Learn Some Useful Cache Smokes

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Are smoke grenade throws at the Russian factory difficult for you to grasp? Read this short tutorial on the most useful Cache smokes!

Cache is a pretty horizontal map with intricate pathing, but there’s a lot of free space and roofage breaks for a good dose of smoke throws to make it even more interesting. Keep on reading for a description of CSGO nades for smoking Cache the proper way!

T CS GO Cache Smokes

Playing as the attackers, here are a few Cache nades that will make your assault on the factory grounds a little easier.

Connector Smoke

Standing at the T spawn, next to the blue container, aim at the top middle of the glass pane over the closed gate of the garage segment that leads to Site A. Start running and jump throw somewhat at the middle of the zebra crossing. If done properly, this should smoke out the connector and make it more difficult for CTs to engage in Mid.

Mid Smoke Wall

For this, you need two smokes thrown by two people. The first needs to stand next to the left gate frame of the garage and aim at the right top corner of the glass pane over the container. This will smoke out the white box peak for CTs. The other person does a mirror thing, standing next to the right gate frame and aiming at the left top corner of the window pane over the container. This will cause the nade to cover the sandbags view. 

Cross Section On A

This is one of the most important Cache A smokes. Go to the A long and stand next to the electrical boxes to your right of the doorway. Turn left and look up. Aim at the middle of the second metal beam from the top and throw. This easy throw will smoke out the space between the forklift and the plant site at A Site. Alternatively, you can put your crosshair at the left end of the beam and throw to smoke out the catwalk above the A Site.

B Main Smoke

Approach the metal door at B Halls. Turn around and look up at the glass pane over the Sun Room gate. Aim at the top of the third junction from the left and throw the smoke while running forward to completely smoke out CT’s B Main entrance.

Checkers Smoke

Go to the Dumpster and stand next to the white plaster wall next to the Garage entrance. Look up and right in the direction of the blue sheet. Aim at the bottom right corner of the degraded plaster section and jumpthrow. The nade will go over the building, bounce around the roof hole and fall down to the checker just steps before the entrance to B Main.

CT CS GO Cache Smokes

While defending the bombsites, learn these few smokes to provide some extra challenge to the attackers.

Garage Smoke

Entering the connector, stop at the drain and look to the small window in front of you. Aim at half the height of it, to the left. Throwing one here will cover the Garage exit to Mid. Alternatively, if you want to push the smoke further into the Garage, you can either hop onto the small shelf in the connector and throw it straight from the window or exit the connector and throw the smoke from the platform outside.

A Main Smoke

Approach the truck at the end of CT Halls and stand next to its front left light. Look at the warehouse of A Main and look up to the hammer and sickle. Aim at the point where the sickle crosses with the upper frame of the scaffolding and throw. This should land a smoke just in the middle of the A Main gate.

B Main Smoke

Go to the ramp at Heaven, stop at the end of it and turn to the boxes outside, on the rafters. Aim at the top right corner of the top right box and then skew your crosshair just a little to the right and down. Throwing one here will bounce the nade off the wall and into B Main, where it will go off somewhere around the hole in the ground next to the boxes. Alternatively, you can look to the right and aim at the top left corner of the window pane while crouching to smoke the checkers instead.

Advanced Cache Smokes

There are, of course, more possibilities for Cache smokes and flashes, but some of them are too nuanced to be described here. If you’d like to become a smoke god on Cache, there is a great Steam Workshop map for Cahce nade practice made by Dolnma. There you can learn  how to molly boost Cache and other necessary utilities.

Cache Smoke Grenades Summary

This way you’ve learned the most useful Cache smokes. As mentioned before, the map provides a lot of air for throwing utilities around, even in the smallest corridors. If you think this list misses a crucial smoke, message us and we’ll expand it!