Butterfly Knife: The Most Wanted CS:GO Knife in 2019?

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steel butterfly knife on stone

Among all the knives finishes available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive one of the more popular designs is Butterfly Knife. Today, we take a closer look at the Butterfly Knife CS GO skins.

CS GO Butterfly Knife – Explained 2019

Butterfly Knife, also called balisong, is a quite characteristic weapon. Its fan-like opening mechanism and freely pivoting blade allow the Butterfly Knife user for an instantaneous deployment or concealment. Because of this characteristic, the real-life Butterfly Knife is prohibited in many countries. Of course, it requires a lot of practice on the user side in order not to cut the user’s own hand. Luckily, our avatars in CSGO are masters at all the weaponry you can think of.

As a purely cosmetic item, it shares all statistics with the vanilla default knife even though the model and animations are quite different. In the topic of animations, it has two draw animations played randomly. In one player character simply opens the Butterfly Knife, in the other, the player character spins the blade before with an open hand before firmly gripping it. There are also three randomly chosen to inspect animations during which the player character does various tricks with it.

Where can you get a CS GO Butterfly Knife?

There are basically two ways to obtain Butterfly Knife CS GO skin. First is to buy it either from the Steam Community Market or from one of the numerous third-party websites. Just remember that Steam Community Market has higher prices by around 15% and, as a buyer, you will have to pay an additional 15% transaction fee on top of that. Third-party markets, on the other hand, have lower prices but are much less secure. Just remember to always check every transaction twice, do not use unknown, untested websites for expensive transactions and always trust your gut. If you think something is fishy, just back away, even on the last second.

The second way to obtain some quality CSGO Butterfly Knife skins is to open cases that have them. Knives are regarded as exceedingly rare items so the chance for you to get one from the case is lower than 1%. Taking into consideration that even if you uncase a knife it may not be a CS GO Butterfly Knife skin, actually getting one sounds like winning a lottery. If you want to try your luck, there are three cases you should be interested in – Operation Breakout Weapon Case, Spectrum Case, and Spectrum 2 Cases. Just remember that, at best, one case opening will cost you between $1 and $2.49. That means you may have to burn through $300 worth of cases to have a statistical chance for one CSGO knife. This automatically sets a basis for the price.

Which CSGO Butterfly Knives are most valuable?

There are many Butterfly Knives CSGO skins, however, some are better than others for different reasons. They may be very rare, expensive or just stylish. Here is a selection of four Butterfly Knives CSGO finishes that we find as the most interesting.

Butterfly Knife | Fade

butterfly knife fade csgo skin

Available only in two wears, Factory New and Minimal Wear, Butterfly Knife | Fade is one of the more expensive Butterfly Knife CSGO skins. This multicolor Butterfly Knife with the red handle details comes in normal and StatTrak versions. Normal Factory New variant goes for around $600 whereas StatTrak equipped one is around $100 more expensive.

Butterfly Knife | Crimson Web

This black and crimson weapon skins embroidered with spider’s web design on the blade comes from the Operation Breakout Weapon Case and is even more expensive than Butterfly Knife | Fade with a price range between $250 (Battle-Scarred Normal Variant) and $1000+. The thing with Butterfly Knife | Crimson Web is that the final price depends not only on quality and features but on how the spider’s web was generated on the blade. A harmonious and clear spider’s web design will elevate the price a lot in the eyes of a veteran skin trader and CSGO skin collector.

Butterfly Knife | Case Hardened

Although this color case-hardened Butterfly Knife CSGO skin is quite cheap, between $250 and $400, it is a similar case to the Butterfly Knife | Crimson Web. The difference is, in this case, people look for the float that has the highest amount of pure blue color in it. Thus, a well “blued” float of Butterfly Knife | Case Hardened Factory New may reach crazy numbers.

Butterfly Knife | Blue Steel

This is a good example of a very classy design without any unnecessary gimmicks that is reasonably priced. Available in both normal and StatTrak variant, this Butterfly Knife CS GO skin costs between $200 and $600. Personally, one of my favorite Butterfly Knife skins by far!

Should you get a Butterfly knife?

The answer depends on how much you like it. If you, by some miracle, dropped one from a case keep it and sell it when you get bored or the prices rise a lot. If you really want one and you don’t want to invest a lot of money in something that is luck-based, you may always buy one from Community Market or third-party websites in the like of our very own Skinwallet Market, where a catalogue of Butterfly Knife skins can surprise you with some sweet offers.

Just remember it is one of the most popular knife styles so the prices and demand are high. Also, whatever you decide to do, don’t forget that these CSGO Butterfly Knife finishes are purely cosmetic and they won’t help you in game.

Where can you sell your Butterfly knives?

Obviously, the player’s first choice will be Steam Community Market. Some are used to treat the Steam market as an obvious choice and the only right address for skin trades. However, the prices on Steam are on average 10%-20% higher than on third-party markets unaffiliated with Valve. Additionally, a transaction fee will be imposed on the buyer adding an extra 15% on top.

In a search for more satisfying trade, you may want to go for the third-party markets, as they often offer better deals. However, you should always verify whether a particular service is credible and safe. It is also a good practice to double check each and every trade you are about to perform. A good service will guide you through the process of selling your CS GO Butterfly Knife skins, to minimalize the risk of losing items. Skinwallet offers quick and safe skins trading system, so if you want real cash and fast playout for your CS GO Butterfly Knife, Skinwallet may be the best choice.


We talked a bit about Butterfly Knife, one of the very specific and original styles of knives in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We discussed the way to obtain it, through a transaction or through case opening, the different finishes, some examples or a rather peculiar Butterfly Knife CS GO skins.