The Best Green CSGO skins for Spring 2020

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CSGO green skins

St. Patrick’s Day may have come and gone, but with spring around the corner, we’re going all-in on green. In this article, we’ll check out the best green CSGO skins to complete your spring collection.

CSGO Green Skins in 2020—A Budget Breakdown

There’s a load of CSGO green skins available to CSGO players who love that colour. This time, we’ve decided to focus on a few niche skins that can complete your look on a budget. Of course, if you’re looking for green skins that would cost you a bit more, the likes of the AK-47 | Fire Serpent or AK-47 | Wild Lotus are waiting for you in CSGO marketplaces. 

No, this time, we’re looking at weapons from outside the commonly used set of arms that will add some of that spring flavour to your collection. Let’s get to it, shall we?

MP7 | Powercore

CSGO Green Skins MP7 | Powercore

This nuclear-themed SMG is among the best green skins in CSGO thanks to its low price and beautiful finish. Featuring nuclear/radioactive theme that will feel right at home in the vents of de_nuke, this radiant beauty is available for around $1 Factory New, or if you really want to splash the cash, $5 in StatTrak™. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking to make your anti-ecos a bit prettier.

Nova | Toy Soldier

CSGO Green Skins Nova Toy Soldier

As indicated by its name, this skin is very much inspired by green plastic figures some older CSGO players may have played with when they were kids. Its extremely clean finish along with the iconic U.S. Army star in the back definitely makes it join the pantheon of the best green CS GO skins you can find. Whether you want to relive thrilling childhood battles in Pop Dog or simply love the clean design of the weapon, the Toy Soldier won’t cost you more than $6 in its Factory New StatTrak™ variant.

CZ75-Auto | Eco

CSGO Green Skins CZ75-Auto Eco

No, the eco does not refer to the round you’ll usually end up buying this pistol in. It, of course, refers to the eco-futuristic start-up vibe the skin’s going for. Whether you’re looking for a very clean looking green-and-white mix, or want to show off your eco-friendly attitude, the Eco won’t break your bank at around $3 for the Factory New and $12 for the StatTrak™ version.

P250 | See Ya Later

CSGO Green Skins P250 See Ya Later

We go from clean to fancy with our most expensive offering out of the bunch. This unique mix of steampunk and crocodile themes delivers one of the very best CSGO green skins available to players right now. If you’re looking for a P250 skin that will go well with your love for river predators and 19th-century machinery, look no further than the See Ya Later. The skin is available for around $13 Factory New or $55 with StatTrak™, so be prepared to splash a little more cash if you want your croc to stay clean and counting.

P2000 | Turf

CSGO Green Skins P2000 Turf

While the name may make you think about your local AstroTurf football field, the P2000 | Turf looks like anything but that. Featuring a glossy metallic finish over a camo base, this skin is perfect for players who want to add some shine to their starting pistol. If you love having a bit more ammo and don’t mind a less-than-silent approach, the P2000 | Turf will deliver that for only $2 in its Factory New StatTrak™ version.

Where and how can you get CSGO Green Skins?

As always, the best way to obtain green CSGO skins is by either buying them off a Marketplace or by looting them. In the case of the skins we’ve listed, we wouldn’t advise going for broke with lootboxes, especially given the price of keys versus the price of these weapons.

However, if you have some keys laying around, or you simply want to try your luck in a glorified slot machine, the best case for you will be the Horizon Case, where you can loot three of the five listed skins. As for the other two, the Turf and the See Ya Later, you can find them in the Glove and Spectrum 2 cases respectively, the latter of which you should check out if you’re hunting for the most expensive skin of the bunch.

Even so, these skins are budget options that are designed to complete your collection more than anything.

If you want to complete your collection fast, however, there’s no better way to do that than to simply buy them on the Steam Marketplace or an external Marketplace. Simply check the price, make sure that the wear level is appropriate for you and buy away!

How to get rare Green CSGO skins?

Ok, so we’ve went through the best budget deals, but what if you want to grab the likes of the aforementioned Fire Serpent or Black Lotus, Emerald Gamma Doppler knife or other expensive green CSGO skins. Well, the methods are similar. You’re even less likely to get them in a case, however, if you’re lucky, you’ll be in for a big payday.

The best way to get them is definitely scouring the internet for good deals. Don’t just take the first one off the Steam Marketplace, but check out third-party marketplaces like Skinwallet Market. With a little bit of insight you might just find a good deal on your favorite green skin!

How to sell CSGO Green Skins?

Once you’ve had your fun with your green skins and need to cash out, there are definitely ways to do so. If you want to simply exchange your skins for a different theme, the Steam Marketplace might be a good option. Just like with buying the skins, check external marketplaces, compare your profit margins and go for it.

To do so, think about what you want in return. If you want to sell one expensive item for a few cheaper ones, check their prices on each of the sites and see whether any of them are buying the item you’re selling at a higher price than the others, while offering the items you want cheaper. Essentially, the good ‘ole rule of sell high, buy low applies here, just as it does for any transaction life. Remember to always take the Steam Marketplace transaction fee into consideration!

It might be the case that you want to get real hard cash. That’s why services like Skinwallet offer you the opportunity to cash out instantly to an ewallet of your choosing. This allows you to instantly turn your skins into real-life profits. 

Should you Go Green with your CSGO Skins?

If you love the colour green or enjoy switching up your inventory with themed collections, the CSGO green skins on offer from Valve range from excellent budget options to extremely fancy additions to your collection. So, if you’re willing to go all-in on green, you’ll definitely find something to tickle your fancy!