What Does Your ADR CSGO Stat Tell You?

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There are many ways to measure your playing performance, but today we are going to talk about ADR CSGO stat and its usefulness.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is all about performance. It’s not your run-off-the-mill shooter where it’s enough to master a couple of weapons to be a tough cookie. To play competitive CSGO, you need to practice movement, accuracy, spraying, prefire, but also strategy, calloust and cooperation. The problem with all this is that it might be difficult to measure your effectiveness.

However, CSGO is constantly improving on the metrics it provides. Here we’ll look briefly at the CSGO ADR statistics and how to calculate them.

What Is The ADR CSGO Meaning?

This acronym stands for average damage (per) round. It shows the mean of damage a player has dealt to their opponents in an average round at a given point in a match or overall. 

What is a good ADR? It depends on the intensity of the match and the role you play in the team, but generally anything between 70 and 80 is considered good, but going over 80 is considered above average performance. Most CSGO pros will circle around 80 ADR during a generic match, but some of the AWPers might even reach 90 ADR or more.

ADR Counter Strike Calculation

The math behind the stat is pretty simple. It takes your overall match damage and divides it by the amount of rounds you’ve played. However, it only counts lethal damage, meaning that hitting someone with an AWP in the head counts only as maximally 100 damage (because that’s the size of the player’s health pool), not as the full 400 damage it deals initially. 

The damage you deal is calculated on the server side, so it might not be easy to get a dynamic view of the ADR outside the game’s interface. Services that host player leaderboards, like HLTV, update this information manually after a tournament or match.

Okay, but how to show ADR in CSGO? While you’re dead and in the spectator mode, by default the ‘Q’ key opens up the statistics window. There, one of the options in the dropdown menu on the left is average damage per round.

Why Measure ADR in CSGO?

The most popular stat to boast is KDR, which is kill/death ratio, meaning simply the number of your frags divided by the number of your deaths. The higher it is, the better. However, this can be influenced beyond legitimacy. Say, you had a real lucky streak of finishing off enemies after your teammates a couple of rounds in a row. This results in a high kill stat, however doesn’t show your direct input as a player. Fortunately, stats like ADR help you evaluate your performance and see if you need to step up your game.

ADR Meaning – Summary

The ADR shows you the average damage you’ve dealt per each round of the match. High ADR means that you’ve dealt a lot of damage distributed among the opposing team. Sometimes it’s hard to achieve good ADR when you’re not playing as a fragger or AWPer, but that’s okay. The stat is easily accessible through the spectator view. It can help you evaluate your playstyle more than some other, more popular parameters.

That’s it for another portion of CSGO knowledge. Hope this proved useful, if you think it could be expanded upon, let us know in the comments!