Are There New Gloves in Operation Broken Fang?

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here’s more than plenty of new content in the recently released Operation Broken Fang. A couple of days back we did a short analysis of the skins found in the operation’s titular case, Broken Fang Case, however there’s one more thing to be found in it that we haven’t mentioned yet – it’s the brand new gloves!

When it comes to rare drops, although Broken Fang Case’s knives are just a ditto of what we could find in the Shattered Web Case, the range of Broken Fang Case gloves gives us four new finishes for five pre-existing models each and a new glove type with four unique finishes. 

This gives the Counter-Strike community a lot of new goodies to behold and strive for. What do these gloves look like? Which of them are the most interesting? Are they really worth your while? Let’s find out!

Is it possible to get the Broken Fang Case already?

Absolutely, it’s already in circulation. To get yourself an Operation Broken Fang Case, you will need an operation pass, which costs around $14.99 (depending on a local currency exchange rate). After you get one, you can collect operation stars for finishing cyclically changing missions. You can actually start doing them without a pass and collect them after you buy a pass later. The operation case costs you four stars, and it takes only a moment to fulfill these missions. If you ain’t got enough time or willpower to run these weekly tasks, there are already a lot of Broken Fang case sale offers on Steam Community Market, so you can just buy some. Mind you, the prices fluctuate pretty quickly, even in a matter of minutes, so it’s advisable to watch the wave and try to buy one when it’s on the downside.

Best Broken Fang Case Gloves

We are going to take a look at six different glove models with different finishes that we think might make it to the hearts of players worldwide. They’ve been chosen based on the scarcity on the market and the pricing range (as of Dec 14th 2020).

Moto Gloves | Finish Line

Ready, steady… Moto Gloves in CS:GO have something special about them – maybe it’s because of those knuckle pads? Some generic CT gloves also have those, but here they just look more… bulky, I don’t know. Just cool. In case of Finish Line type, the green lining over race car checkers makes you feel like you’re running just a tad faster. Gotta admit though, they start to look really rustic and nitty-gritty in the higher float values, and not in a very slick way. Even so, no matter the wear level, they seem to make a fall to the ground a bit softer.

Sport Gloves | Scarlet Shamagh

At first glance, these don’t look like anything special, but once you put them on in the game, they really start to show their valor. Because of how much of a flat surface the Sport Gloves provide, the dark red dogtooth presents itself very nicely. They should look really nice as a background for the standard issue guns, not pulling your eye away from the game, but also compliment any red colored skin loadout.

Hand Wraps | CAUTION!

Be careful, these hands are the greatest crime scene – a crime against your KDR! Don’t you even complain about the flashy yellow tint, just appreciate the sense of humor put into this. What’s more, with rising float value, CAUTION! gloves wear down just like a police synthetic tape would, which might be hard to notice at first glance, but is a really fun detail. On another note, it’s really asking for it to equip it together with UMP-45 | Crime Scene.

Specialist Gloves | Tiger Strike

The predator cat power in a stylish outline. The picky might say that the orange taint make them look a little bit like work gloves, but just stop it, let a man heed the call of the wild! There are quite a few skins out there with a similar, tigerish pattern that will pair up with Specialist Gloves | Tiger Strike to create an awesome loadout. There’s specifically few of those on the market, so if you manage to loot them… the jungle’s yours. Or a couple of hundreds of bucks, you choose.

Driver Gloves | Snow Leopard

In theory, white is not your preferred color for CS:GO skins – it tends to pull too much attention on screen, especially when you’re playing in low res and low details. However, these gloves are not snow white, so not much of a visual threat, and they look just darn fancy. The wild cat patterns seem to just fit right in for that kind of garments. On lower wear levels the rubber material gets all teary and scratchy, but in some weird kind of way it still looks good with that color tone and the greyish speckles.

Broken Fang Gloves | Jade

The brand new glove model in its most exotic paints. On the surface, these are just fingerless gloves with the current operation logo, but somehow they have a very aggressive look to them. The green version gives them that fun cliche Mortal Kombat feel. You could almost imagine someone running around a Danger Zone match and doing the spastic kung-fu routine holding no weapons. Personally, and I know this might be a hot take, I think they look best in their highest possible float, when they are the most rugged and the least shiny.

How to trade Broken Fang case gloves

Selling Broken Fang case gloves might be a risky endeavor at that moment, because the prices are still being evaluated. You could take a more open approach and just list them on the market – who knows, maybe someone really passionate will stumble upon your offer and decide to buy them? If you do, make sure to update your listing before the summer bump in prices – and this will most likely happen after the operation ends.

If you think about trading new CSGO gloves for real, take third-party marketplaces into consideration, or at least look through the offers available on the external markets and decide your price informed with that observation. The Steam prices change drastically and fast, and selling gloves is too pricey of a trade to make a rushed decision.

Are Broken Fang case gloves worth the fuss?

Operation Broken Fang case offers a wide range of very diversified glove designs. There are some serious and fierce looking models, and there are some more light-hearted, or even humorous ones. New finishes for the previously introduced models look very neat, and the freshly added Broken Fang Gloves can quickly find their fandom. Avid CS:GO players should remind themselves that this is the best moment to farm the operation case. If you have the operation pass, you can just spend operation stars to get those instead of buying them off of the market. If you’re not really into other guaranteed prizes, it’s enough to work through half of larger missions to get the required four stars for one case. After the operation ends, they will become less obtainable.

Put your finger on it

These are the Operation Broken Fang case gloves in terms of their most unique and least available models on Steam Community Market. Of course, the operation’s case has lots and lots of more of those – namely, 24 different finishes – so if I omitted any gloves that are worth more attention in your opinion, let us know in the comments!

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