What is the Cheapest CS:GO Knife You Can Get in 2020

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brown wooden knife hilt

Whenever we think about expensive CSGO skins, we usually think about knives. Of course, there are some other weapons skins that for different reasons (usually rarity), but the knives take the cake. Today, however, we will talk about the cheapest CSGO knife models you can find. 

Cheapest CSGO knife – 2020 Guide

When researching the cheapest knife in CSGO, I found some patterns that could tell us not only what the cheapest CSGO knife is, but also what characteristics and features any cheap CSGO knife will have. 

First of all, as with any other weapon skin, none of the knife styles has any mechanical impact on the knife. It won’t change its reach, won’t influence the speed nor modify damage in any way, although that teeth on the M9 Bayonet look savage. The only change is visual, however, you can think about StatTrak technology as something mechanically different. What is important is that StatTrak won’t give you an unfair advantage over other players.

Now, coming back to the cheapest CSGO knife, there are roughly five CSGO knives that can pretend to that title. 

navaja knife safari mesh csgo skin

Navaja Knife | Safari Mesh

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Navaja Knife takes its design from a traditional Spanish folding blade and, as of today, is the smallest knife in CSGO. Although a lot of people think they’re ugly or puny, some players find this cheap CSGO knife cute and underappreciated. However, the model is not everything. You have to take into consideration which skin accompanies it.

Safari Mesh is a very minimalist design line, that is comprised of a military green base with sprayed subtle cardboard cutout detail on the handle. For many Safari Mesh is an ugly and boring design. Coupled with an unpopular knife design it makes Navaja Knife | Safari Mesh a good pretender for the cheapest CSGO knife. You can easily get one for $50, even a StatTrak version. 

shadow daggers rust coat csgo skin

Shadow Daggers | Rust Coat

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Shadow Daggers is a very original, one-of-a-kind CSGO knife design. It is actually comprised of two knives. These two twin daggers are made from a single piece of metal with handles placed in such a way to ensure easy and fast stabbing-punching action. With some skill, they can prove to be a deadly upgrade to knuckledusters which are already very dangerous accessory. Unfortunately, in CSGO almost all shadow daggers have been found as badly animated, without force and flow. Thus, shadow daggers aren’t very popular among the player base. Add a very unpopular finish and voila – you have a good pretender for  CSGO cheapest knife on the market. 

Both StatTrak and normal Shadow Daggers | Rust Coat are available only in two wear levels: Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred. That’s one of the characteristics of the Rust Coat finish. After all, it would be weird to have a Factory New yet rusty piece of equipment. You can get a vanilla version for around $50 and StatTrak one for $75, which really makes it a very cheap CSGO knife. 

navaja knife night stripe csgo skin

Navaja Knife | Night Stripe

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Another unpopular design on an unpopular CSGO knife. I feel we will be seeing a lot of that today… A very simple, minimalistic finish made by spray-painting the knife with tape mask pattern, all in night ops color scheme, so nothing bright. Although it’s so simple, I personally like it quite a lot. It is a good change from the expensive and vivid CSGO knife skins. When it comes to price, you’ll get almost all wear levels in $40-$70 price range except Factory New which can get as high as $250. This suggests that Navaja Knife | Night Stripe, even though it can be treated as the cheapest knife in CSGO, still has its fans. 

falchion knife urban masked csgo skin

Falchion Knife | Urban Masked

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Now, this is something I don’t really understand. Falchion Knife looks cool, maybe not as cool as Bayonet, Karambit or Gut Knife, but still it has a nice line, interesting shape and deadly edge.

For some reason, it still lands with other cheap knife CSGO skins with prices ranging between $60 and $110, for both vanilla and StatTrak. This low price can be related to its finish. Urban Masked is very tactical and real-life skin that’s also quite boring, especially if you put it side by side with designs such as Lore or Crimson Web. 

flip knife rust coat csgo skin

Flip Knife | Rust Coat

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Rusted, yet still perfectly operational, Flip Knife | Rust Coat is the cheapest knife in CSGO from the Flip Knife family. This fact would really point to the Rust Coat finish as the thing responsible for such state of affairs. Looking at it from another perspective, you can get an amazing Flip Knife for just $80-$100. You won’t get cheaper than that!

How did the Cheapest CSGO knife become so cheap?

As we cannot really say that any CSGO knife, no matter how cheap, isn’t rare, the only thing that really matters is the design. In these particular examples of the cheapest knife on CSGO skin lists, we saw a combination of both unpopular, not liked knife design with cheap and boring (at least for most people finish. On the other hand, you can easily get these knives at any market and really stand out from the crowd. Although most of these knives were quite expensive at the beginning, they became the cheapest knives in CSGO. The only way for them to rise in price that I can possibly imagine is that the cases which hold them stop dropping in game. This is probably the only thing that can elevate them from their pit. 

How much does the cheapest CSGO knife cost?

Most of these CSGO knives won’t reach $100, not even with StatTrak tech included. After all, if you aren’t interested in using a particular skin, you won’t be needing StatTrak to track your kills with it. If we had to pick one cheapest CSGO knife, it might be the Shadow Daggers | Rust Coat with price dropping below $60 on Steam Community Market. This means you can get them for around $40 at third-party markets and trading websites. 

Is it worth to get it? 

The short answer is no. You should only consider them if you like the design and are going to use them yourself. Otherwise, do not buy them if you don’t want to freeze your funds in hard-to-sell items. If you really find them for very cheap, there is one method through which you can actually earn on the cheapest knife in CSGO, and that is to use them in mass trade. Let’s say you swap a whole collection of items with another trader. I mean big trades for hundreds of dollars and 200+ items. In such a case, you may push them through at their market price, minus 10%. To be honest, you won’t probably get much more anywhere. 


Today we talked a bit about the cheapest CSGO knife, or rather knives, available, about the reasons for their extremely (relatively speaking) low price and how profitable dealing in the cheapest CSGO knife can be. Do you like any of the designs we discussed? If yes, why?