1v1 for CS:GO Skins: Where Competitiveness Meets CS:GO Skins

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Do you like CSGO skins and love playing competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Would you like better rewards for won CSGO games? If yes, you may be interested in a phenomenon known as 1v1 for CSGO skins.

1v1 for CSGO skins – Explained

1v1 for CSGO skins is a phenomenon in which two players stake up their skins of the same value and the one who wins takes all. A very simple concept of a duel with an incentive. While CSGO 1v1 for skins started as a very organic phenomenon, fueled by the competitive and balanced nature of CSGO itself, it became popular enough to start mutating and changing forms to the point at which bigger organizations and companies took interest in it.

There are and were a number of websites dealing in 1v1 for CSGO skins and setting up a proper, fair environment to execute the challenges and duels. These websites started as CSGO 1v1 for skins in which you really did wager your CSGO weapon skins, but nowadays they evolved in more of CSGO play for skins type of service. For example, a common occurrence is that you don’t really play for skins per se. You usually deposit some of your skins and get their value in in-store coins. Then, using these coins you can enter games and challenge other players. If you win, you get more coins. If you lose, you lose the wager. In the end, you can pick one of the rare skins from the shop and buy it out for the coins you gathered.

Where can you play 1v1 for skins?

Currently, there are multiple CSGO 1v1 sites that help to organize a proper and fair challenge in a good environment. However, only some, like ChallengeMe.gg or PvPRO.com of them are truly devoted to this goal. Many of the other websites either don’t work anymore or don’t provide contenders with the proper environment. Yet, we will be talking mostly about those good CSGO 1v1 sites.

In the topic of game modes, other than the traditional 1v1 for skins there are different configurations available. You can go into 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5. Some websites let you enter solo free, but will require you to pay for entering as a team of players. That is naturally to balance out the odds against a good team that utilizes Teamspeak or discord and covers each other backs. Still, if you have friendly, competitive players ask them to help you out. It is always better to join as a team.

These basic matches are usually best of 30 rounds, where the winner gets the coins. Some of these sites also organize internal CSGO 1v1 for skins leagues and tournaments, during which the competition is much, much higher but the end prize is also much better. Still, you will need a lot of skill and a good team to even think about winning such competitions. After all, this is the way to earn some money for semi-pro on their way to pro-gaming.

When you want to cash out your in-store credits, you can choose one of the CSGO items. Usually, these are pretty rare weapon skins and knives, such as Bayonet | Fade or AWP | Dragon Lore. However, this also means, you will have to play and win a lot to cash out on them. Other prizes some of the 1v1 for skins sites offer are tickets for their raffles and lotteries at which you can also win some quality CSGO skins.

What should you look out for while playing CSGO for skins?

The basic stuff is to always check the rank your opponent has. You may need to fight some master guardians or global elites so be prepared for a tough fights. Some of the sites also track a record of win/lose and stuff such as KDR and overall ratings for each player. Always take these data into consideration if you can. This data may say even more than the CSGO rank a player has. Unfortunately, there are people that enter such duels from freshly made Steam accounts and have Silver rank even tough in truth they have over 500 hours played.

Another thing is the ping. Usually, a good ping is under 70 ms, but for many 100 or 150 ms is still pretty playable. However, anything over 200 equals to lags. For fairness, many of these websites won’t allow players with too high or too big differences in ping to play against each other. However, in case you utilize a website that doesn’t do that automatically, always ask the other person where is he/she physically (what country). If they are too far away from both you and websites servers location, it’s better to abort the duel.

Is it worth it?

Depends on what you are looking for. If you just want to have some competitive fun with an incentive in the form of CSGO skins, then there’s no problem with going for some fun CSGO 1v1 for skins. If you want to test your tactics and train your skills, this is also a good way to do this. The monetary value standing behind each decision makes people utilize whatever works without style or good taste, just purely effective ways to kill you and win. This teaches a lot about people and the way to play CSGO.

If you are looking at 1v1 for CSGO skins as a way to earn money, it may be hard. Mostly because of the high skill level of other players, but also because how long it really takes to cash out on a really expensive skin.

Can you sell 1v1 skins?

As these are normal CSGO skins, there should be no problem in selling them whenever you want. A good way to accelerate the cashing out on the skins you just receive is to utilize Skinwallet.

To sell your 1v1 skins on Skinwallet, you have to set your Steam inventory to public, log in to Skinwallet with your Steam account and fill in your Trade URL and go to the deposit page. Now you just need to pick which gloves skins you want to sell and proceed to the transaction. To proceed, click on the green button in the security pop-up window. This is the safest way to complete the transaction as you will be redirected straightly to that particular trade in Steam. Check the details of the trade and accept it when you’re ready. The money will be added to your Skinwallet account balance in a few seconds.

Final Verdict

CSGO 1v1 for skins is a very peculiar way of playing the game by spicing up and incentivizing competitive CSGO. It is a good way to hone your skins and sometimes win a skin or two, but shouldn’t be treated as a way of living.