Do CSGO Skins Degrade? And Other Things You Ask For A Friend…

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do csgo skins degrade and other dumb questions

Let’s face it – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game that consists of many mechanisms, even though the core mechanics are quite simple. After several positions in the franchise, a couple of changes of the graphic engine, and a ton of development a simple two-side shootout has been wrapped into lots and lots of additional content. There’s no shame in missing a thing or two.

Today we’ll tackle a couple of those questions some might call outright “stupid”, but not us. Yes, we know your “friends” are such troublemakers that they force you to ask for the bluntest of things, so we’ll dedicate “them” a moment or two. If there are questions one is afraid to ask, this is the place.

Can CS GO skins degrade? How to get a Prime status? And what to buy (or not to buy) on pistol rounds? Read on to learn answers to those sometimes not so obvious questions.

Can CSGO skins degrade with time and usage?

Would you take a straightforward “no” for an answer, so we can continue? Don’t worry, we’ll elaborate. It’s yes because there is a CSGO skin degradation, but it’s called a wear level, but the name is anything but obvious. 

Wear level is assigned to your dropped or looted skin when you get it. It is based on a float value, which can be anything between 0.00 and 1.0. This span is divided into five wear levels:

  • Battle-Scarred: Usually heavily-worn, almost disintegrated design.
  • Well-Worn: Scratched and torn, but with more lucid design.
  • Field-Tested: The middle field. The design should be quite clear, but dents and scratches are prominent.
  • Minimal Wear: The design will bear some signs of usage, but it will overall nice.
  • Factory New: Usually not even a rub on the paint (but with exceptions). 

Most importantly, the wear levels is set once and it doesn’t change over time or over a certain amount of matches played. Thus, there’s no skin degrade CSGO players had to be afraid of. If you want to learn more about skin wear, check out our previous article on wear levels.

While we’re at it, where to check wear level and float value?

Even though there is no CSGO skin degrade progression, it’s good to see what exact float value has been ascribed to your skin, especially when you’re dealing with rare items. The hunt for a pristine float goes down to furthest decimal places!

To check wear level of a given skin, go to your inventory in main menu, and hover over a skin. The wear level will be specified at the “Exterior” parameter. To check the exact float, right click a weapon and choose “Inspect”. In the inspection view, hover over the “i” icon in the lower menu. The last position in the tooltip will display the float value up to ninth decimal place.

You can also check the wear level outside the game by just previewing a skin in your Steam Inventory. What’s more, most of the third-party marketplaces will have both the wear level and the exact float value easily visible in their UI.

What are the odds of dropping a Covert skin after a match?

Don’t weep your eyes out, but those chances are none, unfortunately. The best skin you can drop after a match are Classified – which is still something, because those can be worth dozens of bucks, and it’s a nice reward for just playing your favorite game. 

Even so, if you are feeling hungry for a looted Covert skin, you should probably save some money for case keys and open whatever cases you managed to stockpile until now. Otherwise, do some research on a specific skin you want to buy and see if you’re ready to spend hard cash to really buy it.

What pistol should you buy during the pistol round?

Let’s approach that softly. You basically begin with a pistol, both as a CT and a T. Yes, there are other pistols that you could buy, but the point of the pistol round is to save up for later. Don’t buy anything just yet, most other players won’t either. Try to treat it as a true test to your basic aiming skills.

Can I get a Prime status without buying it?

This time we’ve got some good news – yes, you can! Either to appreciate good and persistent players, to mitigate charges against microtransactions, or just not to mess with people who bought the game prior to the big 2018 update, Valve made it possible to gain Prime status without buying it. It is assigned to your Steam account once you’ve reached Level 21 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (make sure to note it’s experience level, not rank).

The downside is that it truly takes some time to get there, but if you play CSGO on a daily basis and are not in the position to buy Prime, it’s just a matter of time and patience.

The answer is there

As you can see, it only took a minute or so to answer the questions that some might be afraid to ask just because they don’t want to sound silly. Someone once said, “There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers”. I don’t know if it was an old bearded guy on the top of a mountain or just some witty nerd behind a computer desk, but either way, those words resonate far and wide.

Whether it’s that in CS GO can skins degrade, or it’s about the shopping choices during a pistol round, we’re here to deliver. Got any more questions like this? Would you like us to answer them? Comment here or head to our Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!