.

To sell any of the CSGO MP5 new skins at Skinwallet, just log in to Skinwallet through your Steam account, set your inventory to public and add your Steam Trade ULR (otherwise our system won’t be able to see your inventory, nor send you a proper trade offer) choose which MP5 CSGO skins you want to sell and follow the transaction. Remember to always check if the trade is the way you wanted it to be. Also, don’t forget to check if that is our legit Skinwallet bot. 

Are MP5 skins popular?

Well, not really. Other than the MP5-SD | Phosphor, there isn’t one MP5 skin that would be well received. It may have something to do with the small number of MP5 skins available, but we can also look at it the other way around. The small number may suggest the problem lies with the weapon itself. As mentioned before, MP5-SD isn’t an ideal gun through the whole game and it rarely is used. Many players prefer to go with Desert Eagle or MAC for their semi-eco rounds, other’s just pick MP7 that they know much better. In the end, the time will tell if the MP5 is really such an unpopular gun and if there will be any more famous MP5 skins. For now, I doubt it.


In this article, we talked about MP5 CSGO skins, as well as how to sell them and buy them, which cases that hold MP5 skins are the most convenient and what the future of MP5 skins may hold for us.