How to Buy CS:GO Skins with Credit Card?

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Whenever we want to acquire new CSGO skins, we have a few options to choose from. We can play for random drops, buy cases and corresponding keys to open them or buy the skins directly from the market.

In this article, we will talk about how to buy CSGO skins with credit card, because it sometimes can be quite problematic. Let’s dig into it!

Buying CSGO skins with credit card – in depth

CSGO skins are fully cosmetic items that change the appearance of a weapon in the game. They don’t boost stats. They don’t make you better at the game. All they do is just look good. However, this is enough to create a business around buying and selling them.

Among all the methods of acquiring new CSGO skins, there is the possibility to buy CSGO skins with credit card. However, this is not always the case and can sometimes prove to be rather problematic. Some websites do not offer the option to buy skins directly with credit card CSGO, and in some cases, you will have to wiggle a bit. For example, some third-party markets never make it impossible to buy skins with credit card but you may do it with your Paypal. In such case, it may be wise to just charge your Paypal with the exact amount from your credit card and then finish the trade through Paypal.

What are the best websites to buy skins with credit card?

The short answer, all sites that are properly encoded and secure. Looking for an opinion on them on Reddit, Steam Community or Trustpilot may also be a good idea. However, if you have the option and time to first charge another payment system, such as Paypal, with your credit card and then proceed to buy the CSGO skins you want may still be much safer and won’t endanger your sensitive data. In the end, the skins bought with Paypal and the “credit card skins” won’t differ.

In case of Steam Community Market, you need to have funds in your Steam Wallet to do any transactions. Of course, you may add your credit card to your Steam Account and during any buying event Steam will request your bank for the funds that will come in through the credit card into the Steam Wallet. Therefore, even though you theoretically cannot buy CSGO skins with just credit card through Steam Community Market, the process in practice is fast and automated to such an extent that you won’t even notice.

What are the best skins you should get?

There are hundreds of CSGO skin and a lot of them are considered the best by different people, as well as, for different reasons. Having said that, there is a number of CSGO skins generally treated as universally best.

First, these are skins that are either extremely rare and hard to get like AWP | Dragon Lore (~$2000), M4A4 | Howl (~$1500-$3000) and CSGO knives. In such cases, the demand for these skins is based on their very small availability and let’s be fair – anyone would like to have a Dragon Lore or Bayonet | Crimson Web.

Moreover, there are skins considered the best because of their very special qualities. These skins are mostly special for veteran traders and collectors, like AK-47 | Case Hardened with a particular float and amount of blue color that, allegedly, was bought for $25,000 by an anonymous trader in China, or Crimson Web knives with a very symmetrical webbing pattern on the blade. If you are looking for one of those, it may be best to really look for a way to buy it with credit card. Just input “buy CS GO credit card” into Google and see which services will offer you this opportunity.

Last, but not least, there are the skins that are considered the best because of their design. After all, CSGO skins are purely cosmetic items, so it shouldn’t be weird for them to be considered the best because of how they look. In this case, you will have to make your own choices as no one should dictate your taste in CSGO skins.

Are there any limitations to buying skins with credit card?

To elaborate a bit on what we already discussed above, there are. Or, to be more precise, you should be a bit suspicious of websites that offer you to buy CSGO skins with just credit card with too often and too much. In this business, credit card is rather rarely used as it is not as safe as other options as well as it is not anonymous. So, my advice is to limit yourself even if there are no limitations on the website’s side.  Moreover, many of the websites that you can trust with your credit card have quite a high transaction fee, so look out for those.

Guide to buying CSGO skins with credit card

If you are really want to buy CSGO skins with credit card, there are certain steps you should take.

First, check everything you can about the website or market you will be using. Dig in deep and look for any people that used credit cards and achieved unsatisfactory results. If you find such opinions and think there is some truth in them find another site. However, if everything seems to be secure, check if the fee for credit card transaction is high or not. If you accept the transaction fee, continue with your transaction. Now you just need to choose the offer or the CSGO skin that you want to buy with the credit card. You will surely be asked to input your full name, credit card number, and date printed on your credit card.

Final Verdict

Today we talked about how to buy CSGO skin with credit card and what problems buy CS GO skins credit card attempt may induce. Hopefully, equipped with this knowledge you’ll be able to correctly choose the proper websites on which you can buy skins directly with credit card CSGO.