What’s the Deal with CSGO Bowie Knife Skins in 2020?

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csgo bowie knife skins

No, this knife wasn’t named after David Bowie… in fact, David Bowie actually named himself after the knife, realizing “David Jones” might not be the most recognizable stage name. 

The original Bowie knife was designed for Jim Bowie, a pioneer and frontiersman who had a reputation for being deadly with large knives. With a design created with fights in mind, this might be the deadliest knife in the CSGO arsenal, yet it remains one of the cheaper designs, lagging behind the similar, yet bigger M9. 

Join us and let’s see what we can cut through to!

The Top Bowie Knife Skins

If you’re looking for a gritty-looking mean killin’ machine with an awesome name to boot, we have some of the best skins for this knife model for you to check out, starting with the…

Bowie Knife | Marble Fade

csgo bowie knife marble fade

A treat for people looking to spice up their inventory with some colour, the Marble Fade has a beautiful red, blue and yellow pattern that is sure to give your inventory a comic book feel. This gem of a skin will light up even the drabbest corridors of Train.

Unfortunately for prospective buyers, the Marble Fade’s beauty brings along a hefty price tag. Bringing some colour to your game will cost you $200 for a Factory New, with an extra $100 on top of that for the StatTrak™ version.

Bowie Knife | Doppler

csgo bowie knife doppler

Ah Dopplers, the beautiful random-on-top-of-random knives. It’s not just the wear level you get them in that matters, it’s also their phase which shifts their price from a not-that-outrageous $250 all the way to over $1000 for the Sapphire phase.

The Doppler comes in 7 variants, with Phase 1-4 being cheaper and rare phases like the Black Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire being more expensive. Always remember to be careful when picking out your Bowie Knife | Doppler and make sure you’re getting the phase you actually want.

Bowie Knife | Fade

csgo bowie knife fade

Another beautifully looking, colourful knife, this is a bit of an understated alternative to the space oddity of the Marble Fade. Coming in at similar price points, this knife is created for people who like the general look’n’feel of the Marble Fade, but also consider it too flashy.

The more conservative approach towards colouring doesn’t mean that the knife is any cheaper than its more cartoonish counterpart. The Fade will cost you around $250 Factory New on external marketplaces, with an additional $50-$100 on top for the StatTrak™ version.

Bowie Knife | Ultraviolet

csgo bowie knife ultraviolet

From space oddities to a new killer star. The Ultraviolet is a popular skin for a lot of knives thanks to its clean, minimalistic design. This nearly all-black knife is punctuated only by subtle purple accents, making it perfect for people liking to keep their inventory rather monochrome.

Considerably cheaper than the previous options, you can get a good looking Field-Tested Ultraviolet for around $100 and the Minimal Wear version for around $140 on External Marketplaces. Factory New Ultraviolets are considerably more expensive, hovering at around $300.

Bowie Knife | Rust Coat

csgo bowie knife rust coat

The Rust Coat is a kind of a rebel, rebel in the Bowie Knife collection. While the first three knives on our list didn’t even have a level below Minimal Wear and the Ultraviolet is available in all wear levels, the Rust Coat is only available in Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred wears. 

The Rust Coat isn’t for everyone. It looks like it’s been left outside for years before being picked up and dropped into The Wildfire Collection. However, if you like having a skin set that has a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max kind of vibe to it, the Rust Coat is a perfect choice, with the Battle-Scarred version available from around $80 on external marketplaces.

Where Can You Get Bowie Knife Skins?

If you’re a loot addict, we’ve got some good news for you. All of the skins listed above are actually in the same cases, the Spectrum and Spectrum 2’s. While your chances of hitting one are less than great (around 0.03% according to disclosed odds from Valve), at the very least you don’t have to think about which case to open.

However, opening loot boxes will probably end up costing you more than simply buying your skin from the Steam Marketplace or a third-party marketplace. With the odds stacked against you with opening cases, a good idea is to compare your favourite knife’s price on a website like Steam Analyst and then head to the marketplace that will offer you the best deal for it.

An added bonus of this approach is that you can use your existing skins from Steam to further lower the price of the knife, so if you have some leftover stickers or cases, you might want to check whether the marketplace you’re using will offer you a good price for them.

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How to Sell Your Bowie Knife?

Alright, you’ve hit the jackpot and looted a brand new Bowie Knife | Doppler, but the design doesn’t really float your boat. What do you do? To become the man who sold the knife, you can, once again, head to the Steam Marketplace and list it up there. However, remember that this would mean that your money is stuck in the Steam ecosystem. This might be good if you’re looking to buy some games, or if you’ve noticed some good deals on skins you’d want to buy, less so if you think your $1000 Sapphire Doppler will pay your rent this month.

This is where external marketplaces come to the rescue once again. A lot of websites offer instant cashout or to be the middle man between two users to guarantee the safety of their transactions. If you’re looking for cash ASAP in a quick and painless way, Skinwallet’s Instant Payout service is the way to go, allowing you to get cash on an ewallet of your choosing.

Whenever you’re cashing out, be sure to be wary of scammers. Our guide to avoiding CSGO scams should help you out if you’ve received a suspicious offer for your Bowie Knife skins CSGO.

Are Bowie Knives the Starmen of CSGO?

Bowie Knives are definitely what we’d consider a middle-of-the-road knife. Not quite as popular as the M9s and Karambits of the world, but also not considered ugly like the Gut Knfie or Shadow Daggers.

Bowie Knife CS GO skins are great if you’re looking for a cheaper, good looking knife with some extremely good looking skins to boot. While you might not get the in-game praise you would get if you had a beautiful Karambit, you’re sure to turn some eyes with a nice Bowie Knife skin, especially if it goes well with the rest of your collection.

So whether you just love the design, their fascinating back story, or want to pay tribute to the musician named after it, the Bowie Knife might become your modern love in CSGO.