Best CS:GO Cases So Far

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When thinking about CSGO skins economy and skins market, we sometimes tend to forget that CSGO skin cases are not only the source of most of the skins but are also one of the most important fundaments for establishing the base value of the skins. After all, each case opening has its costs and the lower the chance of getting a particular CSGO skin, the higher its potential value.

In this article, I want to talk a bit about skins cases as well as the best CSGO cases to open right now.

Best CSGO cases 2019 and previous years brought us

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon cases are one of the available types of containers. A container is anything that when opened will provide the opening player with one of the items from its list of available items. The outcome is random, but the odds are lower the higher the rarity of an item is.

In case of weapon cases, they, quite obviously, drop weapon skins. You have a chance to receive a weapon case after each finished game, however, the game must be played on a VAC secured server. To open the awarded case, you will need a matching key which can be acquired either in-game or from Steam Market.

There are three basic types of weapon cases: Black, eSports and Yellow. The difference between are really small but crucial. Black weapon cases hold skins created by Valve designers and require general CSGO Case Key.

ESports Cases

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ESports cases work almost the same way as black but a portion of the money spent goes to the CSGO pro-gaming scene. Yellow cases are comprised of weapon skins created by the community and require a matching key to be opened.

Spectrum and Clutch Case

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Among the years, player base grew to like many skins from Spectrum Cases and Clutch case, and for years they have marked the top positions of best cases to open, even if they’re not the most expensive cases out there.

Check CSGO new case content

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Since the Operation Hydra, there seem to be a more stable model of new content distribution that we can observe with published operations. Each now has its dedicated, clearly named case that drops only during that operation’s missions, and if a lot of community-made skins make it through the Valve editorial, there’s also a new case added outside. Between Operation Shattered Web and Operation Broken Fang we received a Fracture Case with many skins that set new landmarks in the skin world. However, it’s still the operation cases that are the top-value carriers, because they fall out of drop roster after the operation and become more and more scarce.

What can the best CSGO cases give you?

Every CSGO case has a roster of available weapons that can be dropped from them. However, the probability of receiving a particular weapon skin is related to their rarity grade. The drop rates of each grade of skins were secret until Valve decided to enter the Chinese gaming market. The Chinese law prohibits any gambling activity, except when the precise statistical rates are available for the community. Thus, Valve had to release the data regarding the probability for each item grade available in CSGO cases.

CSGO case drop rates

For some time, CSGO loot boxes and their randomness were a complete mystery, but a couple years back the exact percentage chances were given by Valve to the Perfect World. The exact CSGO case odds for dropping a given quality of item are:

  • Mil-Spec (Blue) – 79,92327%
  • Restricted (Purple) – 15,98465%
  • Classified (Pink) – 3,19693%
  • Covert (Red) – 0,63939%
  • Special Items/Knives (Gold) – 0,25575%

Moreover, each of the categories presented above has a 10% chance to become a StatTrak item. This means that the chances for StatTrak skins drops are as follow:

  • Mil-Spec (Blue) – 7,99233%
  • Restricted (Purple) – 1,59847%
  • Classified (Pink) – 0,31969%
  • Covert (Red) – 0,06394%
  • Special Items/Knives (Gold) – 0,02558%

This shows how low the chances for a Covert StatTrak skin really are. The universal drop rates mean that there is really no CSGO case with best odds as all of them have the same. The main difference is the cost of the case, cost of the key and the potential value of the items inside. However, taking into consideration how low the drop rates for better items are it may seem that opening CSGO cases is not profitable at all. If you are looking for particular items, it may be better to just buy them off the market.

Opening cases or buying skins?

In general, it is a very heated topic in the CSGO skins community. On one side we have people that strongly oppose any case openings and usually become very vocal in any discussions over the best CSGO cases to open. They will always tell you that you should buy what you want straight from the market. If you don’t have money, you should trade up until you get it. Although it may take a year or so in case of more expensive skins, you may do that. Even if it isn’t the most efficient way and takes much more time than finding the best CSGO cases and opening them you can learn a lot about CSGO skins trading.

On the other side, you have a group of people that claim that if you have the cases and/or some money to spend on cases and keys, there is nothing that can stop you. Even though the chances for a StatTrak USP-S | Neo-Noir, M4A4 | The Emperor or AK-47 | Neon Rider are very slim, if you, by sheer luck, uncase one, you will most likely ear all the money back or at least break even. However, please remember that getting Cobblestone Souvenir Packs in search of AWP | Dragon Lore or opening Chroma Cases to get certain CSGO knives can get very expensive in a very short amount of time.

Recently, HeyZeus did a bit of a live-action CSGO case opening and, well, you can see how it looks when you’re incredibly lucky with looting. Check out the video below!

If you are unsure what skins a particular case holds inside, fear not. There’s a ton of websites and resources that will tell you exactly what types of items each case has a chance to produce and what are the prices of these items. One of the best sites that will tell you all about cases is actually the CSGO Wikipedia. Just go there and search for the case that interest you to see its contents.

Moreover, you may use one of the analytics websites usually glued to one of the third-party markets. They often have quite a number of interesting information available, such as available wear levels, when the last trade for that particular item on Steam Community Market was conducted and what is the general trend in price over 3 months, half of a year or even the whole 365 days. This last functionality may be helpful when looking for CSGO skins to invest in. Moreover, they can be helpful in picking the best CSGO case in 2019 or the best case to open in CSGO.

Where can you sell cases skins?

Whenever you decide to put some money into case openings you will, by the law of probability, inevitably end up with a ton of unwanted and usually quite cheap skins. There is probably no sense to keeping them around and hoarding low-grade skins, especially if you have a number of duplicates with similar wears. Therefore, why not sell them for some cash to get back on your CSGO case adventure?

It may be very hard to sell very cheap skins in a huge number through Steam Community Market or third-party markets, however, you may always use Skinwallet to do so. The biggest advantage is that we ask no questions. You either accept the current offer or you may come back later to see if the price changed. All you need is to have a Steam account available for trading and skins that have their market value evaluated on not less than $0,5.

To sell the skins from the best CSGO cases that you don’t want, start by setting your Steam inventory to public. Now, log in to Skinwallet, fill in your Trade URL and check which skins you want to sell. When you’re ready to go forward with your transaction, click on that button. A pop-up with security information will open up. To proceed, click on the available on the pop-up window. Check the details of the trade and accept it when you’re ready. Your funds should be available at your Skinwallet account in mere seconds.

Final Verdict

It is hard to say if you should open the best CSGO cases or not. For one, there is no case in CSGO with best odds as all of them have the same, really low probability of dropping high-grade items or weapon skin. Moreover, the best CSGO cases usually cost a lot of money. Plus, you need a key to open each case, therefore it may be better to look for your item on the market. However, if you already have the case, the key or some money to burn through, opening best CSGO cases may be a very fun and exciting activity. In the end, the choice is yours.